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Top 6 Silent Badasses

Silence is golden. And it can kick your ass too. Donít you hate it when you meet a sexy girl and she ruins everything by talking? Me too, especially when the talking leads to her informing me that sheís my cousin. Hollywood is kind of like that, ruining perfectly awesome characters with stupid one-liners. Thankfully, some characers in movies, comics and the wonderful world of professional wrestling are able to maintain their badass personas by staying quiet. Here, we pay homage to badass characters that never utter a word.

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10 Of The Fastest, Biggest and Coolest RC Vehicles On The Planet

I know we generally tend to think of Radio Controlled (RC) cars as simply toys, ultimately designed for kids to play with. Well some people take their RC vehicles pretty seriously, and they definitely have some cool vehicles to change the way you think of RC. Today we are taking a look at some of the Fastest, Biggest and Coolest RC vehicles on the planet.

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A Gallery of 10 Crushes From The 90s All Grown Up

This is mainly for people in my generation, who had crushes on girls before we really even understood what crushes were. Most of these shows are in the early to mid nineties, and even though the girls may not have been particularly hot at the time, we still loved them. Well now itís fifteen or twenty years later, so I decided to go back and see how everyone progressed over the years. The results? Pretty spectacular actually, and half these girls you wonít even recognize. Do you even know who that lead picture is? No one looked very good in the nineties, though I suppose someday people will be saying that about us today.

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Top 10 Most Controversial Star Trek Episodes

Star Trek is one of the most beloved franchises in television history. That doesnít mean it has been without its share of controversyĖfrom the production staff to the fans to TV networks. The most controversial episodes are discussed below.

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15 Wonders of the Architectural World

Ever since man first figured out how to chisel a wall and lift a rock, he has reached for the heavens with stone and structure in an attempt to put humans on par with the gods. Wonders from the most rudimentary eras to the Teflon-clad lightshow of the Chinese ďWater CubeĒ have redefined what was possible.

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12 Coolest Man Caves

A garage, spare bedroom or a basement; every man needs his own space in the house. Meet twelve of the coolest men's sanctuaries we've ever seen.

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Top 10 Drinking Games for College

As my college career winds down, I am finding myself beginning to write more big-picture posts. We're pretty good at getting into the nitty-gritty, but you can't exactly impress the majority of people out there with your knowledge of the iPad (unfortunately). Enter drinking games. We've written about the top 3 drinking games before, but I want a list even more definitive. And what better authority than yours truly? Now before we get started, I know we won't be able to address all drinking games out there. We will probably miss that one drinking game that you and your friends really like to play. I'm sorry. I've played plenty of drinking games and these are my faves. Hopefully you'll be able to find some uncoventional hacks in the standard games and bring them over to your own.

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10 Signs the Recession Is Not Over

Economists are saying the recession is over. Bull hockey! Maybe the stock market is recovering and bankers are smiling, but you and I both know America still has a long row to hoe before the little people see blue skies again (you should excuse the mixed metaphor). We all know people who've been unemployed so long they've given up. Our early enthusiasm for frugal living has turned into frugal fatigue. And it's been heaven knows how long since dining out didn't eat up our entire food budget.

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Top 10 Japanese Etiquette Mistakes

In Japan, there are more opportunities for making etiquette mistakes than you can shake a chopstick at -- hang on, better not do that, it may cause offense. For every Japanese etiquette mistake listed here, there are another 50 that could have your face turning as red as a Japanese plum. To help smooth things along and keep that all-important social harmony intact, we've compiled a list of 10 Japanese etiquette mistakes you really don't want to make. You'll be pleased to know, however, that Japanese folk are generally pretty generous toward the non-Japanese who don't know the rules, so don't spend too much time worrying about the occasional indiscretion -- and be sure to enjoy yourself.

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7 Ways To Dominate Negotiations

Kentin Waits doles out some effective-sounding negotiation tips on Wise Bread. Part common sense, part Sun Tzu, the advice can serve you well in any number of situations, be it working on a deal for a house or car or asking the boss for a raise.

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30 Free But Very Professional Fonts For Everyday Use In 2010

There are so many great free fonts to choose from these days but letís face it, 99% would never really be used more than once or for a special occasions. Donít get me wrong, I love the Star Trek font but itís not going into any of my designs but itís fun to have. What I need are sensible fonts that are tasteful yet have their own style. Most of the free fonts listed below meet that criteria although a couple would definitely be considered a little over the top.

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