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10 Outrageous Office Pranks

Thanks to The Office, work pranks are in style; Jim's master shenanigans—most of which are aimed at his coworker Dwight—have inspired plenty of real-life jokesters in offices around the world. Below, check out 10 hilarious (and totally real!) pranks that are worth clocking in to see.

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Top 100 April Fools Pranks and Gadgets

April Fools Day is not too far away, and this is when you could get back at all those people who were not really nice to you; however, you could still go ahead and play some pranks on those you like and love as well, making April Fools Day one of the best holidays every year. It is celebrated in most parts of the world people either hate it or love it, but they just can’t ignore it. Now that the holiday is less than a few weeks away, you certainly need to start preparing for all the wonderful pranks that might turn your loved or detested ones into gullible fools.

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Top 10 Fictional Pirates

Ahoy thar, matey! Thar ‘ave been many fictional pirates o’er th’ years, ‘n Gunaxin presents our Top Ten fav’rits from th’ past 60 or so years (so no Peter Blood or Th’ Black Pirate fer those o’ ye who actually remember them). Many thanks t’ th’ Online Pirate Translater fer fixin’ me text so it makes sense. If ye ‘ave any problem wit’ th’ list, we’ll make ye walk th’ plank ‘n let ye complain t’ th’ sharks.

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The 10 Highest Mountains Of The World

A mountain is a kind of landforms that are located at the peak point or highest point and stretches above the surrounding land, it is said that a mountain is found to be steeper than a hill. There are many mountains that are located in different region or country, but now we are going to have a description look over the top famous as well as highest mountains of the world.

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6 Cars So Alluring They’re in an Art Museum

Some cars are so beautifully designed and exquisitely engineered that they transcend mere transportation to become works of art. They are rolling sculptures, and to see them is to think, “That car belongs in a gallery.” Curators at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta agree. The museum is hosting an exhibition to celebrate automotive design, and it has gathered a very impressive assortment of cars. The Allure of the Automobile, which opens Sunday and runs through June 20, features 18 vehicles created in what could be called the golden age of design, from the early 1930s through the early 1960s. The vehicles range from a 1933 Pierce Silver Arrow to a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT. Each is presented in the context of the Art Moderne and Postwar Modernity movements, and they all have a timelessness that goes beyond mere craft to become art.

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6 Weird Places Where People Actually Live

When we are kids, we often imagine ourselves living in some magnificent, albeit ridiculous places. Castles, moon bases, hobbit holes, submarines, and the list goes on and on. Of course as we grow up we realize that living in a hobbit hole or a moon base might not be as awesome as we once imagined. Oh, who am I kidding? Living in those places would absolutely rock each and every one of our faces off. We just don’t have the balls (or often, the money) to actually try to live in some absurd looking house, so we settle for normal apartments, condos or refrigerator boxes under bridges. Well, most of us don’t, anyway. Apparently for others, it’s a lot more difficult to let go of those dreams from childhood, and here’s proof.

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Gotcha! 10 of the Best April Fools’ Day Hoaxes Ever

On April 1, it’s safe to say that a number of odd things will happen: fake snakes will pop out of cans innocently labeled “Nuts,” whoopee cushions will noisily deflate beneath unsuspecting derrieres, and countless phone calls will be made concerning the status of people’s refrigerators. You can’t trust anyone on April Fools’ Day, least of all the people closest to you, like friends and coworkers. But tricks can come from unlikely sources, too, like your daily newspaper or favorite TV program. Making April fools out of audiences has become increasingly popular among the media and big companies, but some hoaxes are so creative and hilarious, they make the others look, well, foolish.

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The Quick 10: 10 Words Invented by Authors

These authors are all geniuses just based on their works alone. When you consider they invented words within those novels that are now in our day-to-day vernacular… well, it’s enough to make a humble blogger feel a little inadequate.

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The 12 Best Websites For Dieting On A Budget

People diet for many different reasons. It could be that they have an illness such as diabetes that would require a special diet. It could also be that in order to be healthy, some weight loss could be in order. Whatever the reason for the needed diet, we all would love to do it without spending a huge amount of money. The Internet is good at helping us to save money. We used to have to buy books (and other information sources) in order to learn about dieting and cooking healthy food. Now we can now hit up the ol’ Internet and find stuff for free! We can also find free online diets and diet tips to keep our costs low. You will find four different categories of links in this article that should get you well on your way to dieting on a budget: nutritional guides, recipe sites, counters and calculators, and journaling.

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Top 50 Gay Characters of All Time!

We have quite a few familiar faces – characters who made our last poll of the best gay and bisexual characters two and a half years ago – and a few missing ones, namely Vince D’Angelo (from Will & Grace), George Huang (from Law & Order: SVU), and Waylon Smithers (from The Simpsons), all of whom didn’t even make the top 50 this time around. Meanwhile, we also have many new faces – from shows that have debuted since our last poll. Every single character except two comes from a show that ran in the 00s (although some shows, like Will & Grace, did debut in the late 90s). The exceptions? Jodie Dallas, played by Billy Crystal, on Soap and Ricky Vasquez from My So-Called Life.

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Global Warming Effects: 10 Startling Facts from 2009

The Environmental Defense Fund claims that “the climate crisis is nearer – and scarier – than we believed. New evidence has emerged that underscores the global climate threat and the need for an effective climate bill. These are just the 10 most startling global warming facts we learned in 2009.

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