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11 Best Drug-Influenced Movie Scenes

Over the years, movies have given us a trippy cornucopia of moments of drug use on screen. Most of it is used to amplify your mind in an another world or dream-like sequence, and this experience can be scary, hilarious, or even both at times. Yet which movies out of the thousands have done the most damage to our psyche? Like an acid flashback that won't abate, today we are going to 11 and listing the best drug scenes movies have to deal.

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The REAL Top 10 Things That Tick Off Your Waiter

In deference to another, rather infamous top 10 list on this great site, I would like to explain what the worst things you do as a patron that make your dining experience horrible for your waiter and the restaurant staff in general. This list will not be about tipping, paying your bill, or money in general, because none of those actually have anything to do with waiting on you or contribute to your dinner. Not tipping and not paying your bill is inexcusable, but maybe you were very nice, very polite, and just happen to be stingy, who knows? But after starting my waiting ďcareerĒ at IHOP in Compton, CA, and currently waiting tables at Chart House in Malibu, I know exactly what the worst things anybody can do to ensure that I will want to punch them in the face. And here they are.

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9 Exceedingly Reboot Ready Franchises

As much as we might cry foul every time a beloved childhood franchise gets added to the long list of remakes and re-imaginings, some of them have been pretty cool. Take Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics figures, which combine modern figure sculpting and articulation with the feel of the classic He-Man figures. Unfortunately, for every Masters Classics or Predators -- which looks amazing... so far -- there's a dozen G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobras which seems to completely miss the point of what made the property cool in the first place. Of course, those aren't going to stop companies from remaking the nerdy properties of our youth, and it's not going to stop us from wanting them (mostly). Here are nine cartoons, movies, toylines and games which seem especially ready for second shot at fame.

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10 Things I Learned While Living Without Running Water

My wife and I recently endured fifteen days of living without running water while a new well was being drilled on our property. If I was a more conscientious blogger, I suppose I would have chronicled the experience daily, as it unfolded. But the truth is, I couldn't spend much time at the keyboard during that period. Every time I stopped moving, I felt like Pig-Pen in the Peanuts cartoon, with a visible cloud of filth and stench ready to descend all around me if I stopped long enough for it to catch up.

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The Top 7 Funniest Chris Rock Movies

Chris Rock is hands down one of the funniest comedians of all time and has been entertaining audiences since 1985. Even though he rose to fame through the stand-up comedy circuit, heís also graced screens in some of cinema's most hilarious comedies.

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19 Things It May be Time to Replace

It's fairly common knowledge we should replace smoke alarm batteries twice a year, preferably when Daylight Savings Time starts and stops. But replacement dates are more difficult when it comes to the variety of consumer products found around our homes. It's fairly obvious we should replace items when they break down or fall apart, but some products should be replaced sooner when they're less obviously effective. Here are 19 common items you should consider replacing before their expiration date.

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8 Questions for the Constantly Broke

If you find yourself nervously checking your bank account balance before payday, then perhaps itís time to make some changes. Before swearing off restaurants or cutting up your credit card, ask yourself the following 8 questions, which are designed to help get you back on top of your finances.

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5 Unethical Experiments Done in the Name of Science

We all know that since the dawn of time man has wanted nothing more than to get inside another personís mind and see what kind of stuff they are thinking about. If you donít feel this desire youíre probably not a psychologist and therefore are in serious danger of being experimented on by the government/ mad scientists and just about anyone who decides they should run an experiment. Just so you can prepare yourself here is a list of unethical experiments that could be run on you.

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100 Essential Home Ec Lessons You Should Have Learned In School

Letís face it: youíll learn a lot in school, but thereís no way you can possibly learn everything. Chances are, if you took a home economics class in school there was a lot it didnít cover. Check out these household lessons to fill in the gaps.

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The 4 Stages of Burnout

Years ago, a magicaI moment whirled me in a mystical web. I was consumed by the path of "academic flashdancing." I succumbed to the "burnout tango." Now let me not just walk the talk, but deromance the dance: "Burnout is the gradual process by which a person, in response to prolonged stress and physical, mental and emotional strain, detaches from work and other meaningful relationships. The result is lowered productivity, cynicism, confusion...a feeling of being drained, having nothing more to give." Whether at work or school (or even in a marriage), to prevent it you must get it. To provide a framework both for understanding and, hopefully, inoculating against future burnout, let's begin with "The Stress Doc's Vital Lesson of the Four 'R's": If no matter what you say or what you do, Results, Rewards, Recognition and Relief are not forthcoming, and you can't mean "no" or won't let go...trouble awaits. The groundwork is being laid for apathy, callousness and despair. Have I captured your attention? Let's examine some of the progressive signs of being caught up in this erosive spiral.

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