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10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Muhammad Ali

Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) was the greatest boxer ever to lift a glove. Heavyweight boxing, without his amazing presence, is nowadays dull and almost completely uninteresting. Can anyone name the current heavyweight champion of the world? Ali turns 71 today, and in his honor, here are ten facts about "The Greatest." Elvis Presley gave Ali a boxing robe as a gift, with the words "The People's Champion" inscribed on the back. Ali wore it to his next fight, but he lost. He never wore the robe to fight again, thinking it was bad luck.

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Top 10 Heartthrobs of the 1980s

Being a child of the 1980s I had a bedroom covered with posters of 1980s heartthrobs, rock and roll bands and fashion models. But my favorite, of course, were the heartthrobs. The 80s had their fair share of them and tweens of the 80s subscribed to all the magazines, especially Tiger Beat, for the latest information on the lives of our favorite crushes.

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The 25 Best American Canned Beers

January 24th is Beer Can Appreciation Day. And it seems like people, especially brewers and beer geeks, have been continuing to appreciate the beer can more and more in the past few years. First, in the 1990s, came the craft beer revolution. Then, for some reason, there was a second craft beer revolution. That one worked better because now it seems like you can find a craft beer on every store shelf and a brewery in every neighborhood. So with more and more breweries popping up, brewers continue to seek ways to stand out in a crowded market — which is part of the reason we’ve recently seen the “Canned Beer Revolution.” Yes, many other causes for the Canned Beer Revolution exist. The most important change is that canning itself has become easier. About a decade ago, small batch canning was barely even possible. It wasn’t until a Canadian company created a smaller, accessible system that breweries started to acknowledge the other benefits of the can as well.

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10 Caribbean Destinations You Can Afford

No vacation fund? No worries, mon. We've tracked down stylish budget guesthouses, the best street-food spots, and heaps of free or nearly free activities on 10 Caribbean islands. Here's a quick guide to saving in any season. Save big in the Dominican Republic when you vacation where the locals do: the Samana Peninsula on the northeast coast. This natural paradise midway between Punta Cana and Puerto Plata is the antithesis of the country's resort towns but still offers plenty to do.

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12 Photos of Presidents Packing Heat

When they're not coming for yours, presidents love their guns. Below, photos of modern presidents enjoying their right to bear arms. Bonus shots featuring Eleanor Roosevelt, Dick Cheney, and Joe Biden. Then-Senator Truman shows off a pair of pistols once owned by Jesse James to Vice President John Nance Garner, 1938. According to the Library of Congress, "Senator Truman secured the guns in Southern Missouri from a doctor's wife, whose husband received them in payment of medical services rendered Frank James, another of the James' boys."

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The 10 Most Bizarre White House Petitions

In 1791, the United States of America, in the text of the First Amendment, promised its citizens that Congress shall never have the authority to prohibit or abridge their right "to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." In 2012, one concerned citizen exercised that right by requesting the U.S. government build a Death Star, the Empire's focal point in the original Star Wars trilogy. The petition gained the 25,000 signatures necessary to force a response from the White House, an act that fully lived up to its comedic potential. ("The Administration does not support blowing up planets," reads one part of the response.) But that's just one of countless documents making a public mockery of We the People, the White House's official petition site, started in 2011 to use the Internet to foster participation and transparency in the Obama administration. Hundreds of petitions have been submitted to the site, with more than 250 currently remaining open.

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6 Man-Made Materials You Won't Believe Exist

"Man-made materials" make most people think of disastrous fashion, or whine about how things were better when everything was natural and green, and infant mortality wasn't just a worldwide fact but an accurate ratio. Mother Nature exposes us to bear attacks and the hantavirus. That's the sort of mother-something Samuel L. Jackson gets upset about. It's also why we invented doors and electrical supplies to keep her out, and have been building incredible unnatural things ever since.

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50 Most Evil Movie Lines

While many of the most evil acts in film have been carried out without a word being uttered (yes shark in Jaws, we're referring to you), a mean-spirited one-liner has left carnage in its wake time and time again. Here are the 50 most devious lines ever uttered in movies. We don't recommend trying any of them out. Let us know which ones we missed out at the bottom.

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10 Top-Paying Companies

Associates at the law firm Bingham McCutchen take home an average of $216,000 in total annual compensation. See which other Best Companies to Work For offer big paychecks.

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5 Common Misconceptions About Ray Lewis’ Murder Trial

Ray Lewis seems poised to ride into the sunset like Jerome Bettis if the Ravens win in the linebacker’s second championship game. Lewis looms large in a Super Bowl without superstars and gets the reflected glow of the big game. That spotlight exposes some gnarly fissures on him; some scabbed over scars of whispers and rumor. Self righteous types cluck their tongues to this day and mouth the word: “Murderer.” His trial was thirteen years ago, so memories faded. When facts fall out of the mouths of commentators, there is a fast and loose quality to them. I have read articles recently shaded to indicate Lewis’ implication in the murder and some that are flat out false.

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