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12 Cringeworthy Photos Of Celebrities Wearing Military Uniforms

Stolen valor, Hollywood-style! Blame the stylist, blame the director, but donít hate the player, hate the game. Here are 12 cringeworthy photos that will make you want to knifehand these celebrities.

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The 49 Very Best of The Rich Kids of Instagram Tumblr

The Rick Kids of Instagram Tumblr showcases some of the most wanton spending by rich kids you will ever see. From outrageous nightclub receipts to private yachts to million dollar watches, these rich kids have- and spend- more money than everyone in your office makes in a year. Maybe several years. And to clarify, these are not the richest people in the world, these are their offspring who have not, more times than not, done anything to earn the money they blow through like a stack of one (hundred) dollar bills at the strip club.

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10 Awesome Gadgets To Annoy Other Road Users

Isnít it annoying when someone swerves out in front of you on the road? Do you find yourself thinking up a million ways to really irritate them? Well some of the most ingenious inventions have been created just for that purpose.

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7 Grand Hotels With Deep Railroad Roots

Hotels and railroads go way back. The relationship worked: Travelers needed somewhere to sleep, so railroad companies built hotels. Though the earliest railroad lodgings in the United States were primarily for railway workers, later hotels catered to the lavish lifestyles of Gilded Age travelers. "The people who are taking long-distance railroad excursions in the 1880s, 1890s, are generally quite well-to-do people," said Andrew Sandoval-Strausz, a professor at the University of New Mexico and author of "Hotel: An American History."

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Car Depreciation: 5 Models That Lose Value

For many of us, a new car is one of the biggest purchases of our lifetime, and one of the largest costs associated with that new car is depreciation. Car depreciation is the amount of value an auto loses over time, and that figure can vary dramatically from car to car. For consumers who keep their car for five years or less, depreciation should be one of the main factors to consider. Those looking to hold on to their car for the long haul may benefit by paying less upfront because the resale value really won't matter five or 10 years later. Buyers should keep in mind that just because a vehicle has a lousy depreciation value, it doesn't mean it's a bad car. It just means that, for varying reasons, people aren't willing to pay top dollar for that model as a used car.

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The Top 14 Sci Fi Movies of the í70s

The 1970s were a goldmine for sci-fi movie fans. For decades, many a haunting storyline was undermined by less-than-stellar special effects. In the í70s, however, those decades of creativity were finally met by technology that brought ideas to life in a way that had never been seen before, ushering in the next generation of sci-fi. Here, then, are 14 sci-fi movies that defined the decade.

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10 Questions You and Your Buyers Must Ask Before Purchasing A Condominium Unit

Buying a condominium unit can be more involved than buying a single family home. This is because you have to worry about both the unit itself and the condominium project as a whole. To borrow from a famous phrase, not all condominiums are created equally. Some condominiums are very well run; some are quite poorly run and underfunded. Buyers interested in purchasing a condominium unit must do their homework: not only about the condition of the individual unit they are interested in purchasing, but on the financial health and governance of the condominium as a whole. Remember, you are buying into the entire project as much as you are the unit, and your decision will impact your daily living and your ability to re-sell.

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10 Odd Celebrity Lawsuits

Have you heard about this ridiculous Lindsay Lohan lawsuit? In case you havenít, itís below at number one. Itís a bit silly, at least in my non-lawyerly opinion. But thereís a long line of litigious luminaries who paved the way for Lindsay, so who knows? Maybe her case has a shot. Here are a few of them.

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9 Abandoned Islands Where Time Has Stopped

Some islands were used for military purposes, for the construction of individual buildings or for permanent settlements in which people lived for centuries. However, loss of strategic position, natural disasters, nuclear tests or simply wish to live in civilization, led to the abandonment of these islands. This is a list of abandoned islands, where time has stopped, where homes, buildings and streets standing untouched for decades.

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Top 10 Mechanic Scams

We have a lot of respect for competent, honest, highly skilled auto technicians. Working on modern vehicles demands unprecedented talent and training, and an advanced computer science degree doesnít hurt either. Have you looked under the hood of a car lately? A career at NASA could be a stepping stone to diagnosing some automotive issues. Then there are the shysters that perpetuate stereotypes. They know all the old mechanic scams and routinely sell premature or unnecessary parts and services. Itís bad enough they bleed you for extra money wherever they can, but theyíre also screwing with your ride. Whether thatís by design or incompetence, you could face more repairs, a breakdown or even a wreck.

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10 Shocking X-Rays of Sharp Objects Embedded in Peopleís Bodies

Assaults and freak accidents involving sharp objects have yielded some pretty shocking X-rays over the years. But as dramatic as these images look, some victims have, seemingly miraculously, survived their horrific injuries and even gone on to make full recoveries. Still, try being a nurse and attempting to stay cool when youíre looking at an X-ray of a skull embedded with a rusty four-inch knife. Sometimes, removing such an object can lead to significant damage. And even if the object is safely removed, either backwards or forwards following the trajectory along which it entered the body, thereís still the risk of infection. On top of this, nursing intervention may also be required to assist traumatized patientsí psychological reactions to their injuries, as well as those of their family or friends.

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10 Spectacular Movable Bridges

A movable bridge is a bridge that moves to allow passage (usually) for boats or barges. An advantage of making bridges moveable is the lower cost, due to the absence of high piers and long approaches. The principal disadvantage is that the traffic on the bridge must be halted when it is opened for passages. The Gateshead Millennium Bridge is a pedestrian and cyclist bridge spanning River Tyne in England between Gateshead's Quays arts quarter on the south bank, and the Quayside of Newcastle on the north bank. The bridge is essentially two graceful curves, one forming the deck and the other supporting it, spanning between the two islands running parallel to the quaysides.

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