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5 Reasons Why We Hate The Dentist And What A Dentist Thinks About Them

Hating dentists comes naturally to many people. Some people hate dentists because they are Dentists, some think dentists are meant to be hated. A few hate them because others do so. But, an important aspect of this is why people hate the dentist. Being a dentist, Iím not gonna take the route of disagreeing with this and brand these people as phobic. There are genuine reasons for people to hate or be afraid of the dentist. Over the past month, I have asked a lot of people-online and offline for the exact reason why they hate the dentist. Now, I am accumulating the most common reasons and what I(as a dentist) think about them.

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15 Beater Cars That Wonít Disappoint

So youíre looking for a vehicle for your daily commute, or maybe just for fun. Something that doesnít cost very much but will put up with a lot of abuse that you donít want on your primary vehicle. You also want it be fairly reliable so you donít have to constantly pour more and more money into it. We have assembled here a list of 15 vehicles which can all be found for under $2500, and will all provide a variety of services. The most important part of looking for a beater vehicle is to talk to the owner and get an idea of how well it has been cared for. If maintained regularly, any of these cars should provide years more of service to you, but one wrong move and you could end up wasting money on a lemon. Overall condition of the exterior is somewhat correlated to the level of care taken by the (sometimes multiple) owner(s). Assuredly since you are looking for an extra vehicle you can take the time to look around and find a good deal, and this will surely pay off in the long run. The best beater however is a car you know the history of, one owned by family or friends you can count on to have kept serviced.

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The 13 Best Horror Sequels of All Time!

"Sequels suck." At least that's what Scream 2 said, but then again Scream 2 isn't good enough to make this list. This week marks the release of H2, the sequel to Rob Zombie's abysmal attempt to remake/re-imagine/justify ruining Halloween, and while he's got a pretty good track record with sequels (The Devil's Rejects just barely squeaked into the Top Thirteen) we thought we'd take the time to remind audiences that sequels can be classics too. Whether these films were better than the original (some were), re-invented the franchise (some did) or are simply entertaining films in their own right (they all are), here are a few cinematic delicacies to cleanse your palette, in case H2 leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

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13 Plants That Could Kill You

Over the millennia, people have learned through trial and error which plants are good to eat and which are best to avoid. In our modern, urban world, much of that cultural knowledge has been forgotten. Many gardeners may be surprised to discover that they are growing some of the world's deadliest plants in their own backyards.

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10 Neat Hermit Crab Houses

Hermit crabs are weird little critters with soft lower bodies that use the discarded shells of other animals for protection. They have co-evolved with other marine invertebrates for centuries so that the discarded shells of other animals perfectly fit their own hermit crab bodies. If you ask me, they are miracles of evolution (but not ďmiraclesĒ in the Juggalo sense). But some hermit crabs have found unconventional and neat homes, and I thought Iíd share are few I found with you here.

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Top 10 Amazing Prison Escapes

As long as we have had prisons, we have had prison escapes. This is a list of the 10 most daring and amazing escapes from prison in history. This adds to our collection of crime related lists, such as tips for escaping the cops, tips for committing the perfect crime, and prison survival tips.

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Top 10 Soviet Cosmonauts

Strictly speaking the post is not about 10 best cosmonauts but about cosmonauts involved in the first 10 successful Soviet space flights. Starting from the seventh the flights were not more individual so youíll find here more than 10 persons. Letís start.

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The 20 Most Profitable Companies

Fortune 500 earnings soared this year, despite a feeble recovery, as companies cut costs fast and deeply. From Goldman Sachs to Google, here are the biggest winners.

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Top 10 Worst Living Dictators

This is a list of the most evil currently reigning dictators in the world. It is amazing that these people continue to rule while we busy ourselves fighting in places that are ruled by far less dangerous men.

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52 Useful Firefox Add-Ons for Photographers

Photography may have existed long before personal computers, but these days photographers spend a lot of time using computers for their work. You can make that work easier by taking advantage of these Firefox add-ons for photography. Here you'll find tools for sharing, editing, and more.

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