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10 Grueling Endurance Events

After competing recently in an endurance event, I have become motivated to search online for other such events and was amazed at what I found. The following list is in no particular order (so no complaining please!) because they vary in distance, event and location and is very difficult to compare. The list below has some of the famous ones, so I invite anyone else to produce a list of the lesser known events, more extreme or ones I have innocently missed off. Enjoy with awe!

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The 50 Most Popular Women on the Web (According to Google)

Do you think you know who is the most Googled woman in the world? Think again. After months of painstaking research, we have the definitive answer to which women get oogled the most on Google. And it’s not who you think. Let’s just say we never thought Betty White and Pam Anderson would be neck in neck for Google hits. Shocked? Check out the list to find out which woman is number one.

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21 Awesome and Unique Playgrounds

I loved playgrounds as a kid, and now that I have a child of my own, I have a renewed interest in them. Check out these 21 awesome and unique playgrounds.

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18 Disastrous Invasive Species (That Happen To Be Delicious

Invasive species are a major problem the world over. They kill local plants and animals, clog streams, destroy habitats, and devastate anything natural in their path. Sometimes they were introduced for a purpose, sometimes they escaped into the wild — but they always cause trouble. However, there is sometimes one redeeming feature of the proliferation of an animal in a new environment — they can be crazy freaking delicious!

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6 failed car companies

Tesla Motors became the first electric car company to file for an IPO this January and could be the first U.S. automaker to go public since Ford in 1956. But auto startups have not fared well in the U.S., and Tesla has yet to turn a profit. Here are six that eventually stalled out.

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6 Best iPad Apps for Business Users

Since the iPad was released, more than 450,000 devices have been sold. While some may decry the lack of a physical keyboard and the App Store() ecosystem as reasons why the iPad can’t be used for “real” business work, the truth is, the form factor is perfect for the business professional on the go who doesn’t need to have a full laptop. Pairing an iPad with cloud services is already proving to be a really powerful solution, and the iPad App Store is barely a week old! A few weeks ago I discussed some of my favorite business apps for the iPhone. These are some of the early standouts for the iPad.

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10 Delicious Foods That Will Give You Great Skin

How many times have we all heard the expression “you are what you eat”? When it comes to reaching our fitness goals, this is definitely a principle to live by. Loading up on carbs, consuming fatty foods, and not minding the caloric content of food can lead to disastrous results as far as our weight is concerned. The same principle applies when it comes to the foods we eat and the quality of your skin. You might be surprised at how loading up on a lot of fruits and vegetables can do wonders for your epidermis. The problem is that we live in a world where everybody seems to be looking for that quick fix. Rather than thinking about the natural methods we can use to improve the quality of our skin, many of us look for answers on the shelves of drugstores and department stores. We look for creams that help prevent wrinkles, lotions that make our skin smooth, and “miracle” pills that will make us instantly youthful looking and beautiful.

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10 Reasons to Quit Soda for Good

I gave up soda at the start of my first pregnancy seven years ago, a habit that -- unlike sweets -- was easy to kick. Aside from the occasional urge for a sip, I'm happy with plain water 99 percent of the time. But, I know how hard it is to give up a habit, especially when there's sugar involved (see above!) However, like sugary snacks, soda adds an excess of empty calories to your daily intake, an excess that can actually harm your health. I recently read a statistic which said the average American drinks a six pack of soda per day. I know I'm not drinking a six pack a day, nor is anyone in my family. So, that means someone out there is drinking the soda for me. Since I can't find that statistic, I can't verify it. But, soda drinking has long been targeted as a risk factor for obesity, type 2 diabetes, and tooth decay.

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Top 10 Skeletons In Her Closet

She’s smart, beautiful and funny. This Miss Perfect is all yours -- your fantasy come true. But, truth be told, it's possible that she wasn't always so perfect. She may have been someone else before she was with you, and that girl might have done some damage. Maybe she has skeletons in her closet; things in her past that are no longer ongoing but still haunt her. And if she does, it may be her secret shame and something she'd do anything to keep hidden. Her biggest fear may be that this skeleton will not only come out of the closet, but dance. She knows it would wreck your relationship and she’s terrified at the slightest chance that her ghosts might rattle their chains. Maybe she dated around (and we mean around) or maybe she did drugs.

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10 Things Every Woman Should Know About a Man's Brain

Most popular notions about the male brain are based on studies of men ages 18 to 22 — undergrads subjecting themselves to experiments for beer money or course credit. But a man's brain varies tremendously over his life span, quickly contradicting the image of the single-minded sex addict that circulates in mainstream consciousness. From his wandering eye to his desire to mate for life, here's what you need to know about guys' minds.

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