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5 Unbreakable Records You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Ask a person about baseball records, and chances are they’ll throw out names like Ripken or DiMaggio… as in Cal Ripken Jr. playing 2,632 consecutive games, and Joe DiMaggio hitting safely for 56 consecutive games. Ask a casual fan about basketball records, and even the most jaded will know about stuff like Wilt Chamberlain scoring 100 points in a single game. Records like these are cemented into the pop-culture lexicon. They are hallowed, they are sacred, and they are aggrandized so because they are predominantly perceived as being unbreakable. Here are five records that are equally as unbreakable, but devoid of any historical pizazz.

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8 Inflatable Military Decoys

From the ground, these inflatable tanks, missile launchers and planes look like children’s toys. Yet from the air, these objects are almost indistinguishable from the real thing, complete with accurate thermal signatures over areas such as windows. Think what fun you could have playing havoc with Google maps and some of these.

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10 Crazy Medical Inventions That (Thankfully) Never Caught On

Every year, modern medical science creates devices that advance the fight against human illness, frailty and mortality, increasing both our quality and quantity of life. These are not those devices. Rather, these 10 items represent a range of medical quackery, ill-conceived inventions and just plain insanity from the past 80 years of healthcare. If you ever see any of them in your doctor's office, seek help elsewhere.

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50 Heart-Stopping Hamburgers

Death by hamburgers? Most likely. If you ate every single one of these delicious looking hamburgers, you’d definitely be bound for a cardiac arrest. We hope you die happy! Big thanks to This Is Why You’re Fat — an awesomely obscure food picture blog.

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5 Free Websites Where You Can Really Learn To Invest Money

With the new economy, many people have found themselves looking for more information to learn to invest money. Be it because they have lost money that was badly invested and decided to take the matters into their own hands, or because they want to fully understand what others are doing to their money. Some have also become more interested because they see the moment as an opportunity to make some money on stocks that are down now but which can grow in value rapidly if the economy continues to recover. But how can you learn to invest money if you have no intention of going to school now and have no real information on how to go about it?

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75 Movie Remakes And Reboots Currently In The Works

It's far cheaper for Hollywood to avoid original ideas and thinking altogether wherever possible, and instead attempt to breathe fresh life into an old film or dormant franchise. Throw in US versions of world cinema hits, and the increasing trend to revisit old TV shows too, and you come up with a scary list of projects in varying stages of production. We've got 75 examples for you here, which we've interspersed with trailers for some of the originals just to give you an idea of what's been messed with. Without further ado.

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10 Famous Disembodied Voices

The London Underground’s “Mind The Gap” Lady. Mr. “You’ve Got Mail!” You know the voices, but who are the real people behind them? Meet 10 of the most famous disembodied voices ever recorded.

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The Psychology of Spending Money: 25 Tricks You Need to Know

Money is a practical part of our lives, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to understand. From investing to fighting the temptation to shop, money and spending are actually pretty subjective concepts that can either ruin our lives or help us develop stable futures for ourselves. In short, it’s all about how you view it. Here are 25 tricks for understanding the psychology of spending money and maximizing your ability to be in control.

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13 Lottery Winners Who Lost Everything

In 2006, Abraham Shakespeare (pictured), a barely literate 43-year-old truck driver, thought his luck had changed for the better when he won a $31 million Florida lottery prize. Instead, it was the beginning of worse troubles. He was reportedly hounded by friends and relatives asking for money. A year later, he was in court defending himself from an accusation of theft by a trucker who accused him of stealing the winning ticket from him while the two had been delivering meat to Miami restaurants. In 2008, he met Dorice "DeeDee" Donegan Moore, 37, who became his girlfriend and financial advisor. According to police, she managed to bilk him of $1.8 million before his death.

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