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4 More Insane School Over Reactions to Guns

Gun violence in America continues to be a hot topic, and schools are the front line of the stand against firearms. Unfortunately, misguided administrations are going berserk and threatening their students with harsh punishments for a variety of "offenses" that involve things that vaguely relate to guns.

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10 Ways You Can Use Your Smartphone to Advance Science

Your iPhone is not living up to its full potential. Sure, everyone loves posting pictures of their cats to Instagram, and the new RadioLab app is awesome. But were living in the future! Why not use those tiny computers were all carrying around for something bigger, like helping advance knowledge in a way that would have been impossible just a few years ago? Scientists have started to use the abilities and prevalence of smartphones to their advantage, creating apps specifically for their studies and crowdsourcing observation and data collection. When almost everyone has an Internet connection, a camera, and a GPS unit right in their phone, almost anyone can gather, organize, and submit data to help move a study along. Here are 10 projects and apps that will turn you into a citizen scientist.

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70 Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies to Watch Out for in 2012

How did Hollywood manage to fit so many of our must-see projects into one year? 2012 features Nolan's last Batman, Whedon's Avengers, Ridley Scott's return to science fiction, Andrew Stanton's John Carter, the Hunger Games movie, and Alfonso Cuaron's space epic. And that's just scratching the surface. This year, there are 58 genre movies already on the calendar, with another dozen awaiting release dates. Here's our complete guide to science fiction and fantasy movies to watch (or avoid) in 2012.

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Top 10 Grilling Commandments

Its getting to be that time of year when winter loosens its frosty grip on us all and spring finally decides to get its act together. I know Im not alone in looking forward to the time when I dare suggest to my wife that we try eating outside. Soon, thousands of men who never normally venture into the kitchen will be dragging out their beloved barbecues and coolers full of ice-cold beer, and will start cooking up a storm. If you aren't an experienced grill-meister, however, the appeal of cooking and eating outdoors can be accompanied by the fear of setting your house on fire, hospitalizing half the family with a not-so-healthy dose of botulism or, even worse, looking incompetent in front of other men. It need not be such a minefield, though. If you follow the 10 commandments of the grill below, you are guaranteed to not only produce great food but also have the time to enjoy your beer, all while looking like a grilling god in front of your peers.

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10 Things I Learned Eating On $1 A Day For A Month

sister challenged me to try and eat well for a month spending only $1 a day for food. It probably would have been wise if I had thought about how much I hate shopping and cooking before I took on the challenge, but once I committed, nothing could stop me (not even a trip to the emergency room two times in the first week) I began May 1 with absolutely no food and managed to stay under my $31 budget for the month (I bought $597.96 worth of food and other stuff for $27.08 during the month). Here are some of the things I learned.

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Top 10 Funny Santa Claus Videos

Looking to land that perfect Santa Claus gig this holiday season? Here are 10 funny ways to promote your Santa skills!

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15 Tips for Better Weekly Meal Planning

Last week we asked our readers for their best tips for meal planning. How do you get dinner on the table, week in and week out, without getting bored? How do you stay energized and engaged with the act of cooking at home? Here are fifteen of our best and most universal tips for learning how to plan your meals.

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25 Scholarships For Aspiring Psychology Degree Seekers

For students who are aspiring psychologists, there are a great many psychology scholarships, grants and other opportunities that are available. Here is a sampling of the many opportunities out there: 25 scholarships aimed at future psychology degree holders.

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18 Gadgets that Used to be High-Tech

Depending on your age, youve probably seen at least a few generations of technology. Its amazing how quickly the sizes and shapes of our gadgets can change as the technology improves. The Chicago Tribune compiled a photo essay of gadgets that once were futuristic, but now might as well be from the Flintstones. Above: the fabled videodisc, predecessor to the modern DVD.

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The 10 Most Bizarre McFarlane Figures of All Time

Todd McFarlane is kind of weird. Here's a man who spent millions of dollars buying balls whose sole significance lies in the fact that they happened to have been struck by a piece of wood wielded by someone who had struck more balls with a piece of wood and sent them out of the field of play than anyone else (to that point). Does such a person, who takes the road more traveled, make a minor cameo as a bum in a movie based on his own creation (Spawn), make a figure of said bum for the movie's toy line, then make the figure bigger, clean it up and re-release it as "Todd the Artist"? I leave these questions for you to ponder.

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8 Incredible American Castles To Visit This Summer

Most medieval castles were constructed between the 10th and 17th centuries, long before Europeans settled America. Even today, its easy to find castles dotting the European landscape, many of them still occupied by families who have lived there for generations. But America doesnt need to feel too left out. While Europe indeed has a monopoly on culturally and historically rich castles, these American castles are still pretty incredible.

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10 Young Adult Books That Couldn't Cut It as Movies

We can't remember the precise moment it became cool for 30-year-olds to be seen reading young adult novels in public, but it might have been around the time "Harry Potter" movies were outgrossing "Star Wars" at the box office. Like the tweaking money fiend it is, Hollywood has been chasing that YA cash cow dragon for years now, occasionally hitting it big with the likes of "The Hunger Games" and "Twilight." Unfortunately, for every "Harry Potter" there's a "Golden Compass" hemorrhaging studio gold, and for every "Twilight" there's a "Beautiful Creatures" uglifying their bottom line. This week "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" is rolling the dice on Cassandra Clare's sexy supernatural saga to become a franchise, so we're recounting ten cautionary tales of perfectly viable YA series that could have spawned oodles of trilogies but had to settle for one lousy movie.

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