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Top 10 Things That Haven’t Changed In 100 Years

No doubt about it, we live in a world of rapid change. Whereas a century ago, our grandparents and great grandparents were still getting around in a horse and buggy, and reading newspapers as their only source of information and entertainment, today we fly in supersonic transports and get our news and entertainment from the Internet-things that would have been inconceivable 100 years ago. But not everything has changed so radically; actually, there are a number of devices we still use today that hasn’t changed all that much in 100 years in basic function and operation. What are these devices? Below are my top ten choices for those things we still use today that wouldn’t have been all that unfamiliar to our fore-bearers in 1912.

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15 Major Fast Food Failures

The fast food restaurant is a fixture of urban, suburban and rural America, appealing to people from every age group, income bracket and ethnic background. It’s as close as you can get in the United States to something everyone can agree on. Despite their dominant position in the US marketplace, the Taco Bells, Burger Kings and Pizza Huts of the nation still have to attract customers; kitchen staff, marketing departments and research teams are constantly looking for new ways to court them. However, not all of the ideas can be on a par with the Big Mac, and sometimes, they fall squarely into the “what were they thinking?” category, as anyone who’s tried to eat a McLobster sandwich can attest.

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The 10 Toughest Motor Races In The World

Car racing used to be one of the most dangerous things a person could do, period. Around the turn of the 20th Century, drivers would attempt to wheel two-ton beasts across hundreds of miles of unpaved roads, sitting higher than a school bus and riding on wagon wheels. The cars were so unreliable that drivers had to bring a mechanic with them, sometimes repairing the car while it was in motion. A lot of people died. So that's where modern grand prix racing has its roots. That tradition continues today with off road races, which take weeks to cover hundreds of miles of completely unmaintained terrain. Thanks to modern safety equipment, medical care, and rescue vehicles deaths are way down, but not gone. We hope to see no more deaths in motor racing in the future, but as of today they stand as a reminder of how tough bike and car racing can be.

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21 Horrifying Foods From The Dollar Store

You must look at these food photos and think again what you would eat today. Is that some healthy, some crazy food or something nice icon smile 21 Horrifying Foods From The Dollar Store You decide.

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The 10 Raddest Movie Mall Scenes in Nerd-dom

Is there a better symbol of widespread American consumerism than the shopping mall? For the purposes of this list, let's say "no." With that in mind, it goes to show that, any time a movie involves a person or group tearing through a mall, that it's some kind of metaphor for destroying our reliance on goods and things instead of people, right? Either that or it's just cool to destroy so many things. Ever since their modern day inception, malls have served as important locales for films. We've learned that they make for excellent places to hide out during a zombie apocalypse, ambush your unawares and even take your time-traveling friends to show them what modern days are like. Scenes in malls tend to either be of the "kids talking about stuff" variety or the "let's make an action set piece" kind.

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10 Most Devastating Homemade Street Drugs

Drugs and drug addictions ruin lives. Everyone knows that. But the individual using drugs isn’t the only one affected. Novus, a medical detox center in Florida, compares one person’s addiction to a tidal wave that consumes whole families. “Family members undergo fundamental personality changes as a reaction to the addiction – and to each other. They exhibit erratic behavior in their own way, just as surely as the addict does,” says Novus writer Rod MacTaggart. “More than half of all child and spousal abuse stems directly from addiction,” adds MacTaggart. Whatever particular form the drug takes, there’s so much pain involved, as well as so many other complex issues, that a lot of people need professional help to confront the problem and move forward. Counselors face a difficult but no less crucial task helping both addicts and their families to recover.

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13 Ways to Save Money in the New Year

Thirteen might not be the luckiest of number, but 2013 could be a pretty good year to get on a better financial footing — if you’re not fussy. Now 2013 is the year I will finally use a 1991 calendar. While cleaning, I found a Laura Ashley desk calendar that was too pretty to use back then. The days of the week for 1991 match up with 2013. Now, other tips for ’13.

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11 Top Perks from Best Companies

Red-carpet rollouts, generous death benefits and pet-friendly workspaces abound on our Best Companies list. See who has the most perfect perks. Intel welcomes its new employees to the company by rolling out the red carpet -- literally -- once a quarter. During the first day of orientation, hires walk along a pathway lined with Intel Studios' photographers and videographers before introducing themselves onstage and receiving their welcome packages and a round of applause from an audience of new colleagues.

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6 Ways to Ward Off Winter Heart Risks

If you're a health news junkie like we are, you know that winter always brings with it an increase in the number of heart-related deaths. But if you're thinking that you've got your ticker's health covered (literally) with warm layers, new research shows that it's not the chilly weather that kills -- meaning your arsenal of earmuffs, scarves, and leggings won't winterize your most vulnerable body part: your heart. Researchers at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles analyzed four years' worth of death certificates (that's 1.7 million) in seven locations across the country: LA County in California, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

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Top 10 Free PC Programs Everyone Should Have

There are millions of free and open source projects available, many of them better than any commercially available product. Below is a short listing of what we think is the best out there, broken down into ten categories.

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