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10 Video Games Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Need To See You Playing

Dead or Alive Paradise drops tomorrow, which may not mean anything to you if you’re not already a housebound otaku fan of the franchise. One great thing about the new title, though, is the fact that it’s for the PSP. Which means that it’s portable…which means that you don’t have to play on your widescreen TV…which means you’ll be able to hide in your closet so your girlfriend won’t catch you playing swimsuit dress-up with a bunch of virtual girls that resemble Real Dolls. Finally, your shameworthy gaming gets some privacy to match the perversion. We only wish we could say the same for the rest of these games—they’re a bit more difficult to hide since they require a console and TV or PC. The games—well, most of them, anyway—may not be relationship deal-breakers, but it’s probably best if your lady doesn’t walk in while you’re ogling the TV with a slack-jawed look on your face.

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Cinematical 7: Horribly Hilarious Hackers

Every time a movie features a hacker, that character is touted as being the world's uberest of all uber hackers. While certain films try to maintain some semblance of reality when it comes to portraying their leet haxors, other movies beg you to completely suspend your disbelief -- arming their geeky geniuses with an array of outlandish talents and tools of the trade. I don't have a particularly nerdy background in computers, so I'm ok with letting this kind of film take me where it wants to -- but there are some instances where the ridiculous segues into the absurd. Hackers embody some of the worst stereotypes (desperation and mountain dew come to mind) -- all filtered through Hollywood's movie-magic machine (which is the only place on Earth where anyone would buy someone like Ryan Phillippe as a computer wizard ... ), making it clear that most screenwriters have only a rudimentary understanding of computer culture. Well, thank goodness for that, because it means we can now talk about seven of the most horribly hilarious "hackers" ever to grace the big screen.

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Top 10 Hawaiian Beaches

When the word paradise would be able to compare with a place on the planet earth is one of those places would be Hawaii. But if heaven on earth divided into smaller and more picturesque parts of it would be beaches of Hawaii. Here are 10 parts of paradise on earth. Enjoy and if you are able to visit them and at least once in life.

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10 Outstanding Social Media Infographics

Nobody has time to read anymore, right? Every day we are all inundated with more and more information overload coming from credible and yet to be verified sources. Where can Internet users find relief? Answer: the infographic. Infographics are a wonderful mix of key data and visualization that can really bring the message home if put together correctly.

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10 Reasons Motorcycles are Better Than Cars

Cars are neat, I like them a lot and I've been fortunate to have had a few nice ones, but motorcycles have a long list of advantages over their 4 wheel cousins. In my experience, if you like bikes, there's a good chance you appreciate cars, trucks, boats and airplanes, too, not all to the same degree but a particularly nice example of any motor driven vehicle can bring on a smile. Eventually, though, most of us have to choose among the categories if we're going to invest our resources on one or two vehicles (or more) and when the choice has to be made, motorcycles have a lot to offer. Here's my personal list. It might vary from one person to another, your list might have items I haven't thought of, but I think these give you some food for thought.

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Hermaphrodites

Like National Geographic Explorer says, “the gender of a newborn child is not always clearly male or female.” Hermaphrodites, or more properly intersex people, aren't as rare as you'd think. Here are some facts to put in your Know Basket!

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11 Shadiest SkyMall Spy Products

Apparently, the people who advertise in SkyMall believe that air travelers have a raging desire to spy on their family, friends and co-workers. This catalog was just packed with the stuff. I shoved the SkyMall catalog into my bag -- they let you do that, you know -- and, when I got to my parents' house this morning, after spending my requisite 45 minutes fixing all of their computer issues, I scanned in 11 of the ads for spy products. Here are the 11 shadiest spy products in SkyMall. Read it quick -- you really never know who's watching.

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7 of the Luckiest Men in America

Some guys have all the luck. While most men bust their asses to get ahead in life, some men have been fortunate enough to achieve the dreams of many, while doing very little. This can be anything from becoming famous, earning lots of easy money, or sleeping with a woman that is way out of their league. Now this list doesn’t include people who have truly earned “the good life.” You won’t see guys like Tom Brady or Justin Timberlake on this list because they have talent and have worked hard to achieve fame, fortune, and an endless amount of pussy. These are simply men who have no business being in the position they are. These are some of the luckiest men in America.

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Top 10 Funny Dog Videos on YouTube

There are plenty of funny videos on YouTube but the ones that get us spitting our tea all over our monitors and give us the best giggles are animal-themed affairs. Man’s best friend doubles as a clown on notable occasions, many of which this selection of YouTube() favorites captures to great comedic effect. Keep reading for some hilarious doggie antics caught on camera, in which we’re fairly certain no canine was hurt in the making of — except for the pride of the pooch in vid number 10 — there’s no coming back from that in the dog self-respect stakes.

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Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Making Your Stuff Last Longer

We live in a disposable world, but just because things weren't made to last doesn't mean you can't make them. These 10 tips and tricks will help you squeeze more life from your batteries, appliances, flowers, razor blades, and more.

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