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15 Sporting Heroes Unfamiliar to Americans

Itís a common fact, although some will deny it, that most people favor their own nation, or even continent, sometimes to the extreme. America for example, awards Oscar, Grammy and Emmy trophies to mainly Americans, yet they claim that these are international awards. One would expect this to only apply in the entertainment industry, however this is also the case in the sporting world. For example, Football, which is, without a doubt, the most popular international sport, completely gets ignored by the US, due to Americaís lack of achievements (this also applies to Rugby, Cricket, Formula 1 and many other international sports).

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16 Pics Of Fans & Friends Who Starred In Occupy Conan

When the "Occupy Conan" project was announced in October, it seemed like an impossible stunt to pull off. Conan O'Brien and TBS called on fans to recreate an entire episode of "Conan," which would then be stitched together to create an entirely "fan-sourced" episode of the show. O'Brien encouraged that there be no limitations for how his fans would make the show -- stop-motion animation and other out-of-the-box methods of portraying the show were encouraged.

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10 Best Heist Moviess

The heist - is there anything more exciting? When a group of criminals band together to pull off a gigantic job, it makes for spectacular cinema. To qualify as a heist - and not just a mere robbery - you have to have a crew of guys, each with their own specialty, a high-profile target and, most importantly, an awesome plan that's always an inch away from falling apart. You get those three things in one place and you'll have one of the best heist movies around.

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Top 10 Places Muppets Have Appeared

Jim Henson was an undeniable wizard, who left a sheer magical legacy in his wake. He always had children in mind, probably because he never resigned his childish sense of wonderment. He brought out the child in us all and sought, more than anything, to ensure children never completely grew up. Without Henson, the world would be a much colder place, but even in his absence, the fact that his body of work is so great and far-reaching makes sure that, every time we see one of his instantly-recognizable creations, be it Kermit or Big Bird, our hearts melt with a universally-felt warmth. Here are ten places Jim Hensonís most lovable Muppets and Creatures have appeared.

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Duck! 10 Politicians With Guns, and One of Them is Dick Cheney!

The White House recently released a photo of President Obama skeet shooting at Camp David, after critics on the pro-gun side of the gun control debate questioned whether the president had actually fired a gun before. The photo is meant to erase the doubt and also push us to at least consider whether Obama likes guns. It was a statement, using a gun as a prop to seek political advantage in the gun control debate. There is something to be said about a visual of a politician holding a firearm. We are used to seeing these men and women donning suit, shaking hands with others, and appearing so polished. Holding a firearm apparently stresses the point that these individuals can get down and dirty like the rest of us mere mortals.

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Top 5 Foot Problems that High Heels Make Worse

Not all foot pain is the result of the shoes you wear, and not all problems are fixed with bigger shoes. Just because your feet hurt in heels doesnít mean you are going to stop wearing them. What is important is to understand if the shoe is causing the problem, aggravating it, or merely unmasking it.

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5 Tax Tips: How to Avoid an IRS Audit

Increasingly, the Internal Revenue Service has been chasing the big tax cheats and top earners to uncover missing tax revenue. But don't think you're immune to an IRS audit just because you're a middle-class working stiff. Often, a simple mistake or an honest deduction in an area rife with abuse means that you could wind up getting audited anyway. Most average Americans think their chance of an audit is slim, and that's not altogether untrue. Millionaires and big corporations have a higher chance to be audited because they have a higher tax obligation. Beyond these big guys, only about 1% of individuals taking home less than $200,000 annually are audited each year.

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Top 10 Skin Myths

Here's a little-known secret: You're not just born with great skin. Having a flawless complexion has more to do with how you treat your skin than having good genes. So why don't more of us have glowing complexions? It's simple: We believe skincare myths that prevent us from really getting the gorgeous skin we want. Well, not anymore. With the help of dermatologists Katie Rodan, MD, and Kathy Fields, MD, creators of Proactiv Solution and the Rodan + Fields skincare lines, we've busted the top 10 things women incorrectly believe about their skin.

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9 Ways Disconnecting Doesn't Make You Any Safer

A funny thing happened on my way from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. this week, I found myself on a flight without Wi-Fi. The prospect of being unplugged for more than four hours on a flying machine without the ability to communicate with (or distract) colleagues, with zero information from the outside world -- let's just say I almost lost it. I had two newspapers and a book by my favorite fiction writer, Vince Flynn, but I was not connected. And somehow, the thought of being alone (even though I was on a full flight) for a large chunk of time was daunting. And, let's face it, the fact that we've all become so co-dependent -- with freaking MACHINES -- is kind of pathetic. But here we are.

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