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Top 10 Ways to Spot an Abusive Man

Abusive men always think there is a reason behind a womanís actions and her words. They see her as only trying to influence. They rarely look at goodness in her. They frequently suspect her of doing things they are not guilty of and are easily irritated by her, especially when she is in a good mood. These men might feel they love these women but inside they do not "like" them. The most important thing in any relationship is to be respected and liked. Abusive men always want to show her up and put her down. They thrive on making her feel inferior in everything. The object is to tear her down to make her feel weak, insecure and co-dependent. It is a double-edged sword: a no win situation. The woman spends years trying to prove she's not bad but it's useless. No matter what she does, he doesnít care so it is futile for her to try to prove she is worthwhile.

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The 20 Cheapest Cars To Insure

The flipside of yesterday's 20 most expensive cars to insure in America list is today's list of the 20 least expensive cars to insure. Like saving money? Get ready to own a lame crossover or minivan. Kim Hazelbaker of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety sums it up nicely: "The least expensive vehicles are ones you have to drive and no one wants to." She isn't exaggerating ó with the notable exception of the Jeep Wrangler, no self-respecting enthusiast would be caught dead in any of these. In fact, these cars are all so bad that, if you really need to save money, we'd recommend walking over buying one. The cash you'd pay for Kia Sportage would make for one really kickass pair of sneakers. The annual cost listed is based on rates for a 40-year old man with a clean driving record.

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10 Cool Movie Trivia Games For Film Buffs

What is the longest movie ever made? Got the answer? Well, I will put the answer at the end of this article but I hope you got the point behind the quiz. If you get it correct, you have the taste for trivia that probably goes with your taste for good movies. The word Ďtriviaí, literally stands for something which is of not much importance. But as trivia buffs know, in such trifling details lie oodles of fun. A heap of trivia knowledge on movies gives a movie buff a whole lot of bragging rights. Itís the same with sports as it is with movies. Thereís a broad line that separates a weekend watcher from a true cinema lover and thatís the cinematic general knowledge you carry along with your popcorn. Movie trivia is not only fun, but it is a slice of moviedom history as well. It is through movie trivia we get to know a lot more astonishing facts and surprising tidbits that add to the magic of movies.

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9 Medical Marijuana Ads

Unless you live in Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont or Washington, you probably arenít getting a lot of medical marijuana ads in your local newspapers. (Did I leave any states off the list?) Because the ads are so ubiquitous, and so interesting, I thought a small roundup was in order for our friends living in all the other states, or in other countries where medical marijuana is illegal. Of course, long before cannabis was legalized in these 14 states, it was used widely throughout ancient Greece, Egypt, India, and China to treat various illnesses and conditions. But it wasnít until an Irish physician called William Brooke OíShaughnessy, Assistant-Surgeon and Professor of Chemistry at the Medical College of Calcutta, conducted an experiment in the 1830s to help treat muscle spasms, that marijuana was introduced to the so-called modern world of medicine.

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Another 10 One on One Battles in Film

It was great to see the comments that were posted when I created my first ever list. Thank you for your positive and negative feedback. As I mentioned in the comments this list is completely based on opinion and will not be that educational unless you are looking for good movies to rent. The number one thing I picked up on was to watch my grammar (this has always been an issue for me) and to make sure I post spoiler alerts. Many of the suggestions that were made sparked my memory and I was able to come up with another 25 one-on-one fights that deserve to be on a second list. I have thus created a sequel to my first list taking your suggestions and my own personal favorites and filtering the list down to ten. I know there are some that I missed so I apologize. Also I will admit that although I do enjoy movies from all over the world I am lacking in experience when it comes to Asian / martial arts film. I also think that if I would have a hard time choosing from this genre as each movie probably has some epic battles, so I decided to try and be a bit more diverse. Might I suggest someone creates a one-on-one martial arts films list? Please feel free to post your suggestions. Remember that I grade the top ten based on significance and dramatic effect of the fights.

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6 Reasons A$$holes Are Healthier (According to Science)

We tend to think of calm, peaceful Zen master types as the healthiest and happiest people in the species. After all, that twice-divorced, douchebag stock broker getting red in the face as he screams insults into the phone will surely be dead of a heart attack before he's 50, right? That may be wishful thinking. It turns out there's a reason humans still cling to the behaviors that get us tagged as assholes. They might just make us healthier.

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5 Horrible Criminal Getaways

While itís not always so simple, the general gist of a good getaway plan should consist of: Get in car, gun it, Mexico, beaches, girls, sex, money, and all in that order. Of course, in some cases the plans donít always work out, and in others, people are just so damn stupid itís as if they arenít even trying.

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7 Things Never to Say to Your Boss

Everyone has a boss. Even if you "work for yourself," you're still an employee to your client. A big part of maintaining the boss-employee relationship is to never allow a boss to think you dislike your work, are incapable of doing it, or -- worse -- consider it beneath you. These sound like no-brainers, but many statements heard commonly around the workplace violate these basic rules. Looking for an example? Here are seven heard in workplaces all the time. They may seem ordinary, even harmless. But try reading these from your boss's point of view. You'll see right away why it's smart to never allow these seven sentences to pass your lips.

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The 10 College Majors That Command the Highest Salaries

Wondering which bachelor degree will give you the most earning power in the job market? Check out this list of the 10 top-paid bachelor degrees for 2010. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) just released the results of their Winter 2010 Salary Survey. The list of top-paid bachelor's degrees was once again dominated by engineering-related majors. Two computer-related degrees - computer science and information sciences and systems - also made the list.

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5 Survival Tips For When Your Plane Is Stranded

Because it happens way too frequently, we're often posting horror stories of air travelers being cooped up in a plane for hours on the tarmac waiting for weather to clear, a runway to open or the stars to align. And even though there will soon be penalties for planes that make passengers idle too long on the tarmac, it's still going to happen. And just in case it happens to you, the folks over at Jaunted have prepared these 5 tips for surving the ordeal with a minimum of pain.

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The 10 Funniest Public Access Prank Calls Of All Time

I truly feel sorry for the kids of today because they missed out on the golden age of prank calling. Thanks to cell phones and caller ID it's extremely difficult for them to anonymously order 40 pizzas to their sworn enemies house and prank call their local Walmart on a Friday night without getting caught. It's also impossible for them to prank call their friends hot mom on a lonely Saturday night and talk dirty to her and that is a tragedy.

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