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8 Mega Homes From the Top Three Zip Codes

There were more than 200 sales in the top 15 ZIP codes for homes priced at $10 million or more in 2012, and the mega-home market shows no signs of slowing. The homes shown here—with prices ranging from $12 million to $75 million—illustrate the offerings in and around the towns with the largest number of listings: Malibu and Beverly Hills in California, followed by Aspen, Colo.

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Debunking 5 Organ Donation Misconceptions

Misconceptions prevent many people from agreeing to donate their organs and potentially save a life, according to a transplant expert. More than 120,000 people are on organ transplant waiting lists in the United States. But a shortage of donated organs means that an average of 18 people die each day while waiting for transplants. For every person who donates their organs after they die, the lives of up to 50 people could be saved or improved, according to a Mayo Clinic news release. As part of National Donate Life Month in April, Dr. Brooks Edwards outlines and dispels the myths that get in the way of organ donation. He is a transplant cardiologist and director of the Mayo Clinic's Center for Transplantation and Clinical Regeneration.

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15 Most Badass Female Movie Characters Of Modern Cinema

Ever since the film noir period, female characters have been growing and evolving, especially from the sociological point of view, which made an enormous impact on gender perception of modern society. Some might say that Hollywood still has some misogynistic views, however, over the last 30 years, we have been introduced to some truly incredible female movie characters and heroines. Whether they catch serial killers, hunt aliens, uncover deep conspiracies or simply seek vengeance, each of these badass stoic women have steel-like willpower and simply refuse to be shackled by feminine stereotypes.

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Top 10 Outstanding US Presidents

When we completed our Top 10 Worst US Presidents, we knew that we would eventually write a top 10 best presidents; fortunately for us Ro has done us the service of writing it himself. So, following on from our previous list of presidents, here are the ten best. ohn F. Kennedy was one charismatic president. He brought many teachers, writers, scientists and different intellectuals into the government. His inaugural speech was one of the modern greats as he called for service to his countrymen. He established the Peace Corps in order to help the undeveloped nations and was very devoted to working hard for new civil rights laws. He wanted to improve his country’s relation with the then Soviet Union but it was to no avail as the all powerful congress thought otherwise.

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Kim Jong Il’s 10 most Impressive Accomplishments

The late, great Kim Jong Il achieved more things than any human could count, except perhaps Kim Jong Il — if he was a human, which he of course most certainly was not. Here are the Dear Leader’s top 10 most impressive accomplishments.

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10 Bizarre Fringe Religions

We’ve elected to use the term “fringe religions” because at times the line between a sect, a cult, and an established religion can be surprisingly blurry. There are as many systems of belief as there are people in the world, but let’s face it: some are stranger than others. Here are 10 of the most bizarre and obscure spiritual movements in modern history.

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6 'Easily' Breakable Guinness World Records

How good are you at bouncing on a spacehopper? Record-breakingly good? We think you might be. Perhaps it's because we occasionally have complete and utter blind faith in total strangers, or maybe it's because you're reading Asylum UK and because of this, logically, you must be smarter than your dog. The record in question is the 100m dash... on a spacehopper. If you're in good shape, you should be able to run 100m in about 12 seconds - and if you really gave it some welly, doing it on a hopper in around three times that shouldn't be too hard... should it? Having a good old rootle through the Guinness Book of Records we discovered quite a few records that instantly make you think: "Hells' proverbial bells, I could beat that!" Here's our favourites, and why you might be able to do it, and, erm, why you probably can't.

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8 Apps To Get You Through A Winter Storm

Mobile devices have changed how we handle severe weather. Instead of being isolated in our homes, reading books printed on paper by candle light, we share constant updates and photos in real time on social networks. We keep ourselves entertained with ebooks, games and videos on smartphones and tablets. With the severe winter weather pounding the East Coast this weekend, we have a few suggestions for helpful apps apps to add to your collection. They'll let you follow the weather in real-time, file your own first person reports from the ground, handle any emergencies and even stay cozy.

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Trouble Brewing: 12 De-alcoholized Abandoned Breweries

The spice must flow but the beer? Not always, and last call for breweries large or small is only a question of timing. These dozen decrepit, decommissioned and de-alcoholized breweries are the drunk dry victims of changing times, changing tastes and changing fortunes. The Pabst Brewing Company opened their first brewery in 1844 and they would continue to brew beer in Milwaukee for the next 152 years. All that ended in 1996 when Pabst contracted out production to rival brewer Stroh Brewery Company in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The huge Pabst brewery complex in Milwaukee was closed and Pabst became a virtual brewer. How d’ya like that, hipsters?

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20 Must See Movies To Share With Your Kids

When it comes to children there are only two kinds of movies: The kind you show them to shut them up and the kind you share with them in the hopes they'll remember them for the rest of their lives. By the time my firstborn is six or seven, he or she will have seen more than his or her fair share of Nutty Professors or Shrek Forever Afters, and that's fine. But once your kids are old enough to remember, it becomes important to make sure you're also showing them something better. Yet you can't wait around until they're old enough to really take in and appreciate movies like Rear Window or Lord of the Rings, let alone get literate enough to handle subtitles. By then it'll be too late. Beverly Hills Chihuahua VII will already own their brains. This weekend fathers around the country are taking their toddlers and pre-teens to see Toy Story 3, and while those kids have probably already forgotten Marmaduke, that Pixar experience is one they may remember for the rest of their lives.

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7 Times When It's Okay To Dumpster Dive

Back in our salad days, my husband and I outfitted much of our New Orleans apartment with dumpster dive goodies. We found our coffee table in the trash behind a defunct Japanese restaurant. Some serious sanding removed the cigarette burns and -- presto! -- we had a unique centerpiece for our living room. We next culled a wrought-iron headboard from the flea market dumpster. It's pre-antiqued look was ideal for our French Quarter home. Soon our walls were covered with posters, tapestries and hand-woven rugs rescued from other trash bins. All these finds, not to mention many an unusual nick and knack, gave our slave-quarters apartment a unique flair for nearly nothing. We were just kids, justifiably proud of our dumpster dive finds. Many years later, however, I still find it difficult to pass a well-stuffed trash barrel without peeking in, particularly during the spring days when students in our college town are trashing unwanted belongings. Old habits die hard. Besides, there's something criminal about sending perfectly good consumer goods to our overflowing landfill.

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8 Other Witches We'd Rather See In Tim Burton's Maleficent Movie Over Angelina

Angelina Jolie is reportedly interested in starring in Tim Burton's rumored next project, Maleficent. But is Jolie really the best actress for Disney's most iconic villain? Here's our list of women who have already proved they're worthy of dragon transformation. First and foremost let's take a look at the mighty Maleficent, from the original Sleeping Beauty.

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