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25 Things You May Not Know About The Evil Dead

Every horror fan and gorehound worth his or her weight in red-tinted corn syrup has seen 'The Evil Dead,' the landmark low-budget horror classic that debuted 30 years ago this week (on October 15, 1981) and launched the careers of director Sam Raimi and actor Bruce Campbell. But even fans of the 'Spider-Man' director, the 'Burn Notice' star, or the demonic-possession tale that gave them their start when they were still college students three decades ago may not know all the gory details behind the making of the movie -- the real-life ghost story behind the abandoned cabin where it was filmed, the horrors endured by the cast during the lengthy shoot, the high-profile fans who gave the movie a boost, and the ever-ongoing list of sequels and spinoffs (including a stage musical) that 'Evil Dead' continues to generate.

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The 10 Best Stand-up Comedians of All-Time

Comedy is a tough business to become a part of. You either start writing it, hit the stage to perform it, or you do both. Stand-up is the cruelest of all the forms that comedy manifests itself. Being a stand-up comedian can be very difficult, as it takes just the right mixture of writing, timing and delivery. Add a live audience that sometimes wants nothing more than to make your life miserable and you can see why being a stand-up comedian is no laughing matter. Unless, of course, you‘re as exceptionally gifted with a microphone in your hand as these ten people are.

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11 Vibrant Buildings That Glow

Great architecture isn’t always about sleek lines, minimal environs, and a neutral palette. As John Hench, Academy-Award winner and Disney Legend, said “color is a very critical thing. I’ve found that architects don’t like colors. Engineers too. And so somebody has to stand in. Because this is the finish of it. It is the emotional part of a structure.” After spotting this rainbow hued sports complex that glows brilliantly at night, we couldn’t help but wonder what other larger than life versions of one of the best toys ever made might exist in the world. From a house in Turkey that glows inside and out to a hotel in Abu Dhabi that’s the world’s largest LED project, click through to check out some of the most brilliant designs in the world that break the minimal, black and white mold. Which is your favorite?

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10 Most Overrated Tourist Traps And What To See Instead

Some iconic sites just don't live up to the hype. Skip these 10 tourist traps and visit our alternatives instead. This group of mystery stones has been described as mystical and magical. But what you rarely see in the postcards is that Stonehenge is wedged between two very busy roads—and that you're not even allowed to get close to the stones. You'll pay an admission fee, of course, but you'll only be able to view the site from afar. (Tourists used to chip off pieces of the ancient rocks as souvenirs. This is why we can't have nice things, people.) Instead: Check out Avebury, about 25 miles away from Stonehenge, where an entire town is set inside a stone circle.

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The 25 Greatest Fast Food Innovations

Today, we have a bounty of creative fast food to chose from. But believe it or not, there was a time when the value menu didn't exist, and people didn't look forward to holiday seasons, not for gifts from relatives, but for releases of awesome, limited-run fast food items. Be grateful you never had to endure that kind of austerity. There have been dozens of fast food innovations in the past decade alone, making it a difficult task to narrow down the 25 greatest fast food innovations of all time. These genius creations, though, are in a league of their own. They forced consumers and competing companies to abandon their preconceived notions about meals on the quick and cheap. Once these innovations changed the game, there was no going back.

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Top 10 Tips for Acing Your Next Job Interview

Finding a job is tough enough as it is without having to go through harrowing interviews. Here's everything you need to know about nailing your interview so you can get through it stress-free. Before you can ace your interview, you have to actually get the interview. That means making an awesome resumé and making sure it gets through.

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4 Concealed Carry Books That May Save Your Life

Since the horrific Sandy School shooting and the hijacking of this tragic event by Obama and Washington gun grabbers to use it as a starting point for more restrictions on common firearms and law abiding gun owners, there has been a flood of applications for Concealed carry permits. State across the USA have been overwhelmed with new concealed carry permit requests. In fact in December of 2012, Florida’s Agriculture Secretary Adam Putnam called a news conference to announce the state was about to issue its one millionth active concealed weapons permit. That is a lot of folks carrying concealed and the great part is having a CCW or CPL license is also like having a “Good Guy License” as concealed carry permit holders are statistically the most law abiding citizen in the USA.

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Butt Glue? 20 Secrets and Tips From Miss America Contestants

What do Miss America contestants do to look beautiful and fit? More important, what do they do about wedgies? Below are some tricks several of this year's contestants swear by.

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Top 10 Strongest Materials On Earth

There are 92 naturally occurring physical elements or materials on our earth. In case of materials, the only those materials are considered as strong which have greater hardness. More harder more stronger is the equation for materials. This will be a surprising list of top 10 strongest materials on earth especially for those, who consider diamond the strongest material.

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3 Troubling Ways The TSA Punishes Passengers Who Opt Out

If you don't want to walk through a poorly tested full-body scanner or have a TSA agent belittle your anatomy before your next flight, then you still have the right to opt out and submit to an "enhanced" pat-down. That's exactly what I did on a recent trip from Orlando to Atlanta. Actually, I do it every time I fly. But as I waited for a male agent -- who would ask me to spread my legs, would touch my torso, rub the inside of my legs and feel the back of my neck and arms -- I began to understand what the TSA really means when it says it's focusing its efforts on "intelligence-driven, risk-based screening procedures." It means that when we're screened at the airport, we're separate, but we're not equal.

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