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10 Awesome Webcam Feeds From Around the World

Googling the phrase “live webcams” may not return the most insightful or educational content available on the web, but there’s certainly some great stuff out there. To save you the bother of trawling through such results, we’ve pulled together a list of ten fascinating webcam feeds from around the world that offer a scintillating glimpse into other people’s lives, and fascinating looks at famous landmarks. We’re in no way suggesting that viewing an event or landmark on a computer screen can compete with a real-world experience, but, let’s face it, it is better than nothing! Check out our selection below that armchair explorers can enjoy (dependent on time zones of course) right now.

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20 Video Games That Pushed the Envelope

Since their rise to popularity in the 1980s, video games have constantly pushed the boundaries of what’s appropriate in entertainment, especially in entertainment primarily aimed at teens and young children. There’s no shortage of infamous titles out there, from games that broke taboos about sex and violence to those that were deemed so offensive that they were recalled or never even released. Part of the appeal of games, whether it’s in the college dorm room or at home, Here are 20 of the most infamous games that pushed the envelope.

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The 25 Most Epic Ads That Aren't '1984'

Leo Burnett once said great advertising could be boiled down into three simple messages: "Here's what we've got. Here's what it will do for you. Here's how to get it." Maybe, but where's the fun in that? Sometimes it's best to just go big. Today, AdFreak celebrates the advertising pros who sacrificed simplicity and frugality on the altar of awesomeness to make something downright epic. We didn't set any requirements for size, scope, length or budget. These are just our 25 favorite ads that test the boundaries of cinematic storytelling. Also, we've left Ridley Scott's "1984" Apple spot off the list. You've seen it enough, and we can all agree it's in a class by itself. Now, let's kiss the workday goodbye and get things started.

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15 Great Scenes That Were Unscripted

Everyone knows that a film has a script, and this script must be followed when being filmed. However, sometimes, unscripted things happen which make movies what they become, whether it’s made up lines, or simply new ideas. This list features 15 of the best scenes and lines that were made up by either the actors or directors and were not in the original script.

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8 Not-Your-Average College Degrees

With the economy still in a bit of a slump, many people are making the decision to go back to school. And these days, there’s a major for just about any area of interest. Whether you want to roll with an associate’s in Bowling Industry Management or have your hand at a bachelor’s in Puppetry, have a look at some of the most interesting areas of studies from around the world.

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6 Famous People Who Renounced Their Citizenship

According to a recent New York Times article, more and more Americans abroad are renouncing their U.S. citizenship. Most cite difficulties with taxes and financial institutions as the number one issue. Recent changes in banking regulations put in place to hamper terrorists make it very difficult for American citizens abroad to do business with American banks. We’re not talking about a huge number here — probably only about 1500-2000 folks for all of this year if the trend keeps up — but it’s a big spike from previous years. Speaking of previous years, here are a few of the notable folks throughout history who decided the red, white and blue just wasn’t for them.

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20 Incredible Dream Jobs That Really Do Exist

Is your job a little…dull? Even if you like your boss and have a reasonable schedule, that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to your professional life. In fact, some individuals have the pleasure of showing up to work in the morning to taste ice cream, drive luxury vehicles, and even babysit private islands. Check out our list of 20 incredible dream jobs that really do exist, and you may feel motivated to change up your career.

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60 Insider Secrets to College Admissions

Few people will argue that applying to colleges and universities around the world is an easy, painless, and ego-boosting experience. Fortunately, there are enough resources available both online and through high schools and institutions of higher learning to help provide some semblance of stress reduction and structure to a frenzied, occasionally soul-crushing process. Take advantage of these tips and tricks from experts and expert researchers alike as a means of approaching the college application process with a clearer head and more responsible, positive outlook. Be sure to seek out lessons from teachers, guidance counselors, parents, and administrators in addition to the numerous helpful resources available online that have not been listed here. Putting forth the effort makes for one of the best investments in the future that a student can make.

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Top 10 Internet Flame Wars

Internet flame wars! It doesn’t seem to matter what topic is being discussed; almost anywhere you look you can expect to find people trading hostilities and slamming each other with uproarious and (usually) unsubstantiated accusations. Here are 10 flame wars I found that are sure to make you smile. If they don’t, then you are probably gay.

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20 Heart Healthy Recipes

These heart healthy recipes feature nutrient-rich meals that don’t skimp on flavor or size. Just like all recipes, these too can be altered and edited to fit your diet and taste buds’ needs. Let these healthy meals help you reach your optimal health potential, starting at the core of your body — the heart.

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