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10 Volcanically Hot Girls From Iceland

For the past five days a volcanic erruption in Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland, has spewed molten lava and plumes of smoke, creating an omnious ash cloud of poision gas that's prompted the largest closure of European airspace in peacetime. You've probably already heard about how the ash is coming to America and about the devestating economic impact on the travel sector in Europe. While the geothermic rumblings are a royal pain in the ass for air travelers, here at BroBible it gives us an opportunity to spot light the lovely ladies who hail from an island of known for Viking fishermen, international bankers, Leif Erickson, and Sigur Ros. Not only are Icelandic women with names unpronouncable to the English tongue super hot and strong-willed, but they also hold quite the reputation for putting out.

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5 Introduced Species Ruining Everything

Introduced species are species that come into an ecosystem unexpectedly, like LL Cool J. They’ve got no predators, and are basically introduced into an ecosystem chock full of tasty food, so they breed, forcing out indigenous species, and generally making a mess of things, like Easy E. They can be introduced all sorts of ways; on purpose, because they do something useful, are tasty, or happen to look pretty; by accident, because wherever humans go, they’re going to wide up dragging animals with them, or just as habitats change and animals expand their territory. Sometimes introduced species team up with global warming to really do a number on the locals, as we’ll see. Whether it’s a plant eating the South, rats eating flightless birds, or rabbits just eating absolutely everything, here are the five introduced species making life miserable for everybody.

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15 Things You Hate (That You Should Secretly Love)

Last week, we addressed the fact that anti-Twilight hatred has grown stale. But Twilight's not the only science fiction/fantasy phenomenon that fans have flogged to death. Here are 15 other movies, comics and TV shows that deserve a break.

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11 Great Moments in Police Blotter History, Part Two

About 11 months ago I did a list on 11 Great Moments in Police Blotter History. I felt like it was a good time to do a sequel. So here are 11 more fantastic entries in the police blotters which, sadly, will go extinct with the newspapers. And don't pretend like you're going to read a police blotter on a Kindle or iPad. Police blotters are magical gems you completely forget about, then stumble upon when you're visiting your parents and reading the paper while you kill time between meals.

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20 Homemade Things That Shouldn’t Be Home-Made

Sure we’ve all in that moment of unclarity felt like we could handle the problem ourselves using our MacGyver like skills but there are certain instances where it’s just better to lay down the money and call in the professional. Here are some examples of when things should not be “home-made”.

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15 Amazing Images of Cloud Shadows from Above

Cloud gazing is a great way to pass one’s time and there are few who haven’t stopped to look up at a particular stunning cloud formation. Seen from above, clouds not only form whitish soft blankets; they also create amazing patterns with their shadows.

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5 Best Places To Buy T-Shirts Online

Looking for the perfect t-shirt but having trouble finding it? Here's a list of the five places we like to shop for tees (especially the kind of t-shirts that have some attitude).

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6 'Easily' Breakable Guinness World Records

How good are you at bouncing on a spacehopper? Record-breakingly good? We think you might be. Perhaps it's because we occasionally have complete and utter blind faith in total strangers, or maybe it's because you're reading Asylum UK and because of this, logically, you must be smarter than your dog. The record in question is the 100m dash... on a spacehopper. If you're in good shape, you should be able to run 100m in about 12 seconds - and if you really gave it some welly, doing it on a hopper in around three times that shouldn't be too hard... should it? Having a good old rootle through the Guinness Book of Records we discovered quite a few records that instantly make you think: "Hells' proverbial bells, I could beat that!" Here's our favourites, and why you might be able to do it, and, erm, why you probably can't.

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10 Women That Rock The House

My favorites are the rock & roll themed lists, but one thing I’ve noticed is that women are woefully underrepresented; in fact, when it comes to the rock lists, they are all but forgotten. Well I’m here to rectify that. This list celebrates women who rock. I mean really rock. You won’t see these women performing at Lilith Fair. My criterion for inclusion on this list is simple: I want women that bring it. And by “it”, I’m talking about good ol’ balls-to-the-wall hard rockin’ attitude. What? Did I just say “balls”? On a list about women? Hell yeah I did and every woman on this list has a pair, and if you don’t like it, go listen to Britney Spears. For those of you still on the page with me, I hope you’ll agree with my choices. Of course I expect there will be some omissions that you’d have liked to see included, so give your shout-outs in the comments. I’ve even refrained from showing my honorable mentions, just so you can have the pleasure of telling me what an idiot I am for “forgetting” to list your favorite. So turn it up, let it rip, and enjoy!

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10 Phrases That Can Sink Your Resume

If you're job-hunting today, you know that employers are looking for sharp, self-motivated people. Paradoxically, just about the worst way to convey your talent and motivation is to say in your resume or cover letter, "I'm self-motivated." Anyone can say that! The phrase falls flat. You can't afford to let done-to-death boilerplate language sink your resume like a boat anchor. Resume cliches like "self-motivated individual" and "results-oriented professional" are out of date in 2010. You can do a better job of letting hiring managers know how you solve problems on-the-fly or leap over tall buildings in a single bound.

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The Top 15 Google Products for People Who Build Websites

Google’s strategy of empowering site developers and owners with free and valuable tools has proven to be effective in garnering a fair bit of geek love for the company. But this affinity to Google by technology enthusiasts is not without warrant—they really do make excellent products that can be instrumental in building, maintaining, and improving websites. What’s more, they’re all usually free.

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