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15 Best Knock-Off Brands Ever

We’ve all come across knock-off products, whether in a seedy market abroad or somewhere a lot closer to home. Remembering this, the following 15 products gave us a giggle – in some cases, because we couldn’t believe how awful they are. Yet besides enjoying the ingenuity of these copycats, we’ll also delve into some of the facts behind knock-offs: where they come from, who buys them, and how they affect the real thing. From Obama Fried Chicken to Crust toothpaste, these are the cream of the counterfeit crop.

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15 Blunders That Ruined J.J Abrams’ Star Trek And Destroyed The Franchise

Star Trek turned 46 this month and the legacy of the show has grown to include 11 movies and a further 4 television series’. After the Original Series got canceled in 1969 after only three seasons, the show became extremely popular in syndication. In 1979 Star Trek The Motion Picture was released to capitalize on the success of Star Wars. Even though the film was a financial success, it failed to impress critics but the subsequent sequel by Nicholas Meyer with Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan showed audiences that Star Trek could be a success in the cinema as well as on TV.

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15 Creepiest Fast Food Mascots Ever

The word “mascot” can be dated back to Provence and Gascony in France and was first popularized by Edmond Audran’s operetta La Mascotte, in 1880. The hit operetta was translated into English, and the word “mascot” went on to describe anything that delivers good fortune. Interestingly, before Audran, early French gamblers also used the word as a term for witchcraft or spells. While modern fast food chains would obviously like good luck, power and, perhaps, a bit of witchcraft, these days mascots are used as the child-friendly, identifying face of business. According to marketing analyst Joel Cohen, “As long as restaurants want to appeal to kids, mascots will play an important role in their marketing.”

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10 Cars For $10K in 2010

They aren’t all 2010 models, but finding a car around $10,000 or less that won’t spontaneously combust (or accelerate) can be tough. Automopedia tracked down 10 great new and used rides for you to purchase, hassle free. Almost. Keep in mind, most of the choices below will be found under the “Pre-owned” section of sites like If they’re new expect each to be a base model.

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Top 10 Iconic Background Characters

In TV shows, films and other such forms of media, there are usually extras in the backgrounds to show the size of the universe the main characters live in or to act as stand-ins for the leads to interact with. But sometimes there are just those background characters who catch a person’s eye and become part of popular culture, gaining their own moments in the spotlight and affection from audiences. Here are ten such background characters who have earned the attention of audiences and become popular.

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Top 10 Gmail Labs You Should Enable

As if Gmail wasn't powerful enough, you can find all sorts of goodies and extra features in Gmail Labs. The list is pretty massive, so we've narrowed down our 10 favorite labs to help increase your email productivity. We've actually gone through our 10 favorite labs before, back when Labs was a bit younger. Now, many of those features are part of Gmail itself, so we've decided to revisit the labs and see what else Gmail has cooked up. To access these features in Gmail, just hit the green flask icon next to "Settings" in the Gmail web interface.

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The 10 Happiest Places in the US

Feeling blue? A new Gallup-Healthways survey has some potential locales that might lift your spirits, with cities in Florida, California, Colorado, and Texas plentiful in the top 20, reports Live Science. Each was given a score out of 100 based on residents' feelings about their sense of purpose, relationships, financial security, community connections, and health.

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Top 10 Brutal Killing Techniques From The Animal Kingdom

Thanks to evolution, mankind can walk upright, build massive cities and microbrew strong, tasty beer. While that's great, evolution also has a sadistic side. Killing and eating prey is a part of nature, but the way some animals go about it is just brutal. A lion's bite to the neck would be a walk in the park compared to some of these brutal killing techniques. We're not sure why so many horror writers have to invent vampires, ghosts and zombies to scare audiences. As the following 10 brutal killing techniques will prove, nightmare-inspiring fodder is plentiful in the animal kingdom. A nature documentary can be every bit as scary as the latest blockbuster.

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7 Reasons Killer Whales Are Evil Geniuses

Over at Wired Science, a photographer caught a stunning sequence of a killer whale in Monterey Bay flipping a dolphin out of the water and then eating it. Apparently, they do this regularly! "I have seen this with several different species of dolphins from various places around the world, so I think that killer whales probably do this regularly but not commonly," a NOAA ecologist told Nadia Drake. "With slower swimming species, like seals and sea lions, killer whales prefer to use their tails to swat them out of the water." Just go look at the ridiculous photographs.

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7 Amazing Inhabited Bridges

The inhabited bridge is a structure that in addition to its basic function of bridging physical obstacles, such as a body of water, valley, or road, can also perform residential and commercial functions. These bridges are rare in the world and for that reason are very popular among tourists.

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30 Gun Buyback Program Myths

Gun by back programs, started during World War 2 in which the military purchased thousands of qualifying shotguns, rifles, and sidearms for use by Civil Defense units and for training purposes. One of the largest buybacks in history was the 1996 Australian Buyback in which over 600,000 firearms were purchased by the government from its citizens. The huge number was a result of most types of firearms being banned in that county the same year, and thus made illegal. Since the assault weapons ban in the United States, many organizations and cities have had their own buy backs with the publicly stated purpose of reducing the number of unwanted firearms on the streets and thus cutting back on crime. These programs have gained momentum in the past decade with agencies offering as much as $200 in gift cards (often donated by local businesses) for each firearm turned in-- no questions asked, with the harvested firearms being destroyed.

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12 Problems That Only Busty Girls Have

This one if for all the ladies with big boobs out there. Busty Girl Comics is a spot-on comic drawn by Paige Halsey Warren that details the trials and tribulations of being a woman with an enormous chest. From her work, here are 12 “Busty Girl Problems.”

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