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25 Haunting Shipwrecks Around the World

Fellow blogger Tom Moran from Urban Ghosts inspired this post. His excellent article on ‘Ship Graveyards: Abandoned Ships, Boats and Shipyards‘ sent me on a quest to find some incredible photographs of shipwrecks around the world. The United Nations estimates that there are more than 3 million shipwrecks on the ocean floor. These once mighty vessels, both sunken and beached, are a haunting reminder that nothing lasts forever. These beautiful ships used to rule the seas they traveled. Now they serve as a window into our past.

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7 Actresses Who Seem to Go Out of Their Way to Be Topless

There are a lot of times where you see an actress go topless to revive or enhance her career. Unfortunately Hollywood is pretty cruel to women and their looks. Sometimes women feel they need to show the world that they’ve still got it. It’s not their fault and as a male I really can’t complain. But there are some actresses who seem to enjoy the topless role. For whatever reason I guess they’re very comfortable with their bodies and like showing off the goods.

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7 Stories of People Who Refused to be Limited

Is it just me, or are there more and more global news stories about disabled people accomplishing feats that would be quite newsworthy for able-bodied people? I believe it is happening more and more, as modern attitudes about those who’ve had physical setbacks change to reflect reality. People termed “disabled” have always had the will to accomplish what others thought impossible, but now the people around them are seeing the possibilities more and more. And we can’t discount the effects of instant news coverage, which both inspires others and brings us stories we would not otherwise know.

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10 Worst Countries in the World for Women

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights includes the right that no human being should suffer degrading, cruel or inhumane treatment. Yet this basic right is violated wherever there is gender disparity and women are not treated equally. Across the globe, outdated attitudes and religious dogma pertaining to women’s sexual and reproductive self-determination ensures that an unacceptable percentage of the world’s female population is still discriminated against. In many cases, conflict disguises such concerns, with war and natural disasters often deflecting international attention from the plight of these women. Recent events, however, have raised awareness. The Arab Spring uprisings highlighted women’s rights in countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. And recently, in December 2012, the world was shocked when a 23-year-old woman was brutally raped and tortured on a bus in Delhi, India and later died from her injuries.

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Top 10 College Cars

So what exactly makes a car a "college car?" First off, it does not necessarily have to be in the hall of fame as a driver's car. In fact, some of these could be the worst driver's cars possible. A college car has to be affordable, because the stereotypical non Ivy League student is supposed to be broke and living off Ramen noodles and free Chipotle burrito coupons. Other than that, it has to be at least one of the following: stylish, dependable, economical, or practical. Here are ten cars, in no particular order, that are a dime a dozen around college campuses, or could be a good choice for someone looking for a beater for school.

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20 Strongest Militaries in the World

Military prowess seemed to lose its luster during the 80s and 90s. Countries were still reeling from WWII, the Cold War and other internal civil wars. However, as tensions have mounted over the last few decades, internal conflicts have grown out of control and there is a bigger struggle for power. Power is shown through size and military capabilities. As a result, nuclear weapons and technology are a thing of the current and can only be advanced with a hefty budget.

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19 Signs That America Has Become A Crazy Control Freak Nation Where Almost Everything Is Illegal

Do you think that you are free? Most Americans would still probably answer “yes” to that question, but is that really the case? In the film Edge of Darkness, Mel Gibson stated that “everything is illegal in Massachusetts”. Well, the same could pretty much be said for the United States as a whole. Our lives are governed by millions of laws, rules and regulations and more are being piled on all the time. In fact, 40,000 new laws just went into effect in January. Every single new law restricts your freedom just a little bit more. The truth is that America has become a crazy control freak nation where virtually everything that we do is highly regulated. You have probably broken multiple laws today that you don’t even know exist.

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The 14 Habits of Highly Miserable People

Most of us claim we want to be happy—to have meaningful lives, enjoy ourselves, experience fulfillment, and share love and friendship with other people and maybe other species, like dogs, cats, birds, and whatnot. Strangely enough, however, some people act as if they just want to be miserable, and they succeed remarkably at inviting misery into their lives, even though they get little apparent benefit from it, since being miserable doesn’t help them find lovers and friends, get better jobs, make more money, or go on more interesting vacations. Why do they do this? After perusing the output of some of the finest brains in the therapy profession, I’ve come to the conclusion that misery is an art form, and the satisfaction people seem to find in it reflects the creative effort required to cultivate it. In other words, when your living conditions are stable, peaceful, and prosperous—no civil wars raging in your streets, no mass hunger, no epidemic disease, no vexation from poverty—making yourself miserable is a craft all its own, requiring imagination, vision, and ingenuity. It can even give life a distinctive meaning.

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7 Foods That Will Make Your Poop Change Colors

Pooping. Everybody does it. The problem with most people’s poop is that it’s boring. Poop is usually brown, maybe with a little hint of green if you’re lucky. Fortunately, for those seeking to stand out from the crowd of brown-poopers, there are some foods that will make your poop change colors. Looking to impress people at a party? Show them that awesome florescent pink deuce you just expelled! Here are 7 foods that will make your poop change colors.

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10 Best New bars in the U.S.

When the conversation turns to cocktails, as it often does at Food & Wine, there’s one person we listen to loud and clear: Jim Meehan. He’s been called many things, including: Bartender of the Year; the bar manager at Manhattan’s outstanding PDT (a.k.a. the place that you walk through a phone booth, Bond-style, to enter); and Deputy Editor of Food & Wine's book series on cocktails. Because this is one of the best times in memory to be drinking great cocktails, we asked Meehan to pick his 10 favorite new spots in the U.S. He obliged.

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5 Richest Women In The U.S.

Each year Forbes Magazine releases its lists of the world's richest men and women. In the case of the women, much remained the same as the 2011 list including the fact that most of the women are not self-made, but instead inherited their money. Many of the richest women in the world are American. Here's a list of the richest women in the U.S.

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Where Are They Now? 8 Things That Terrified Us in the '90s

The '90s were pretty great. I had a sweet bowl cut, sneakers that lit up when I ran, and all the Ecto Cooler I could drink. We shouldn’t remember BuzzFeed’s muse too fondly, though, since there was also plenty going on during that decade that was awful and scary. Fortunately, most of the things that terrified me when I was a kid have been vanquished, or at least faded away from the national consciousness to make room for new boogeymen. Here, we catch up with eight things that scared us 20 years ago, but don’t get the attention they used to.

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