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6 Volcanoes That Could Shut Down The World

The eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull caused billions of dollars in economic damage, and left millions of travelers stranded. But on the Volcanic Explosivity Index — volcanologists' tool for rating the severity of an eruption — the event rated only a two out of a possible eight. More severe eruptions cause "death and destruction" on a planetary basis, points out Simon Winchester in The Guardian. "They can darken skies and cause devastating changes in the weather. They can and do bring about the abrupt end to the existence of entire populations of animals and people" — not to mention economic damages that could run into the trillions.

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9 Reasons People Hate Tim Tebow

If you are a fan of football, or even if you’re not, chances are you heard of Tim Tebow. A head scratch may be induced at the reading of this title, and you may find yourself asking, “why hate Tim Tebow?” These are two stupid questions for which I hope to supply legitimate answers. Love him or hate him, you will be seeing a lot of him in the months to come. If you do love him, I hope that knowing he wouldn’t have sex with any of the girls at this party if given the opportunity will sway your opinion.

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24 Awesome PS3 Mods, Concepts and Designs for Sony Playstation Fans

PS3 sure is one of the most coveted consoles of our times, and there is a very good reason for that. Most people prefer the PS3 or PS3 Slim to play games, and it is the most universally used console in the whole wide world. Since so many millions of people use the PS3, you may not want your PS3 to look the same. In that case, you will have to go ahead and mod it to suit your taste and needs. Here are some really cool and weird PS3 mods that would jazz up the mundane PS3 into something else.

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Top 10 Formidable Birds of Prey

There is something about birds of prey that make us pay attention – maybe it is the inherent fear we all have that one will attack us – or perhaps it is just because they are seldom seen by most westerners. Regardless, birds of prey are fascinating to all and so we present this list of some of the largest, mightiest and most spectacular raptors from around the world.

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Top 10 Hard Drive Upgrades and Fixes

Over time, the moving parts and powered pieces that move your magnetic disks around at lightning speed will wear, age, and get noisy.. You should never feel like your hard drive is holding out on you. Anyone should be able to back up, recover files, boot multiple systems, upgrade, or otherwise improve their storage space. These tips explain the possibilities and procedures.

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10 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A House

Buying a home is a trying and complicated process. It often strains relationships and puts an enormous amount of stress on buyers physically, mentally and financially. That's why the folks at the Boston Globe have put together this list of 10 things to keep in mind as you weather the home-buying storm.

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9 Ways to Ensure You Don't Get the Job

Different jobs require different qualities in an employee--so what a hiring manager is looking for will vary from interview to interview. But there are some behaviors that decision-makers agree are especially annoying. We asked several hiring managers for their interviewee pet peeves--and for their take on what a job applicant can do to get his or her resume tossed into the recycling bin. If you're looking for a job, be warned.

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The Top 10 Lego Movie Tributes On YouTube

YouTube is a great place to find some wicked LEGOmation or “brickfilms” with many fans using the colorful little bricks and minifig characters to create tributes to their favorite movies. Here we’ve drawn up a list of ten great examples of film scenes, trailers and clips recreated in LEGO — although, perhaps controversially, we’ve deliberately left out any Star Wars-themed efforts as these could easily fill up a top ten list in their own right. So, following up the fantastic LEGO music video roundup we recently brought you, here is the film-themed equivalent, and as always, do let us know what we’ve missed (politely please, we’re people too) in the comments below.

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13 Terrific Sites for Managing Media and Sharing Files

Among this collection of 13 incredibly useful Websites, you'll find treasure troves of music and audio, plus online photo and video tools. And if you have a lot of media items or other files that you want to share with family, colleagues, or friends, we've spotlighted several Web services that can help.

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5 Ends of the World that Came and Went

The Apocalypse is always already upon us. Every year, it seems, a new crop of doom is brought forth. Consider all the swords of Damocles that dangled above us in just the last couple of decades. In 1997, the extraordinarily bright appearance of the passing Hale-Bopp comet convinced 39 Heaven’s Gate cultists to nosh on applesauce laced with phenobarbital in order to escape a planet about to be ‘recycled.’ Ten years ago, Y2K was going to drop planes out of the sky, zero all bank accounts, and spontaneously empty the world’s nuclear silos into everyone’s back yard. And in 2008, the public trembled at the thought of the Large Hadron Collider tearing a miniature black hole in the space-time continuum and feeding the Earth to it. The LHC even brought some grade-A crazy out of otherwise estimable physicists, two of whom volunteered a theory that its launch was being sabotaged by God from the future, because God hates Higgs bosons. Having dodged all these potential calamities, the world now stands endangered by the infamous “Mayan prophecy” of 2012, – an innocuous feature of the vigesimal Mesoamerican “Long Count” calendar which was first re-cast into apocalyptic terms by the American archaeologist Michael D. Coe in 1966.

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The 8 Dumbest Business Decisions

"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes," Oscar Wilde wrote. And so it can be said that business history has endured some tremendously embarrassing and shortsighted experiences. At one point, a Texas tycoon looking to buy a software company decided that a young Bill Gates was asking too much for his startup, Microsoft (MSFT). In London, an experienced music executive felt that four young men from Liverpool, England, weren't worth his record label's financial backing. Ten years ago, the chiefs of two major media companies thought their fortunes would be richer if they merged their operations. They could not have orchestrated a bigger flop if they had tried. Click through the gallery to read about these corporate missteps and other business decisions that proved to be stunningly ill-considered.

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