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Security Shootout: 10 Top Antivirus Apps Put to the Test

Once upon a time, the typical computer virus was annoying, and even a little destructive, but nowhere near as dangerous as what computer users face today. The stakes are much higher now, and if you’re not careful or haven’t taken the proper precautions, you’re a sitting duck for hackers to steal your identity and sell your private information to the highest underground bidder. Imagine waking up to find your bank account drained or your credit destroyed. And lest you think we’re exaggerating, consider that most U.S. military personnel aren’t even allowed to tote USB thumb drives and other removable storage devices anymore because of the potential harm of a virus outbreak. The solution to all this is to not be caught with your virtual pants around your ankles, and lucky for us, antivirus vendors have stepped up their game with increasingly robust all-in-one security suites. In fact, unlike other technology categories, the field of AV continues to expand rather than consolidate, with an overwhelming number of apps promising protection and unique features. That’s where we come in.

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40 Hot Women in Uniform

Who doesn’t love women in uniform? We know we do, and since not all girls in official garb are what you’d call hot, we went ahead and filled in the ranks with some luscious wannabes to even things out. Some of these girls may not be the real deal, but they do their part to keep this age-old fantasy alive and well when there aren’t enough real girls in uniform to go around.

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The 5 Extra Ordinary Benefits of Martial Arts

While I am no martial arts expert, I enjoy training and taking advantage of the benefits they deliver. I like to train just to train. I find martial arts fascinating and enjoy the camaraderie. The bad news is that martial arts are often misunderstood. For me, it’s about discipline, meeting awesome people, training your mind and strengthening your body. This all will vary greatly depending on what art you choose. It’s incredibly easy to start, and there are so many different arts to choose from, you’d be crazy not to at least try and see how it feels. What stops most people is intimidation. If you’re like me, you will be afraid in the beginning, but once you get past that first hump, you’ll be glad you did. When I took my first martial arts class, I went alone and I was a bit afraid. I was 16 at the time and had no idea what I was doing. In hindsight, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done, even though I ended up quitting six months later because of an injury. A few years later I picked it up again and here I am.

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10 Genius Gadgets for Bad Memory

We need to think of so many things simultaneously. Why bother trying to remember even more stuff if you can take advantage of those cool gadgets we have collected for you today. Never ever forget to do anything again!

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Top 10 Epic Movie Battles

What elements make a movie battle truly epic? It should be of staggering proportions, capture the heat and the passions of the moment and draw the audience into it. In other words, a battle should be truly awe-inspiring! You can find all this and more from our selection of top ten epic movie battles.

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13 Most High-tech Cop Cars Ever

The days when the police officers use to cruise past the criminal are over as they’re now equipped with new era cars from the likes of Ford, Lamborghini, Cadillac, Chevrolet.... Provided here is the list of top 13 cop cars that can defeat any criminal who is in fast pursuit to escape the police.

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10 Things the Internet Has Killed or Ruined

For some people, the Internet is the killer app--literally. From newspapers and the yellow pages to personal privacy and personal contact, the Net has been accused of murdering, eviscerating, ruining, and obliterating more things than the Amazing Hulk. Some claims are more true than others, but the Net certainly has claimed its share of scalps. Here are ten things the Net is making virtually extinct, plus five that have flourished.

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100 Beer Hacks to Get You Through College (And Beyond)

You’re a crafty college student, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be making the most out of your beer drinking experience. Whether you’re reusing bottles, or just fighting a hangover, there’s lots of cool stuff you can do with beer. In this list, you’ll find 100 beer hacks that will serve you well in your college years and beyond.

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The Day Jobs of 10 Mobsters

Sure, they may be whacking people and laundering money in the evenings, but mobsters have to have something to fall back on… or at least a job that covers for their other activities. Here’s what a few of them did (or claimed they did).

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12 Specialized Government-Run Police Forces

You know all about your local police force, the FBI, and other familiar law enforcement offices. The federal government operates lots of other police forces that don’t get quite the same publicity in TV and movies; you might be surprised to learn that up until 2003, the Library of Congress had its own police! Here are a few of the specialized police forces you might not have even known were protecting you.

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10 Websites For TV Show & Movie Soundtracks

Sometimes it’s the music that makes the movies. You just have to watch ‘Sound of Music’ or ‘Saturday Night Fever’ to understand what I am talking about. You have to be a Martian not to have heard about either of those two. Then let me throw ‘The Wizard of Oz’ at you, a movie that entered the musical consciousness of a lot of people, as time went by. Yes, it’s the magic of movies. But even as the movie unspools, music lends a bit of its own too. Just for the nitpickers, let’s use the more precise term of soundtrack. The word ‘soundtrack’ has obviously come from the sound recording on a narrow strip of a motion picture film, which runs with the images. Today, we also know it as a Film Score or more promotionally as OST (Original Soundtrack). It’s music by another name and quite similarly, it can uplift, it can sadden or it can give us goose pimples. If you have seen ‘Chariots of Fire’, then the opening scene with Vangelis’ score is as energizing as the scene of the athletes. Or take the space imagery that’s shaped by ‘The Blue Danube’ in Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece (2001: A Space Odyssey). Am I coming off like a besotted fan of movie tunes? I guess you can call me that. Once upon a time, I used to wait for the end credits just to see who performed which song even as everyone moved towards the exit.

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