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Our 5 Favorite Scorsese Characters Of All Time

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association awarded Martin Scorsese the “Cecil B. DeMille Award” for his contribution to film at last night’s Golden Globes. Scorsese is one of the greatest American directors of all time partly because he’s got a knack for getting the most out of his characters, even if it’s small a role. In honor of this auteur, we’ve compiled a list of our five favorite Scorsese characters.

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The 12 Most Memorable Fictional Drugs in Movies and Television

Whether it’s Tony Montana snorting lines of coke the length of pool tables, Cheech and Chong puffing on some quality bud, Harry Goldfarb injecting himself with smack, or crack smoking on The Wire, mind-altering and recreational drugs have been a major part of movies and television for a long time. But there are also a gangload of fictional drugs to consider, when the stuff that already exists isn’t potent enough. Some fictional drugs can be simply a great time, while others grant the user incredible perspective or abilities. One thing’s for sure, they are all a lot more powerful than the dime bag you bought from the creepy guy on the corner. Anyway, there are quite a few that stick out, so take a look at the most memorable fictional drugs in movies and television.

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The 15 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media

Do keep in mind that this list only covers women in the new media. That means no Fox News babes, no congressional aides, and no think tankers -- unless they have a new media presence as well. Additionally, since I know a lot of women who were being evaluated on this list, I didn't think it would be fair for me to select them alone. So, I put together a large list of women and had a group of judges score their photos. So, there were seven sets of scores for each woman considered. I dropped the high and the low score for each woman and then added the women to the final list based on who had the highest remaining scores. What follows is a list, in no particular order, of the 15 women who made the cut. In other words, these are the hottest conservative women in the new media.

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10 Manly Movies Women Secretly Love

Whip these suggestions out for your next movie date, and you'll spend the night doing something you can both enjoy. Movies geared towards men often consist of a formula that appeals to their basic instincts: a love for all things violence, explosions, and sex. Not that a film must consist of all of these qualities, but generally speaking, men like movies with visually engaging scenes and stunts. It's not surprising then, that deciding on a movie both you and your guy will enjoy can be a struggle -- WWIII may break out in your living room. But don't stress; below are eleven "manly" movies that girls will love too. Trust us -- suggest one of the films below at your next movie night, and you and your guy will happily call a truce.

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7 Futuristic Movies That Got It Right

Science fiction has been trying to predict what the future will look like and how it will come to be, since the days of Jules Verne. We still aren't wearing silver jumpsuits or flying around on jetpacks like some movies have suggested, nevertheless, sci-fi can sometimes give us a glimpse of the world of tomorrow -- and, occasionally, help to shape that world. For example...

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7 Unforgettable People You’ll Meet At The Gym

On January 1st a lot of us decided that spare tires look better in the trunk of our cars rather than around our waists. In doing so, we learned a lot about the people who visit our local gym. We’ve decided to document our experience. If we’ve missed any, please don’t hesitate by letting us know with the usual “omfg I can’t believe you fags missed” type of comment.

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7 Steps to Care for Your Clunker Car

Cash for Clunkers was a great government program for those who could afford a new car, but what about those of us who can barely afford the clunker we own? Our only real alternatives are to either fix big problems as they arise or perform preventative maintenance. As with the human body, preventative maintenance tends to be much cheaper in the long run than, for example, waiting for your timing-belt to break and trash the entire engine. Experts recommend these seven steps to keep your clunker on the road as long as possible.

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3 teams that haven't and will never win the Super Bowl

As this year’s NFL campaign culminates with Super Bowl XLIV, we pay homage to the teams that have never hoisted the Lombardi Trophy. “I want to know what it's like to play in a Super Bowl and win one. My career will be great without it. But, personally, selfishly, I want to know what it feels like.” Dan Marino was never able to experience that feeling of exultation, and many teams appear to be cursed as well. Since it’s inception in 1967, a total of 15 NFL franchises have never won the Super Bowl.

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10 Ways To Say No To your Boss and Still Keep The Job

Being a good employee entails working hard, showing up on time, and pretty much doing what your told. But there are times when you have to say no. “What? Say no to your boss?” Yup. You may be overworked, or uncomfortable with what your boss is doing. There are tons of examples as to why you would need to say no. How you handle the situation will determine whether you will have a job afterwards or not. But it’s not as hard as it may seem. As overbearing as some employers may be, there are a lot that are understanding as well. It depends on how you handle the situation. Here are 10 ways to say no to your boss and still keep your job.

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10 Myths About Schizophrenia

Of all the mental illnesses on the planet, few remain as heavily and tragically misunderstood as schizophrenia. The mythology surrounding the condition lay thicker in the public consciousness than the actual realities, and the implications of this remain seriously grim. Perpetuation of these misconceptions means the further isolation of those suffering from the disorder from their friends, family, and peers, discouraging them from pursuing the therapy they sorely need to recover. Educating society on the true concepts, nuances, and machinations behind schizophrenia is the best way to ensure that its victims learn how to chip away at the symptoms and go on to lead full, enjoyable, and productive lives with the proper care and guidance from a mental health professional.

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