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30 Jobs That Pay $30 An Hour

Imagine someone walking up to you at the top of every hour and handing you a $20 bill. You'd be earning approximately the same amount of money that the average American does. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national mean for hourly wages is $20.44. That said, wouldn't it be nice to earn more than the average? Not that a $20.44/hour gig is anything to sneeze at, but a bigger paycheck is never a bad thing. At least it's fun to daydream about having more money in your checking account. That's why we play the lottery, after all. We've put together a list of jobs that pay at least $10 more than the national average just to give you an idea of how some people are earning their nice paychecks.

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5 Things You Might Not Know About Tim Burton's Beetlejuice

This week, Tim Burton's wild supernatural comedy Beetlejuice turns a whopping 25 years old. A funny/scary ode to both the potential liveliness of haunted houses and the deathly drudgery of everyday life, it stars Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis as the Maitlands, a pair of suburban Connecticut softies who, after their death in a tragi-comic automobile accident, have to try and spook the upper crust Manhattanites named the Deetzes who have taken up residence in their home (the all-star family consists of Jeffrey Jones and Catherine O'Hara as the parents and Winona Ryder as Lydia, their sullen daughter). Since they don't have what it takes to scare away their new houseguests, they have to call on Betelgeuse (an unstoppable Michael Keaton), a self-styled "bio-exorcist," to get rid of them. And all hell (quite literally) breaks loose.

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The 15 Best and Worst Series Finales in TV History

TV show finales often become the forgotten leftovers of shows that either ran too long for their own good, or didn’t run long enough to gather a following that would even remember them. But there are some series finales that do get noted, finales that capped off shows that were smash hits — shows that dodged sharks and still managed to remain on the air long enough to matter. When a much-loved show ends, fans want it to end a certain way, and the final episode can mean the difference between a happy audience and one that refuses to buy the DVDs afterward out of pure spite. These are the 15 best — and worst — series finales in TV History.

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Top Dogs Across America: 10 Most Popular Breeds by State

We all know the stereotypes: Purse-friendly, fluffy white dogs dominate the streets of uptown Manhattan, while trendy crossbreeds must be all the rage in image-conscious Los Angeles. Would you just look at the coat on that Cockapoo! But what's the real deal when it comes to a state's preference in pups? Are Huskies really the top dog in Alaska? Is that ubiquitous Taco Bell mascot, the Chihuahua, truly big (at least in popularity) in north-of-the-border states like Texas?

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6 Man-Made Materials You Won't Believe Exist

"Man-made materials" make most people think of disastrous fashion, or whine about how things were better when everything was natural and green, and infant mortality wasn't just a worldwide fact but an accurate ratio. Mother Nature exposes us to bear attacks and the hantavirus. That's the sort of mother-something Samuel L. Jackson gets upset about. It's also why we invented doors and electrical supplies to keep her out, and have been building incredible unnatural things ever since.

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4 Things You Can Learn From Segway's Notorious Product Fail

bout 10 years ago, inventor Dean Kamen, in a much-anticipated introduction, brought his Segway to the public. Revered by the media and business-world celebrities as a total game-changer in urban planning, transportation and daily life, the public ended up a bit crestfallen at what they actually saw. It looks like a glorified scooter, and even today, it's a rare sight to see anyone other than a mall security officer or tourist group plodding along on one. So what went wrong? How did one of the most buzzed-about innovations in modern times fall so short? It's easy to see Kamen's avoidable mistakes in hindsight. Take note to make sure the next product or service you launch doesn't flop.

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10 Ways To Save On Your Next New Car

"The power is in the hands of the consumer," says Michael Caudill, auto expert and spokesman for A tightening credit market, the need for automakers to move metal, and some sizable government and automaker incentives are making it easier for buyers -- who have the money and the credit -- to make a deal. Auto experts caution that while a reliable used car used to give buyers the most bang for the buck, that might not be the case today. "New cars with the compelling incentives being offered are, in a lot of ways, a better value," says Jack Nerad, executive editorial director of Kelley Blue Book, in Irvine, Calif. But no one wants to leave any money on the table.

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10 Best Countries for Medical Tourism

In the last decade, medical tourism has hit the tipping point as a viable alternative to overpriced domestic procedures. Why buy a $3,000 dental crown treatment in the United States when you can get the same thing–plus a flight, hotel, and fun tourism opportunities–for less in Hungary?

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10 Celebrity Fashion Lines That Bombed Hard

Celebrities wear clothes. And due to our culture’s fascination with the daily goings-on of famous people, they often have their pictures taken while wearing the clothes. Then people write about these fascinating occurrences in magazines, newspapers and on blogs. Sadly, this ability to wear clothes and then have a photograph taken seems to have given many celebrities the idea that they actually know something about fashion, leading to the launch and then crushing failure of the celebrity’s own fashion line. Here are 10 celebrity fashions lines that bombed hard business-wise, in a big way.

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The 12 Biggest Car-seat Mistakes Parents Make

With the kids back at school and parents’ schedules more hectic, mid-September is a good time for a reminder of proper car-seat safety. September 15-21 is also Child Passenger Safety Week. The child safety experts at AAA have identified the following 12 common car-seat mistakes parents make, as well as corrective action parents and caregivers can take.

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Top Ten Deadliest Earthquakes

The earthquake in Haiti at Port-Au-Prince this year has been a shock to the entire world. In a brief moment, the entire city found itself a shambles and over 230,000 people lost their lives. The rebuilding efforts will likely take years but the human toll is unimaginable. Earthquakes are incredibly destructive in their ability to take both life and property. Although epidemics have claimed more lives overall, earthquakes have cut a greater swath of damage on this planet than any other natural disaster. Of the ten deadliest natural disasters of all time, six are earthquakes claiming a staggering total of over 2 million deaths. Despite the incredible losses, the earthquake in Haiti was not the largest earthquake in history. In fact, looking over meticulous records kept over the past two thousand years, Haiti pales in comparison to some of the historical death counts. It is important to note–at least keeping things in perspective–that the 2010 Haiti earthquake is, sadly, in the top ten of the deadliest natural disasters of all time.

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13 of the Most Extraordinarily Useless Food Inventions of 2013

It’s hardly news that forks and knives have been replaced with crank-fitted cutlery and laser-cutter pizza slicers. If you even try to stab your salad with an ordinary utensil, you risk being shamed by your contemporary diners. For those tech-savvy ladies and gents reverse-chilling their beer and popping out Twinkies in waffle makers, this one’s for you. Oh, those silly, clever and inevitably useless gadgets that make mankind’s genius all the more wonderful. While I’m sure we’d get along perfectly without them, sometimes the invention of the whimsical is just the thing you need.

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