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9 Ways to Take in the World’s Most Beautiful Vistas

Ask fellow travelers what the best view in the world is and you’ll not only be met with myriad answers and enthusiastic responses, but you’ll also create a heated debate with no objective way of being settled. But this is precisely why this topic, irresolvable as it is, pushes travelers to scour the world for that perfect panorama which will send them into a camera-clicking frenzy, make them emit lengthy ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’, trigger epiphanies and occasionally make them part with a considerable sum of money. While the quest for the most spectacular view is still entirely in your hands, we’d like to make your search a little bit easier by suggesting nine ways you can search for, and hopefully find, some of the world’s most awe-inspiring views.

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8 Getaways We Wish We Could Afford

Imagine kicking back on a private island in the Bahamas where the staff caters to your every whim. Yes, it's a pipe dream for 99% of us, but let's imagine. Put that bank balance out of your mind. Now conjure up a snorkel and flippers. To find some of the most out-of-this-world destinations for jet-setters in 2013, asked Robb Report editorial director Bruce Wallin for ideas. So keep this list handy in case of a fat financial windfall.

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25 Junk Foods We Wish Still Existed

When you were 8, your whole life revolved around snacks. When was the next one coming? Would it involve a chore, like finishing some stupid green vegetable? Or robbing the smallest kid sitting near you at lunch of his Dunkaroos? Life was a constant struggle. Now that you're grown, you have unfettered access to every dessert ever created. But the kicker? Most of the old favorites have been pulled from shelves. All that's left are inferior replacements. Some snacks you never get over.

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Sundance 2013: 10 Movies to Watch and Why It Still Matters

This snowy ski town has once again gone Hollywood. The 2013 Sundance Film Festival kicks off today, and the formerly quaint celebration of independent film has become, as founder Robert Redford put it in a recent interview, a “monster’s ball.” More than 100 feature films will premiere here over the course of 11 days, and that’s not including the short film debuts, panel discussions, music performances, industry dinners, and mindboggling array of parties. But its roots remain strong. Case in point: “The Beasts of the Southern Wild,” last year’s Sundance hit that went on to win over critics, audiences, and the Academy, which bestowed on it four Oscar nominations, including one for 9-year-old star Quvenzhané Wallis.

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Terrible 20 We The People Petitions

The official White House website allows American citizens to start online petitions. So far, there are petitions to build a Death Star, deport CNN host Piers Morgan, and allow Texas to secede. You're going to have to work a bit harder to get your Death Star petition in front of White House staffers going forward. The White House on Tuesday announced that it will now require at least 100,000 signatures on petitions submitted to the administration in order to trigger a White House response - up from 25,000.

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Top 7 Ways to Save on Household Expenses

Running a household is an expensive affair, but there are lots of things that you can do to minimize the cost. Here are the top seven.

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10 Easy Ways to Save Money

Building a financial future -- whether it's your retirement, your family's future needs or simply attaining your personal goals and getting the things you want -- all starts with saving. Saving is the best and most important way to make sure you're financially safe when it counts. And it's easy to learn how. Saving doesn't just mean getting discounts on your purchases. It also means putting away money for a rainy day and pretending you never saw it; creating an emergency fund so that if something does go wrong, you won't be sick with worry; wiping out debt once and for all; paying off those bills that never seem to go away; and, eventually, it means putting your money to work for you.

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Top 10 Badass Characters of Middle-Earth

With the theatrical release of The Hobbit earlier this month, it seems like everyone is once again catching “Hobbit fever.” And while the movies are filled to the brim with action, heroics, and bravery, there are quite a few characters from the books that have yet to make it to the big screen.

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First Top 10 List for Antidepressants

When someone swallows his or her first antidepressant, it may come as a surprise how the psychiatrist chose that particular pill to prescribe: It's a best guess out of dozens of antidepressants on the market. Now, a few psychiatrists have set out to bring some order to this educated guessing game. By looking at 117 studies of the 12 most popular antidepressants, researchers ranked the top 12 drugs in the journal The Lancet.

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5 Bad Money Habits To Kick For 40 Days

The new year has begun, and as we all start our resolutions of ridding one bad habit, try to stick with it for 40 days to see a real change. This year, consider putting a financial spin on your resolution to kick a bad money habit while you have the support of everyone around you. Vowing to stop ignoring your 401(k), giving up your monthly budget for wine or staunchly refusing to put unnecessary items on your credit card could all be worthy money goals during this time. But before you pick your poison, consider turning your short-term goal into a long-term, healthy habit.

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