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42 Things You Didn't Know About The Walking Dead

AMC's The Walking Dead is currently airing it's 5th season and has as many die-hard fans as any other television show on the planet. And if you call yourself a "Walking Dead-Head," then you know tons of little tid-bits about your favorite zombie drama. But how many of The Walking Dead facts are you actually familiar with? From where the cast members eat lunch to how many walkers are currently walking the planet, this list has got all of the juicy, gory details and factoids about our favorite zom-drom.

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13 Things You Didn’t Know About Bourbon

America loves its bourbon. We stand in line for it. We (slurrily) wax poetic about it. We fall into embarrassingly overexaggerated southern porch drawls after about four fingers of it. But how much do most of us actually know about it? Beyond its sweet, sweet brown beauty, that is. There’s plenty to know about bourbon, and not for random trivia’s sake. (Though if you win your next bar trivia night, feel free to share the cash prize with us.) Bourbon is the kind of thing where the more you learn about its history, the richer and the fuller it tastes on the tongue. Learning about bourbon while drinking it is like putting a sepia filter on a soft, mellow buzz.

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24 Totally Unrealistic Sex Scenes in Movies

If you’re a virgin and you exclusively watch porn, oh boy, are you in for a surprise come prom night. People criticize porn for heightening expectations to near unattainable levels, but mainstream Hollywood doesn’t really do much of a better job keeping expectations in check. Don’t get us wrong, a slim minority of pictures accurately depict sexual relations in a real and emotionally satisfying way — Fast Times at Ridgemont High, American Pie (at least the Tara Reid storyline), and a movie starring Charlize Theron titled, “Intimacy” (Netflix that ‘ish). However, most movies with sex scenes tend to glorify the act, which we have absolutely no issue with. We just don’t think the following sex scenes should get any screen time at the next sex ed class.

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7 Female Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Hunters

More than ever before, the ranks of hunters in the United States are being swelled by women. So it should come as little surprise that many of the ladies you may be familiar with both in Hollywood and Billboard Top 100 are already hunters themselves. Surveys have shown that the number of women hunters has climbed steadily since the 1980s, but truly began to boom over in just the last few years. Below are seven female celebrities you may not have known were hunters. Some of them have been quite vocal about their support for the activity, while others have taken a vow of silence over the “controversy” that their hunting has caused.

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13 Works of Art Made With Teeth

Where would we be without teeth? Haggard and full of soup – that’s where we’d be. Funnily enough, the culinary world would not be the only sphere of interest to suffer were we all to awaken tomorrow to find the tooth fairy had been on a pixie dust-fuelled rampage, and left us all as gummy as a Haribo factory. The art scene, believe it or not, would also be reeling from this terrifying scenario.

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10 Terribly False Claims Made by Some Supplements

When someone purchases a supplement, they trust that it is safe for them to take. In many cases, supplements are touting false claims in order to market their products. This has not gone unnoticed, and has even launched an investigation by the Government Accountability Office. Listed below you will find ten terribly false claims made by some supplements.

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5 Remakes of Bad Stephen King Adaptations That Should Get Fast Tracked

Right now, studios are attempting to tackle an adaptation of the Stephen King fantasy series Dark Tower (which will include three movies and a television series) and a big-screen remake of the thousand-plus page epic The Stand. These ridiculous projects got me thinking: instead of attacking windmills, why not remake some of the total clunkers were based on King’s stories? If we’re going to be inundated with remakes, it’d at least to be nice to see movies that make good on potential where others failed. And I’d certainly prefer these remakes to new versions of all of my favorite ’70s horror movies. Fortunately, Hollywood and I are on the same page. Sorta! Several of these projects are already somewhere in very early development. So drop the inevitable Rosemary’s Baby remake, Hollywood, and get going on these.

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My 10 Favorite Tracks from Video Game Soundtracks

My friends all laugh at me, because whenever I drive anywhere, the first song playing from my iPod is generally from a video game or movie soundtrack. I’m a product of my environment, and my musical tastes are heavily influenced by movies, trailers, tv shows and games, and as such I have “terrible” taste in music according to everyone else. So be it. But I think there are some damn good tracks out there, particularly on video game soundtracks. You might not notice them as you’re playing, but if you do, chances are they’re pretty damn good to distract you from your task at hand. These ten tracks I’ve been listening to long after I put down the controller. See if my terrible musical tastes might actually match your own with a few of these.

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17 Actors Who Avoided Typecasting

There are some actors who seem to play exactly the same character in every film they’ve ever been. Either through typecasting or choice, they always fall into the same type of film, and while they may once or twice try breaking the mold, the vast majority of them just do the same thing over and over. When was the last time Michelle Rodriguez wasn’t the tough-talking Latina, who spent most of her time in a white tank-top, and was killed before the end of the series/movie? However, these 17 actors have all leveraged their incredible acting skills to avoid the death-trap of typecasting, and have been in some of the most varied films on the planet. Also, notice how many of them pop-up in more than one trailer on this list, there’s definitely a lot of crossover in this crowd.

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10 Kick Ass Assassins in Movies

As I was watching The Professional the other day I realized that we hadn’t yet done an article on assassins we found awesome in movies. That was somewhat surprising to me. I think we may have done something on hit men. We certainly have written about villains and other characters like that. Hell we’ve certainly written about heroes. But we haven’t hit on the exact topic of assassins.

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5 Leadership Lessons From James T. Kirk

Captain James T. Kirk is one of the most famous Captains in the history of Starfleet. There’s a good reason for that. He saved the planet Earth several times, stopped the Doomsday Machine, helped negotiate peace with the Klingon Empire, kept the balance of power between the Federation and the Romulan Empire, and even managed to fight Nazis. On his five-year mission commanding the U.S.S. Enterprise, as well as subsequent commands, James T. Kirk was a quintessential leader, who led his crew into the unknown and continued to succeed time and time again. Kirk’s success was no fluke, either. His style of command demonstrates a keen understanding of leadership and how to maintain a team that succeeds time and time again, regardless of the dangers faced. Here are five of the key leadership lessons that you can take away from Captain Kirk as you pilot your own organization into unknown futures.

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7 Uses For Diatomaceous Earth

When hard-shelled algae called diatoms fossilize, they create a sedimentary rock that is easy to crumble called diatomaceous earth. According to the National Pesticide Information Center, diatomaceous earth makes up 26 percent of the earth's crust by weight. What do we like about it? It ticks off all our boxes: it's natural, it's easy to use, has multiple uses, it doesn't cause cancer (unless you stick your nose in it and breathe in for one hour every day - but that's the case for any powdery substance that you breathe in for long periods of time) and, as far as we can tell, it isn't being over-exploited.

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