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7 Games You Can Play With a Brick

If you have a brick or a pile of bricks, you may be thinking "bricks are really boring." But you're wrong. There are probably a million ways to have fun with a brick. Here are seven of them. Brick Tag - The rules of brick tag are simple: if you get hit by the brick, you're "it." You can also play brick freeze-tag, but it is not recommended since a game involving blunt-force trauma to the head doesn't really need to be complicated by not being able to tell if your friends are dead or just not "unfrozen" yet.

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15 Funniest Aliens of All Time

All throughout television and film history, there have been nonsensical characters. From talking horses to cats with magical bags, creatures from another planet fit right into the media landscapeís acceptable degrees of weirdness. The following aliens made their way into our hearts (via probing), and weíve accepted them as our misguided, quirky, and hilarious neighbors. Cast a vote for your favorite!

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10 Odd Ways Dogs Get Around

Not all dogs get around by riding in cars or walking. Check out these 10 oddball ways some dogs get from Point A to Point B ó whether they like it or not. This is no ordinary puppy purse, and this is no ordinary dog. He works alongside Austrian special forces paratroopers, up in the air and down on the ground. Here theyíre parachuting down to Norway.

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15 Strange Things About Outer Space

We all had to memorize that cute mnemonic solar system device in grade school that taught us the order of the planets. Some of us even had Milky Way placemats. But for most of us, the outer space education ended there. (Sorry guys: ďStar TrekĒ and Star Wars donít count.) Maybe thatís because space feels too distant to ever be relevant to our day-to-day routines. Or maybe itís simply that the otherworldly element generally overwhelems us and bruises our intellectual egos. But maybe itís time to start paying attention to space again. Hell, Lance Bass and Paris Hilton went there. How complicated can it be? As those who have kept in touch with the cosmos will tell you, space is one damn interesting place, chock-full of wacky phenomena. And you donít even need to work for NASA to understand it.

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20 Weird Logos That Work (and Why They Do)

Logos are everywhere. Because of this, only a few can rise among the noise ó and often itís the more unique logos that are most memorable. Sometimes to be unique, youíve also got to be weird. In this post, we showcase twenty lovably strange logos that work.

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Top 10 Places You Donít Want To Visit

In previous lists we have looked at amazing holiday destinations Ė today we are looking at the bottom ten; these are ten places you donít want to visit! Having said that, maybe the curious would get a thrill from visiting some of these strange and dangerous places, but for most of us, reading about it is quite enough. Feel free to mention any other contenders for the list in the comments.

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The 10 Greatest Modern-Day Recreations Of Ancient Technologies

For some people, studying the past isn't enough. They recreate millennia-old tools, boats, and even towns to better understand how ancient peoples lived. They are called experimental archaeologists, and these are ten of their greatest triumphs. Experimental archaeology has been practiced for several decades, although it has only been accepted as a serious subfield of archaeology relatively recently. That's partially because it attracts a lot of amateur enthusiasts who are eager to contribute, even if the scientific applicability of their work is often debatable. In a sense, experimental archaeology is an attempt to reverse engineer the past, not so much to deduce exactly how things worked but to better understand how ancient peoples interacted with their environments and technologies. What follows is a video gallery of a number of different archaeological experiments both professional and amateur in nature that run the gamut of what the field can do.

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5 Financial Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Fico Credit Score

As banks shy away from making risky consumer loans, a mediocre credit history just won't cut it anymore. To get the best rates on mortgages, credit cards and auto loans, you need a killer score. Your FICO score is a numerical measure of your creditworthiness that ranges from 300 to 850. While there are a few different credit scoring systems available, it's the FICO score, created by the Fair Isaac Corporation, that most lenders look at when they check your credit. Lenders have already raised their standards by about 20 to 40 points this year, according to Barry Paperno, consumer operations manager at FICO. So while a score in the 720 to 740 range would have gotten you the best rates on a mortgage in the past, you now need a score of at least 760 to snag the best loans.

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Norton Ranks The 10 Riskiest Cities For Cybercrime

You may want to start keeping a closer eye on where you click if you live in Seattle. Among 50 U.S. cities studied for their vulnerability to cybercrime, Seattle came out on top as the riskiest place, followed by Boston, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, according to the report "Norton's Top 10 Riskiest Online Cities," released Monday. In an effort to study and rank the nation's riskiest cities for cybercrime, Symantec partnered with research firm Sperling's BestPlaces. The two companies used their own internal research and also checked out key facts and figures on each city, including the number of malware attacks, the number of spam zombies, the number of infected computers, the levels of Internet access, and the number of Wi-Fi hot spots.

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4 Myths About Tipping From A Former Pizza Delivery Guy

When we posted a simple poll about tipping delivery drivers, we had no idea it would garner the kind of mammoth response it did, with folks on both sides of the tipping divide ardently defending their position. In an effort to clear up what he sees as common misconceptions about tipping, Consumerist reader and former delivery guy Justin wrote in to take a sledgehammer to a handful of "myths" about his past profession.

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