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9 Comic-Book Costumes That Actually Look Good In Movies

The biggest miracle about Iron Man 2 so far is that Black Widow's skintight jumpsuit looks decent. Often, superhero costumes from comics are just ridiculous on the big screen. Here are 10 other comic-to-movie costume translations that actually work. It's easy to think of superhero costumes that have looked ridiculous on film — most of them have. A lot of comic-book costumes really only work in two dimensions, and especially many superheroine costumes would be a bizarre disaster if a flesh-and-blood woman tried to do any action scenes in them. Even the relatively sane comic-book costumes often fail to make the jump to movies, though — for my money, there has never been a non-absurd Batsuit on screen, including in the two Nolan films. I considered expanding this list to include television, but I honestly couldn't think of an example of a comic-book character costume that didn't look at least somewhat ridiculous in its television version.

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10 Technologies Transforming Sports

Nowadays, it's hard to tell the jocks from the geeks. Athletes capitalize on advances from engineering, material science, biomechanics, communication and information technologies to maximize training and performance. And brainiacs develop technologies that are transforming every aspect of sport, including coaching, judging, even the design of sports arenas and spectator experience. To date, most advances in sports technology have been in material science and design. Aerospace engineer Kim B. Blair, founder of the Sports Innovation Group LLC, an affiliate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, thinks the playbook is changing. "We've hit a plateau," he says. "The next big thing is the information revolution."

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Who Are the 6 Scariest Characters on TV Right Now?

What scares you? Like, really scares you? That’s the question on our minds as we enter the trick-or-treating season. What keeps you awake at night? Who would you never want to encounter at the end of a dark, dead-end alley? Here are six TV characters—of both human and monster varieties—who give us the willies. Name the ones who scare you most in the comments!

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The 18 Worst Product Flops Of All Time

Big companies must take big risks and sometimes spend millions of dollars in an attempt to find the next big thing before competitors do. Such attempts, however, are not always successful and in some cases epic failures. Some of these flops seem like a matter of bad luck. Others are quite simply foolish mistakes the companies and marketers make. Today, these product flops exist as interesting case studies companies use to avoid future failure.

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30 Things Every Man Should Have By Age 30

Last week after I wrote about 30 things every woman should quit doing by 30, our friends at Crushable wrote a great response post on 30 things every man should quit doing by 30. It suddenly occurred to me: we’ve been letting men off the hook for too long! We’ve had all these posts about what women should quit doing by 30 or should have or learn or know by 30, but what about the guys?

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22 All You Can Eat Buffet Hacks That Will Make Your Stomach A Superstar

Not eating all day, waiting for the lull between lunch and dinner, only eating the fancy stuff — we all have our tricks for ensuring we get the most out of our buffet dining experiences. Still, a few more pointers never hurt. Here's some of the best advice reddit had to offer on how to game the all-you-can-eat buffet.

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5 Fundamental Concepts We Can’t Hash Out as a Species

There has been a great deal of speculation about the existence of other forms of intelligent life in the universe. Some claim that we are alone. Others say that it’s like sober Irishman: it exists but we may never find it. Still others believe that we have already made contact, citing various probing-related accounts as evidence. Were an intelligent, advanced species able to observe our planet, there’s a good chance that things would probably only going poorly for us. Best case scenario: they find our bumbling hilarious and make us the space equivalent of bears riding tricycles in the circus. But in all likelihood they might just wipe us off this rock for our sins and let evolution roll the dice again. Not that we don’t deserve it. Forget the war, famine, disease and terrorism; we can’t even decide basic stuff, like what to call our fizzy beverages. Let’s look at the ways we’re failing to get organized as a species, and maybe then we can work on no longer being the laughingstock of the galaxy.

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The Top 10 Cell Phones

Need a break from your laptop? These productivity phones offer a lot more than the ability to make calls. Here are the 10 best smartphones available today.

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The 10 Raddest Movie Mall Scenes in Nerd-dom

Is there a better symbol of widespread American consumerism than the shopping mall? For the purposes of this list, let's say "no." With that in mind, it goes to show that, any time a movie involves a person or group tearing through a mall, that it's some kind of metaphor for destroying our reliance on goods and things instead of people, right? Either that or it's just cool to destroy so many things. Ever since their modern day inception, malls have served as important locales for films. We've learned that they make for excellent places to hide out during a zombie apocalypse, ambush your unawares and even take your time-traveling friends to show them what modern days are like. Scenes in malls tend to either be of the "kids talking about stuff" variety or the "let's make an action set piece" kind.

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7 Times When Heroic Veterans Saved The Day

Between random shootings and the ever growing threat of terrorism, people are getting scared. Fortunately, an unexpected trend is showing up to counter the endless stream of bad news. Over the last year, numerous acts of violence, robberies, general mayhem, and even a few acts of terrorism have been completely shut down by an unexpected source: The presence of a U.S. military veteran or active duty servicemember.

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8 Grossest Things Bear Grylls has Consumed

Bear Grylls is one tough dude. Best known for his television series "Man vs. Wild," the 37-year-old was the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest (when he was 23) and was a member of the U.K. Special Forces. In 1996, he badly injured his spine when his parachute failed to completely deploy, sending him plummeting to the ground which he hit with high speed. Eighteen months later, he was standing on the summit of Everest. In addition to his climbing feats, Bear has crossed the North Atlantic in an inflatable boat, circumnavigated the U.K. on a jet ski, paramotered over both Mount Everest and Angel Falls in Venezuela, and even once rowed for 22 miles, naked, in a homemade bathtub along the Thames River to raise money for a friend who had been badly injured in a climbing accident.

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10 Famous Sea Stacks From Around the World

A stack or sea stack is a rock formation made up of a steep or upright column or columns of rock in the sea near a coast. They are formed when part of a headland is eroded by water crashing against the rock or as a result of wind erosion. These impressive formations are intricately created by nature only through time, tide and wind. Here are 10 famous sea stack formations from around the World.

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