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The 10 Toughest Motor Races In The World

Car racing used to be one of the most dangerous things a person could do, period. Around the turn of the 20th Century, drivers would attempt to wheel two-ton beasts across hundreds of miles of unpaved roads, sitting higher than a school bus and riding on wagon wheels. The cars were so unreliable that drivers had to bring a mechanic with them, sometimes repairing the car while it was in motion. A lot of people died. So that's where modern grand prix racing has its roots. That tradition continues today with off road races, which take weeks to cover hundreds of miles of completely unmaintained terrain. Thanks to modern safety equipment, medical care, and rescue vehicles deaths are way down, but not gone. We hope to see no more deaths in motor racing in the future, but as of today they stand as a reminder of how tough bike and car racing can be.

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Top 10 Dark Themed Teen Movies

The more popular contemporary genre of teen-related films are comedies but throughout each decade, teen films have journeyed into dark and sometimes scary portrayals of high school life. The verisimilitude of these dark depictions are ones that most of us may be able to relate to or something we’d see in social themed television shows. Regardless of what the story is, this list contains movies that do not provide the audiences entertainment with laughter but thought-provoking verity.

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10 Things Back To The Future 2 Got Right About Today's Tech

While "Back to the Future: Part 2" slightly overestimated where we'd be in 2015 — flying cars and hover boards aren't readily available after all — there's a surprising number of things that the film predicted that either already exist or are close enough that in two years it wouldn't be surprising to see them be reality. From automated servers at restaurants to video games that don't require controllers, here's the technology that the creators of "Back to the Future" correctly guessed would be around nowadays about 24 years ago.

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28 Geekiest Mr. Potato Head Designs

Toys were created even during the pre-historic times, and have been made for thousands of years. Perhaps using objects to create toys is one of the most significant attributes that differentiates humans from animals. Modern toys are of course way too complex and sophisticated, and quite expensive too! Of all the toys from the 20th century, Mr. Potato Head must be one of the most popular because of the attractive appearance and also the ease of making one at home by oneself. All one needs is a plastic model of a potato to which eyes, ears and other parts of a face can be easily added to create a personalized Mr. Potato Head. Of course, Mr. Potato Head was the first toy to be advertised on the TV and that is quite a distinction indeed!

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10 Ways To Save On Your Next New Car

"The power is in the hands of the consumer," says Michael Caudill, auto expert and spokesman for A tightening credit market, the need for automakers to move metal, and some sizable government and automaker incentives are making it easier for buyers -- who have the money and the credit -- to make a deal. Auto experts caution that while a reliable used car used to give buyers the most bang for the buck, that might not be the case today. "New cars with the compelling incentives being offered are, in a lot of ways, a better value," says Jack Nerad, executive editorial director of Kelley Blue Book, in Irvine, Calif. But no one wants to leave any money on the table.

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5 Excellent Text to Voice Free Applications

Many computer users take advantage of text-to-voice programs to make their computer tasks easier. With a voice command we can execute a task which otherwise might take a combination of keyboard-key presses and mouse clicks. For my readers who have not yet tried out text-to-voice applications or are looking for something better than what they are already using, I have gathered a list of 5 great options they can go for. Read each entry in my list, find out which one interests you, and use the comments to let me know how it went for you.

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10 Tips to Save on College Textbooks

Textbook prices have vastly outpaced inflation in the past two decades, according to the Government Accountability Office. Students are definitely feeling the affects of these price increases. However, there are strategies to keeping the cost of books as low as possible. Most students already know a few tricks of the trade. For example, it's common knowledge textbooks from the college bookstore cost more than through Amazon, eBay and Here are 10 lesser-known ways to drastically cut your textbook expenses.

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The 7 Best Paying Jobs With Only High School Diploma

Close to a third of the adult U.S. population has a college degree. While it no longer necessarily guarantees a job, as it once did, graduating from college is a prerequisite for the vast majority of high-paying jobs. Of the job categories that earned a median of at least $60,000 in 2012, just a handful did not require at least some college education. The top-paying job categories all required a bachelor’s degree, and in many cases, a master’s or doctoral degree. But for those who cannot go to college, there are still hundreds of thousands of high-paying jobs that only require a high school diploma.

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7 Jobs That Sound like a Joke

Remember that “Bikini Inspector” joke T-shirt you used to have as a kid, secretly hoping that one day such a profession will become a reality, even if only for the weirdness of it all? The bad news is humanity still has no need for an overzealous inspector of female swim garments. The good news, however, is that there are a number of real-life occupations out there with titles equally (if not more) crazy.

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8 Best Beer Towns in the USA

The history of beer in the United States is a rich one dating back to the colonies, when soldiers were paid in spruce beer and cider. From there beer weathered a Revolution, Prohibition and a right turn at Albuquerque before positively exploding with deregulation of the industry through the early 1980s. Ever since, Americans have been sampling, celebrating and sophisticating the unofficial national beverage in ways previously unimaginable, and it seems nearly every town's gotten into the act. But not all cities are carbonated equal. Some have begun to take beer personally, innovating its craft and consumption and throwing festivals to honor the finest ales and lagers -- creating a blueprint for the rest of the country to follow. Still others have been doing this all along. This is the story of those towns, the top eight cities in America for beer explorers.

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25 Drunkest Cities 2012

Tis the season for champagne, winter ale, and eggnog. The end-of-the-year celebrations bring plenty of opportunities to indulge in alcohol, but in some parts of the country drinking is more of a everyday affair. To figure out which cities imbibe the most throughout the year, The Daily Beast first reached out to market researcher Experian Marketing Services for recent data on the average number of alcoholic drinks per month per adult, in each metro area. As well, we pulled data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the percentage of residents who are binge drinkers and heavy drinkers. For the final ranking, the average drinks per month rank was weighted 50 percent; the binge-drinking and the heavy-drinking population for each metro area each got a 25 percent weighting.

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11 Dishes You Should NEVER Order on a First Date

When it comes to dining with people that aren’t our coworkers, we try to be as nonjudgmental as possible (well…sometimes). But when we’re going on a dinner date with someone, we can’t help it. Who knows—this could be our future spouse, and we couldn’t imagine spending the rest of our lives with someone who only orders boneless chicken breast and salad at restaurants (not that there’s anything inherently wrong with that). And if first impressions are as important as they’re said to be, what you order speaks volumes about who you are. Plus, there are just some things—for sex appeal’s sake—you shouldn’t touch when you’re trying to seal the deal.

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