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Top 10 Comedy Teams of All Time

Comedy seems to work best when done in groups. This is not just true of older comedy routines Ė most modern television comedy hits are such due to the supporting actors. For example, Will and Grace would never have survived were it not for the character of Karen Walker. This list looks at ten of the most prolific and most well known comedy teams. It is perhaps a little light on the British comedy duos such as the Goons Ė but do feel free to name them all in the comments.

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The 5 Most Fraudulent Psychics Of All-time

Over the years, plenty of frauds have sought to prey on those desperate to connect with lost love ones. Regardless of your beliefs on psychic abilities, the case against mysticism is pretty easily made against these five famous psychics and mediums.

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22 Geek Cufflinks Designs By Gourji

Russian jewelry brand, created a businessman, jeweler and collector Dmitri Gurzhy. The main theme of cufflinks Gourji is Russian and Soviet history. Ornaments made of gold, silver, and precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies and rock crystal. The collection of cufflinks is divided into different thematic series, each of which refers to a certain stage of our history.

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Top 10 Mechanic Scams

We have a lot of respect for competent, honest, highly skilled auto technicians. Working on modern vehicles demands unprecedented talent and training, and an advanced computer science degree doesnít hurt either. Have you looked under the hood of a car lately? A career at NASA could be a stepping stone to diagnosing some automotive issues. Then there are the shysters that perpetuate stereotypes. They know all the old mechanic scams and routinely sell premature or unnecessary parts and services. Itís bad enough they bleed you for extra money wherever they can, but theyíre also screwing with your ride. Whether thatís by design or incompetence, you could face more repairs, a breakdown or even a wreck.

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10 New Fast Food Items (in the works)

Fast Food chains around the country have taken notice of KFC's successful introduction of the Double Down Sandwich. They intend to keep up the momentum with some incredibly gross, but delicious, concoctions of their own. All bets on good taste and nutrition are off. Any and all ideas are on the table. Or Value menu. But word on the street is that these 10 food-like items are leading the pack.

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8 Precariously Placed Cliff Towns

These quaint towns have it all Ė remote location, rich history, a ton of classic architecture and last but not least, incredibly breathtaking views. Nestled into cliffs, above gorges, and on top of ancient lava flows, itís pretty amazing these cities have survived for so long.

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10 Highest-Paid Public Speakers In the World

How much would you pay to see your favorite celebrity, politician or business leader speak? For some businesses and organizations, the answer is a lot more than youíd expect. Here, weíve pulled together some of the biggest payouts ever made for keynote speakers, though it has to be said that it may not be a definitive list as some speakers donít disclose their fees openly. You may be surprised to learn what some of the big names earn for a few hours of work as you work your way through this list. You might even be compelled to change your own college major to public speaking.

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6 Reasons To Turn Down A Job Offer

If you are a new graduate, recent graduate, or anyone else who is actively looking for work, itís difficult to imagine any situation where you would turn down a job offer. However, itís not that unlikely that you may be faced with this situation. I have met employers who take advantage of new graduates and Entry Level Job seekers as they donít have the experience to know a good deal from a bad (but well disguised) deal. Given todayís economy, it is extremely difficult to turn down an offer of any kind. That being said, you want to avoid putting yourself in a bad situation.

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The 10 Best and Worst Cleaning Products

Two types of Tide detergents we tested provided good cleaning at 19 cents a load for top-loading machines and 25 cents a load for front-loaders. For dishes, Cascade's Complete with Bleach Hydroclean Action Powder cleaned well for only 12 cents a load; greener-minded consumers can choose a phosphate-free cleaner from Method that cost 25 cents a load. In our Ratings of carpet cleaners, the Hoover Dual V Steam Vac All Terrain With Spin Scrub F7452-900, $270, cleaned carpets almost as well as a professional service. But we also found carpet-stain removers and paper towels from Dyson and Earth Friendly that provided much poorer performance at a much higher price than our standouts in the "Best & Worst" categories.

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The 13 Best Cars For Teen Drivers

It's almost graduation time, which means that lots of parents and recent graduates will be in the market for a dependable car for heading off to college or full-time work. Our cousins with the cool test track at Consumer Reports have come up with their annual list of Best Cars for Teens. According to the CR car peeps, features you should be looking for include electronic stability control (not to be confused with traction control), antilock brakes, and curtain air bags, as well as good crash-test results.

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Top 10 Reasons Not to Live in California

California is often portrayed as a great place to visit. And certainly, there are many tourist attractions to see and participate in. The weather is great and you can see Mickey Mouse do his thing at Disneyland. However, itís best to have fun during a short stay and then be on your way. Why? Simply, California has to be perhaps one of the most hazardous places to live. If one were to measure the odds, it would be very easy to conclude that chance of some disaster befalling you is fairly high (increasing in direct proportion to the duration of your stay). Donít believe me?

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