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25 Movies or TV Shows Ripped from the Headlines

The phrase “ripped from the headlines” gets a bad rap. At its essence, it just means that a movie or television show has been inspired by real-life events, often a crime. Some of the most popular movies and TV series from the past half-century have been created this way, taking their inspiration from everything from the mob to drug dealers to underage crime sprees. Here are just a handful of the stories born from real events.

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16 of the Weirdest Things Dogs Have Ever Eaten

Dogs have been known to enjoy eating unpleasant or “un-edible” items, but these pesky pooches took it to the limit with what was consumed. Ozzie, a 7-month old Staffordshire Terrier from Cubbington, England who got into a fight with another dog over the toy. He started to lose so he scarffed down the toy. After a quick surgery, Ozzie was back to normal.

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The 10 Most Obvious Product Placements In Movies

Lady GaGa’s music video for Telephone was basically one huge product placement and it seems that every reality show may as well just be ads with celebrities in them because the there is an insane amount of product placement in every single one of them. It’s not just music video and reality shows that are prone to having companies place hidden ads within them, Hollywood studios get a ton of money from product placement in their movies which leads me to this list of 10 movies that are the most obvious product placements.

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10 Wacky Road Signs Around the World

Road signs are meant to do anything from indicate an upcoming turn to warn of hazardous conditions. But sometimes the signs are so unusual they’re more distracting than they are helpful. Whether that’s because the subject is unexpected (think Frog Crossing), an inside joke (think Bigfoot Crossing) or is illustrated a little too literally (think car driving off pier), at least it’s a good source of entertainment when you come across one. Here, we've rounded up the best of roadside humor. Tell us what you think.

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The 15 Greatest British Cars. Sort Of.

Cor’blimey! Wots this then? Our friends across the pond have opened themselves up for a mighty flaming with a list of “15 Of The Greatest British Cars Ever Built.” Apparently they learned nothing from the beating we took over our snowicane cars post. In any event, the blokes at Breakdown Cover have attempted to summarize Britain’s long and often glorious motoring history in a list of 15 great cars. This, of course, combines two of our favorite things: British cars and lists that draw bare-knuckle brawling spirited debate. Sadly, there are more than a few glaring omissions in Breakdown Cover’s list, and given that the list of great British cars was drawn up by real Britons, we’re a wee bit disappointed. Without further adieu, let’s get to the list.

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6 Extraterrestrial Disasters That Make Us Glad We Are On Earth

Earth has plenty of natural disasters and tragedies; we have tornadoes that rip up the Midwest yearly, hurricanes that flatten and drown cities, and volcanic eruptions that evacuate entire island nations. But the rest of the solar system is a much harsher place, with disasters that would end life as we know it if they happened here.

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Top 10 Grossest Recycling Projects

Recycling industry is raising a stink and toilets seem to have become its new research lab. Researchers have taken recycling to extremes with body discharges as their new target of attention. With an annual per capita production 130 gallons of urine and 13 gallons of feces, scientists sure have an endless supply of human waste. Animal waste, too, has brought good cheer. From beauty products to papers, here is what extreme recyclers are creating by going down the drain.

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Top 10 Mortgage Fraud States

Mortgage fraud is still on the rise, according to a report released Monday, despite efforts by law enforcement and policy makers to rein it in. Incidents of mortgage fraud perpetrated by industry professionals increased 7% in 2009, after jumping 26% the year before, said the Mortgage Asset Research Institute (MARI), a division of LexisNexis. The worst-hit states include Florida, California, Arizona, New York, New Jersey and Maryland. (See table below). The jump in mortgage fraud is a troubling trend, given that it played a big role in setting the housing crisis in motion, with mortgage professionals doing things like listing false income claims for borrowers, and overstating a home's appraised value.

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5 Biggest Allergy Myths

If you feel like just about everyone you know has allergies, you're not imagining it: The number of people with hay fever has gone up dramatically in the past 10 years, and it now affects about 60 million people in the U.S. Why? One theory is that we're leading a "cleaner" existence-few of us live on farms where we'd regularly be exposed to a variety of germs that help build up our immune systems. So our immune systems may be overreacting to allergens, since they don't need to spend as much time fighting germs that could truly make us sick. Experts also suspect that the chemicals we're ingesting from processed foods may play a role. In any case, this much is clear: Allergies can be debilitating, and make you more prone to developing sinus or ear infections, headaches, sleep issues, low energy and irritability, notes Nathanael Horne, MD, a New York City allergist and clinical assistant professor of medicine at New York Medical College in Valhalla, New York. Step one to relief: getting your allergy facts straight.

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10 Meal Etiquette Tips for Job Seekers

Last week I hosted an etiquette dinner at a college in New York City. Students came in their best business casual attire, networked during a “mocktail” hour and then sat down to a formal business dinner. Believe it or not, we had a lot of fun talking about which fork to use when and how to properly butter your bread. It’s likely that you’ll be asked to have a meal during the job interview process, so be sure to brush up on your etiquette skills as these students did. Below are my top 10 etiquette rules for job interview-related meals. Some of these are common sense and some are a little more complicated, so review them carefully. When in doubt, take a peek around the table and watch what your hosts are doing for clues.

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7 Awards You Could Win (For Failure)

Almost every profession has its own awards honoring the best and the brightest. Science and Literature have the Nobel, Journalism has the Pulitzer, and Cinema and Television have the Emmys, Oscars and People’s Choice Awards. But among many awards ceremonies there are several awards for which you would rather not be the recipient. These tongue-in-cheek awards celebrate the worst and most awful of achievements a person could attain. Below we list some of the best awards that celebrate the worst of this world.

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