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6 Simple Ways to Improve Bars

Bars shaped like a sine wave (or cosine, I'm open to ideas) could seat more people than the linear bars we see every day, AND those people can also actually see each other as if they were sitting around a table, instead of in a row. Sine bars also have built in points where people who aren't sitting can immediately get the bartender's attention. Now everyone can feel like that one hot-looking, incredibly loud girl.

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The 20 Cities With The Happiest Young Professionals

The 20 happiest cities for young professionals, compiled by career site, is based on analysis from more than 38.000 employee generated reviews between 2011 and 2012. Young professionals, defined by CareerBliss as employees with less than 10 years’ experience in a full-time position, were asked to rate ten key factors that affect workplace happiness, including work-life balance, one’s relationship with the boss and co-workers, the work environment, job resources, compensation, growth opportunities, company culture, company reputation, daily tasks, and job autonomy. They valued each factor on a five-point scale, and also indicated how important it was to their overall happiness at work. The numbers were combined to find an average rating of overall employee happiness for each respondent, and then sorted by location to find which cities had the happiest young workers.

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4 Tips To Help You Fix The Windows Blue Screen Error

If you’ve ever experienced the blue screen error, affectionately called the “blue screen of death,” then you’ll know that it isn’t the greatest experience in the world. It usually means that there’s something somewhat seriously wrong with your system. The problem with trying to come up with a blue screen error fix is that so many things can cause it. For the average computer user, this can mark the end of the computer. Well, I’m here to walk you through a few steps you can take to troubleshoot your computer whenever you experience this blue screen error. Sometimes, the problem isn’t quite as serious or complicated as people think. It could be as simple as the fact that some hardware you installed created a conflict. Maybe a virus messed up the registry. Or maybe a driver file is corrupt. I’m going to show you how you can check for the most common issues that cause this error.

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15 Photographs of the Superstructures That Put Us in Space

“It is easy to invent a flying machine,” said the 19th century aviation engineer Otto Lilienthal, “[and] more difficult to build one; to make it fly is everything.” The challenge of air (and later, space) travel began not with building aircraft, but with building a realistic simulation machine in which to test those aircraft. The same went for NASA, in its earliest incarnations. When I visited a few years ago, the massive warehouses and test sites had mostly been turned into museums. But at one time, those superstructures held the key to putting man into orbit. Massive, yawning wind tunnels, huge scaffolding towers, and million-ton excavation sites were the first concrete (har har) evidence of progress towards space. Sure, the rockets and shuttles stole the show—but there’s a whole bevy of remarkable construction achievements that went along with building them.

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7 Steps to Prepare Financially for Disasters

If you think your household finances are invulnerable to disaster, think again. Just one flood, fire, earthquake or tornado could wipe out your life savings. Before misfortune hits, it's vital to secure your finances from unexpected events of nature.

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10 Drinks Named After Famous People

You haven't truly made it until you've had a drink named after you. Along with Sailor Jerry, take a look at some other icons who can truly say they are living the dream.

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Top 10 Tips for Acing Your Next Job Interview

Finding a job is tough enough as it is without having to go through harrowing interviews. Here's everything you need to know about nailing your interview so you can get through it stress-free. Before you can ace your interview, you have to actually get the interview. That means making an awesome resumé and making sure it gets through.

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The 50 Craziest Lies in Wikipedia History

Since its launch on January 15, 2001, Wikipedia has been the target of waves upon waves of criticism. At first most of it was warranted. The pages of the free online crowd-sourced encyclopedia contained a great number of factual errors, making it easy for established encyclopedia brands like Encyclopedia Britannica to throw shots. Teachers and professors forbade their students from using Wikipedia as a source in their work. The tide began to change, however, as Jimmy Wale's project grew, and the editing and contribution system he put in place, one which allowed anyone with some free time to lend a hand, became more refined. Independent studies began to show that Wikipedia's information was virtually as reliable as for-pay encyclopedias, giving credence to Wale's dream to provide all of the world's information for free to whoever wants it.

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9 Automobiles Consumers Avoid Like the Plague

While the world’s automakers continue to wow consumers with better fuel economy, innovative designs, and flashy styling, there are some models getting left behind. In several cases, it’s the end of the line for production; in others, automakers are pushing forward with their wildly unpopular vehicles. Here are nine automobiles U.S. consumers are avoiding like the plague.

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27 Actors Who Started Out on ER

Hollywood changed forever 20 years ago today, when ER made its premiere on NBC and transformed George Clooney from Working Actor You Might Recognize from Roseanne, The Facts of Life, and/or Return of the Killer Tomatoes! to, well, George Clooney. And though The Cloons hung up his scrubs in order to pursue big-screen opportunities in 1999, the long-running medical drama—created by novelist Michael Crichton—did just fine without Dr. Doug Ross. The series ran for an impressive 15 seasons, racking up 124 Emmy nominations in the process. While it maintained an impressive roster of super talented series regulars (including William H. Macy and Ving Rhames) and guest stars (including Ewan McGregor and Susan Sarandon) and even managed to get Quentin Tarantino to direct an episode, ER also gave a jump start to the careers of dozens of then-newbie actors who would go on to rise up the Hollywood ladder.

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10 Ridiculously Tiny Animals

Every respected scientist will be able to tell you that there is a direct relationship with how small something is, and how adorable it is. Kittens, mini coopers, babies, hell even baby shoes are so adorable it will cause a person’s voice to jump several octaves up. But grizzly bears, hummers, fat guys etc. just don’t have the same effect, impressive as they are. So here are ten animals so ridiculously tiny, it’s hard to believe they were ever even spotted.

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The World's 10 Wildest Water Slides

As summer temperatures rise, the best piece of equipment to beat the heat is your air conditioner. That is, unless you make your way to an even more noteworthy piece of cool-inducing engineering: the water slide. The primary purpose of a water slide is to keep up the gs—with twists, turns and drops—while delaying the inevitable pull of gravity to the bottom. Building a slide that does this—safely, at least—is no easy task. This summer, head on over to one of these 10 water slides and revel in one of humankind's most entertaining inventions.

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