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61 Terrible Videogame Shirts You Must Never Wear

Now, I’ve never claimed to be fashionable. In fact, were you to ask my oldest friends, they’d say I seem to be making a real effort to look as close to my 14-year-old self as possible. And were you to look in my closet, you would find at least 16 Mario shirts on top of all the other gaming and comic book-related ones. So in the case of a fashion article, I’m perhaps the last person you want to look to. But in the realm of videogame t-shirts, you should trust me above all others, as I’ve probably spent more on gaming shirts in the last three years than you have on Wii games. But I don’t just buy any old shirt; no, I have very discerning eye for this type of thing, one honed by years of practice and hundreds of dollars. Now I’m going to share some of that knowledge with you, via this collection of gaming shirts that you simply must never wear. If you currently do wear any of these, please take them off. You look like an asshole wearing them.

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20 More Signs You Need To Go On A Diet

Like our Top 10 Signs You Drank Too Much series, our 10 Signs You Need To Go On A Diet series is always popular. Because it is our first installment of this series in the new year, I decided to lengthen the list by featuring an additional 10 images of morbidly obese people that you’ll wish you never saw (you can thank me for not including: this picture). Do not think of this gallery as a low-brow form of entertainment that picks on an easy (and quite large) target, but rather as inspiration for lifestyle improvement (eh, who am I kidding…). Remember kids, no matter what Kirstie Alley says, mayonnaise is not a salad dressing.

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10 Most Endangered Historic Places Named

A Civil War fort, a Chicago hospital and a Chinese neighborhood are among the sites listed as America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The 24th annual list, released Wednesday, includes significant sites that reflect U.S. history and culture and are at risk of permanent damage or destruction. While Alabama's Fort Gaines withstood cannon fire and artillery shells during the Civil War, it is losing a fierce battle with the Gulf of Mexico shoreline. The Dauphin Island fort is one of this year's most threatened places. The battlefield has lost 400 feet due to erosion from rising waters, frequent storms, hurricanes and effects from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill last year.

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10 Amazing Above-Water Shipwrecks

The world’s oceans abound with shipwrecks and a multitude of other nautical artifacts. Lurking deep beneath the waves of the planet’s most inhospitable waters are some of history’s most grand and feared ships, presenting divers with a fascinating incarnation of a bygone age. But what about those among us who don’t scuba dive? Here are 10 corroding old vessels that can be seen clearly from the relative safety of terra firma.

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10 Inexplicable Crimes and Disappearances

At various times, and from various parts of the world, there have been convincing reports of crimes and of assaults on people – and sometimes on animals – for which there is no generally acceptable solution. The cases described in the following list are in no particular order, as they are all just as intriguing and incredulous as each other. Many of these have no definable perpetrators, but these are all crimes that have been carried out in the most curious and perplexing of circumstances that truly defy all sense of logic and meaning.

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Top 7 Semi-Automatic Autoloading Shotguns

Semi-automatic shotguns have been around for many years now, and have become favored by many shooters. Though not as reliable as pump or slide-action shotguns, they are still very reliable, and the reduced recoil of semi-auto scatterguns can help smaller folks handle a shotgun's recoil better than other actions. There are many choices when it comes to autoloading shotguns. Here we will look at some of today's most popular auto shotgun makers, in alphabetical order.

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6 Ways Customers Tick Off Chefs

If the name Ron Eyester rings a bell, it might be because we gave him and his @theangrychef tweets a little shout-out in our "Things we love" piece on Friday - right next to meat-themed shirts and pimento cheese. Eyester is the executive chef and owner of Rosebud Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia - and boy, do customers get his blood boiling on a good many occasion. And while we might have promised Gripe Week was over on Friday, it is Monday - and we see that as reason enough to don our cranky pants and/or cranky apron once more for old kvetching time's sake.

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The 7 Most Horrifying Things Found Living Inside People

It's not what is on the outside you should be worried about. Here is a list of the creepiest non-human invaders that could end up inside you, sometimes without your knowledge.

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10 Weird Pregnancy Facts No One Tells You About

Whether you're a woman who hasn't yet been pregnant or a man who wants to better understand what an expectant mother really goes through, these 10 things that occur while a woman is pregnant are all strange and often disturbing. These are the weird things that happen during pregnancy that people probably won't tell you about.

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12 of the World’s Most Expensive Legal Pets to Own

Monkeys, Lions and Chimpanzees are animals we often see in the wild or on the Discovery Channel, however many of these exotic animals can be purchased legally within the United States. Living in an acceptable jurisdiction and acquiring the correct permit could get you an exotic pet that most of the world only dream of.

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5 Awful Actors Who Had One Great Performance

I’ve been meaning to write this article for a while now, but when an actor is terrible, they’re usually pretty terrible, and it can be hard to find a singularly good part they’ve played. Similarly, it’s hard to say that mediocre actor (*cough* Nic Cage) only has ONE good performance out there (he’s at least got a couple). But I finally decided on these five as bad actors who had one really good part. Feel free to disagree, but more importantly, add your own. And if anyone says Adam Sandler in Punch Drunk Love, you yourself will be getting a punch. The man was brilliant in Happy Gilmore.

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10 Cities Where You Can Get An Amazing Deal On A Foreclosed Home

As many as 1.25 million foreclosed homes are expected to enter the market in 2012 as the foreclosure probes end. This tidal wave of foreclosures would give opportunists the chance to get great deals on foreclosed homes. RealtyTrac is out with its report on the 10 best places to buy foreclosures in 2012. To draw up the list RealtyTrac considered the 100 largest metro areas with at least 200 foreclosure sale transactions in January 2012.

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