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From the Greats: 6 Tactics to Increase your Class and Charm

Learning lessons from those who came before us drives human progress in medicine, science, art and politics. Why should this be any different for class and charm? Today there is a resurgence of discussion about classiness; women are looking for more than baggy pants, backward caps and too much hair gel. Why be a mess, when you can channel your inner legend by looking to the stars of yesterday for inspiration? These men left an impression in the hearts and minds of people across the globe, and their classic traits still ring true half a century(or more) later. Let's take a glance back at six of the great characters from a golden era of charisma.

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Top 10 Women Who Changed the Face of the Military

As said by comedian Elayne Boosler, “We have women in the military, but they don’t put us in the front lines. They don’t know if we can fight, if we can kill. I think we can. All the general has to do is walk over to the women and say, ‘You see the enemy over there? They say you look fat in those uniforms.” For decades, women weren’t allowed in the military. In the past, women were expected to keep house, not fight in wars. Though today women are allowed to join a military branch, they aren’t allowed to be Navy Seals nor can they be put on the front line of a battle. However, they do make up 20% of today’s military force in the U.S. Advances towards equality in the military have been made, but still there are some discrepancies.

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The 10 Greatest 1980s TV Show Theme Songs

The past is getting further away everyday. That brilliant observation seems like something Criswell would say, yet it remains utterly, unchangeably true. Or does it? With the help of nostalgia, the Internet and a Hollywood production slate packed with remakes, reboots and sequels we may never have to leave this pop culture limboland from which we are firmly entrenched. Yesterday's franchises become tomorrow's tentpoles. The past is the present...and the future. Whoa. Here's some more mindblowers: The Empire Strikes Back is 30 years old. "Rock Me Amadeus" is officially an oldie. Small Wonder is out on DVD, and some people are actually happy about this. Even though the 1980s are long gone, in a substantial way they never truly will be -- because so many of its TV show theme songs are still stuck in our heads, more than 20 years later. But could a decade's worth of television openings be whittled down to a mere ten best? Hard decisions would have to be made! So after many sodas were drank, strombolis eaten and YouTube clips watched, the following picks attempt to sum up the greatest themes of the 1980s (admittedly, it is a bit nerd-centric, but that is what this site's all about after all).

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28 Hilarious Homeless People Signs

Homelessness is a terrible and sad epidemic that has become a major problem in the United States and many other countries around the world. Living life on the street without money to feed yourself off the dollar menu at McDonalds is surely no laughing matter, but when life gives you garbage -- make garbage juice! Many of those "roughing it" have found a way to put a pep in their step whilst begging for change -- sending a humorous message to the world using the cardboard sign that is a staple of homeless folk. Instead of the boring old "I'm poor and need money -- please help," many clever hobos have spiced up their signs with funny and creative quips. This tactic is indicative of a homeless individual with a positive attitude and probably rakes in way more change than all those other guys to boot.

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30 Beautiful Examples of Animal Photography

Animal Photography is probably one of the most risky job for capture the photographs. It is very hard to understand the complexity in taking the wildlife photographs. It depends on the photographer skills and right timing of shot. You find the wild life photos in books, magazines, internet, or television. One thing, you must agree, Animals photographs make attention to everyone. Photographing is difficult job, but, this composition shows an example of their professional work. All the photos are linked along with its source that represents the talented photographers. They captured from fast shutter speeds that necessary for most wildlife shots to keep away from distorted images from the animals.

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4 Times You Should Just Say No To Super-Low Airfares

It's hard to say no to something that seems like a good deal, especially on something that's normally as expensive as air travel. But travel journalist Christopher Elliott recently put together a list of four situations in which you shouldn't give into temptation when it comes to booking airline tickets.

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The 11 Worst Athletes Turned Actors in Sports History

So, it sounds like LeBron James is about to make the biggest mistake of his career this summer. No, he hasn't announced that he's signing with the Knicks. Or the Nets. Or, worse, the Clippers. Rather, the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar is prepared to skip this summer's world championships in Turkey and, instead, film his first feature flick, Fantasy Basketball Camp. Directed by Malcolm D. Lee (the director behind Soul Men, Undercover Brother, and the classic Roll Bounce), the flick is going to be about five guys who try to live out their dreams by visiting LBJ's "fantasy" camp in Las Vegas.

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8 Reasons To Use Online Meebo Instant Messenger

Over the years, we’ve grown accustomed to using instant messaging programs on our computers. We’ve offered you ways to enhance your instant messenger, and given you add-ons and skins for your IM client, but with the web 2.0 movement and the acceptance of social platforms like Facebook and MySpace, instant messaging has slowly been transitioning to the cloud. The Meebo instant messenger was one of the 5 online instant messaging services that David covered last year here on MUO. The platform has since become widely popular and proven to be very useful for communicating with your contacts across the various networks and platforms with which you have an account.

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10 Famous Incidences of Death by Radiation

I used to train people how to operate nuclear power plants and my students were always interested in stories about radiation sickness. Radiation poisoning or radiation sickness is a form of damage to organ tissue caused by excessive exposure to ionizing radiation. The term is generally used to refer to acute problems caused by a large dosage of radiation in a short period of time, however it can also refer to cases when somebody has been repeatedly exposed to high doses. Symptoms prior to death can include severe nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, rapid hair loss, infections, edema, high fever, and coma.

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6 Ways To Reduce Irrelevant Results On Google Search

The internet is not your library and if you thought a ton of books was an overwhelming amount of information, think again. The internet doesn’t contain just a few dozen or hundred relevant sources, no, it contains millions or billions or even more. To make things worse, there is no friendly and intelligent librarian to help you sort through all this information. It’s only you and a stupid search engine. You better act smart. The challenge when searching online is to find only relevant information or – in other words – avoid irrelevant results on Google search. In this article I will show you 6 ways to reduce these false hits, so that you get better overall search results. Surprisingly, the most effective way to reduce irrelevant results on Google search, may be not to use Google’s search engine in the first place. Read on to understand why.

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