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The 5 Nastiest Things Ever Consumed On TV

If you have a weak stomach, I suggest you skip onto the next post because this is definitely not for the people with weak stomachs …Here are the top 5 most disgusting things ever consumed on in the history of television.

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The 11 Biggest Failed Chain Restaurants

We tend to think of the chain restaurant as a lumbering behemoth; an easily replicable, formulaic money machine that packs in customers no matter where they’re plunked down. They roll into town, open with great fanfare, and then proceed to serve the exact same food and drinks, with the exact same décor, service, and overall vibe, for years and years on end. Sure, the formula might get a tweak every so often when Corporate decides to update the image or roll out a new or limited-time-only menu item, but one of the comforts of having a chain restaurant nearby is the knowledge that, no matter what, you know what you’re getting.

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15 Creepy Facts About Carrie

Brian De Palma has never met a genre he can’t tackle. Throughout his near-50-year career in Hollywood, he has famously dabbled in action films (Mission: Impossible, Snake Eyes), crime dramas (Carlito’s Way, The Untouchables), psychological thrillers (Raising Cain, Body Double), film noirs (Black Dahlia, Femme Fatale), and expletive-filled gangster movies (Scarface). But to this day, Carrie—his 1976 adaptation of Stephen King’s first novel—remains one of his most impressive achievements. And not just because it still manages to scare the bejesus out of audiences, even if they know what’s coming next.

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Outside's 100 Best Places to Work

For our 2013 list of the best places to work in the United States, free ski passes, unlimited vacation time, and exotic trips are just the tip of the iceberg. We found a staggering number of companies that understand the road to success depends on a work-life balance; a healthy, active staff; and a willingness to give back. The best news? Narrowing it down to 100 was the hardest part. Already know exactly what you’re looking for? This year we’ve also highlighted some of the companies with the best perks, making it easier to meet your match.

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2 Websites With The Coolest Free Web Page Templates

Are you a web designer? Do you have a need or urge to design your own website? Nowadays it is easier then ever with the plethora of FREE web page templates available to be downloaded, modified and uploaded to your own site! People would have loved these types of sites 10 years ago! Some of them even have Flash templates also for free. We will take a look at 3 of the best sites for downloading and finding free web templates. We will run through what they offer, the quality of the templates and how easy they are to modify! The first site we will cover is Free Website Templates which you can get to from here. When you arrive at the site you will see some pretty nice free web page templates on the homepage including the template of the day. You will see links to download the templates as a zip file or to preview a mock up website using the template you are looking at. Hit preview and experience the template before downloading it.

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10 Natural Remedies for Athletes Foot

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that usually thrives in warm, damp places. The fungus, Tinea pedis, grows between the toes, on top of the feet, on toenails and between the fingers. White patches, scaly patches, and redness are all indicative of the fungus. Symptoms of athlete’s foot may include itching, burning, stinging and inflammation. Athletes foot fungus frequents public showers and locker rooms, indoor swimming pools and health clubs, and it is very contagious. Contact with shoes or socks containing the fungus, wet floors, or exercise equipment (remember it can live between fingers too) can spread it.

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6 Surprising Facts about Whitey Bulger

If you're even remotely familiar with Boston's Southie neighborhood and the Irish gangs that once dominated it, you know who James "Whitey" Bulger is. Bulger eluded federal authorities for more than 16 years before his arrest in June 2011. Now 85, Bulger is a convicted murderer, serving the rest of his life in prison for a litany of crimes, including his role in 11 murders, although he's appealing his conviction. His crimes were thoroughly detailed throughout his high-profile murder trial, but here are six things you might not know about this infamous Boston gang leader.

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10 Oldest People in History

Over the course of history, a handful of “super humans” have beaten the odds by living well beyond even the most generous life-expectancy predictions. In the process, these elderly survivors have broken the mold, challenging traditional theories of longevity and human life span. Staggeringly, the top ten oldest confirmed people in history have all lived beyond 115 years, which means that each one has easily attained the title of “supercentenarian” (someone who has reached the age of at least 110). These fascinating people lived through many incredible events. They drank, they smoked, they biked until they were 100, and eventually, they became famous and made longevity history.

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11 Dishes You Should NEVER Order on a First Date

When it comes to dining with people that aren’t our coworkers, we try to be as nonjudgmental as possible (well…sometimes). But when we’re going on a dinner date with someone, we can’t help it. Who knows—this could be our future spouse, and we couldn’t imagine spending the rest of our lives with someone who only orders boneless chicken breast and salad at restaurants (not that there’s anything inherently wrong with that). And if first impressions are as important as they’re said to be, what you order speaks volumes about who you are. Plus, there are just some things—for sex appeal’s sake—you shouldn’t touch when you’re trying to seal the deal.

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10 Real Life Fairytale Islands

The approximate definition of a real life fairytale island would be that it is small island often covered with lush vegetation, from which emerges a magnificent ancient building. When people say that a place is like something from a fairy tale often they are exaggerating, but that is not the case with these charming islands listed below.

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11 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy With Food Stamps

Food stamps have become a major facet of the American system. And as the number of welfare recipients increases, so does the number of items that can be purchased with a food stamp Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card. Government assistant programs have been on a steady recipient incline for the last 50 years. For the FY 2013, a record number of Americans were receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. In 2008, 28.2 million Americans were on food stamps, and an additional 19.4 million have been added in the last five years. Today, 47 million Americans are on food stamps.

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The Worst Characters From My Favorite TV Shows

It’s Golden Globes and Oscar season, which means it’s time to talk about how incredible actors are and all of their enumerated accomplishments. But being the contrarian kind of gal that I am, I can’t help but remember all of the awful characters I was forced to watch prance around in my favorite television shows.

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