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10 Awesome Artworks Made with Sharpies

Nowadays, Sharpie markers come in more than basic blackĖĖtheyíre available in every color of the rainbow, and in just about every size and shape. Theyíre great for everyday labeling and organizing, but did you know that they could also be used to decorate everything from guitars to fingernails? WD teamed with Sharpie to find the most unique creations from talented artists across the globe. From a Lamborghini turned objet díart to a wall mural, check out how different artists uncapped their creativity.

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The 10 Weirdest Vodka Flavors

We get it about vodka; itís basically the closest you get to pure alcohol before you start getting into drinks that are less liquor and more fuel for small engines or paint solvents. Itís easy to make, incredibly popular, and in what way does that excuse any of these ridiculous flavors?

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The 8 Most Common Ways D&D Characters Die

With the recent debate on healthcare in this country, it's important to note all of the people without healthcare in this country -- most notably Dungeons & Dragons characters. Oh sure, they have healing potions and spells, but any table-top role-playing gamer knows they have a mortality rate that exceeds that of a hamster left alone with a hyper four-year old. Dungeons & Dragons characters die constantly at the hands of PCs and Dungeon Masters alike, by monsters and stupidity, through acts of god and acts of dice; here are 8 of the most common ways their character sheets head to Valhalla... or the trash can.

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15 Creative and Delicious Things You Can Make With Oreos

Face it. You love Oreos. We all love Oreos. And since we were kids, we've eaten them one of two ways: Straight up. Or dunked in milk. But I bet you never knew that besides being crushed up and sprinkled on top of ice cream, Oreos could be used as a main ingredient in some creative and delicious concoctions that take advantage of its chocolate-cookie-with-cream-filling goodness.

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The 10 Most Awesome Ways To Die

We all die eventually, but thereís dying, and then thereís dying in an interesting way. We trawled the entire online universe to come up with the list of what we think is the 10 most awesome ways to die.

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8 Foods that Fight Stress

We all know that tension can wreak havoc on our eating patterns. But the right (healthy!) foods can often help tame mindless munching and cravings and, better yet, actually lower overall anxiety and its symptoms.

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7 Things You Canít Do After College

Four years can go by way too fast. Some of us might try to strategically stretch it into five or six years. Some of us might even go to drastic measures like law or medical school to avoid leaving college. But eventually, eventually you are going to have to leave your University and enter into the real world. But isnít college life real? I say that itís for real. I keep things real. Iím so focused on keeping my life real that I still say real. Really. But college life is as fake as it comes. So when your done with your fairy tale run, get ready to enter the real world. (Hint. The Real World isnít real either.) So what is life after college like? Here are seven things that you wont be able to get away with after college.

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7 Ways to Make Use of Sub-Par Produce

My grocer has a little known secret: It sells damaged and past-date produce weekly. To find it, you have to go around the corner of the regular produce aisle, next to where the employees take their breaks, and right in front of where the forklifts go in and out. Itís in a wire bin with no special markings or signage. Itís our little piece of heaven. In addition to finding your typical antique bananas and bags of slightly bruised apples, there are other delicious treasures: plastic-wrapped packages of bell peppers, bags of pre-washed organic lettuce hearts, and sacks of hodge-podge items that combine avocados, artichokes, and lemons in the same space. While not everything here is worth buying, they charge 50-99 cents for each package ó regardless of whatís inside or what shape itís in.

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30 Things Every Man Should Have By Age 30

Last week after I wrote about 30 things every woman should quit doing by 30, our friends at Crushable wrote a great response post on 30 things every man should quit doing by 30. It suddenly occurred to me: weíve been letting men off the hook for too long! Weíve had all these posts about what women should quit doing by 30 or should have or learn or know by 30, but what about the guys?

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