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The 10 Least Heroic Antiheroes

In days gone by, most characters fit snugly into one of two categories: good and evil. Good guys wore primary colors and their underpants on the outside for some reason, while bad guys wore black and usually had some form of hideous disfigurement, like being bald. Then in 1939 Batman came along with his tragic past, gloomy disposition and borderline personality disorder and changed everything. Suddenly the typical hero seemed, a little, well... typical. Today, Knights In Shining Armor and Captains Fantastic are out. Dark Knights and Captains Jack (of the Harkness and Sparrow variety) are in. In fact, it sometimes seems as though every second fictional character is a antihero who play by their own rules, and are more worried about getting the job done than doing what's "right." But you won't find Han Solo, Wolverine or Batman on this list.

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The Terrible 20: Downton Abbey Supporting Characters

The new season of "Downton Abbey" will introduce several new supporting characters with super English-y names like Lady Rose MacClare, Sir Philip Tapsell, and The Marquess of Flintshire. Help us finish this list of other terrible Brit monikers by leaving your suggestions in the comments or tweeting them @TeamCoco with the hashtag #TerribleDowntonNames. Tally ho!

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The 7 Wonders of Ukraine

What springs to mind when you think of Ukraine? Since independence in 1991 the second largest country in Europe has been somewhat demonized by elements of the Western European media. It has often been portrayed as something of a cultural backwater with little to recommend it. Here we address that issue by revealing to you the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.

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10 Most Courageous Undercover Journalists

Sometimes, getting the scoop on a story means doing more than simple research and interviews. Sometimes it requires a bigger and riskier sacrifice, like going undercover. Although the ethics and credibility of undercover tactics have been called into question, in some cases, the only way to unearth the truth is to go incognito. Fabricated identities, hidden cameras, and gruesome and terrifying revelations are just a few of the aspects involved in this insider method of getting the story. And it’s hard not to admire these gutsy journalists’ passion and dedication to their careers, as they infiltrate everything from psychiatric hospitals and federal penitentiaries to jihadist terrorist groups and soccer hooligan gangs. This is definitely a career path for those seeking thrills, excitement, and danger.

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8 Women Who Auctioned Off Their Virginity

While it never occurred to most of us that we could make bank on our virginity, there are some women who’ve found a way to monetize their purity. Twenty-year-old Brazilian woman Catarina Migliorini auctioned off her V-card this week for $780,000, more money than most of us have made since we lost our virginities (for free). Migliorini sold her virginity for a noble cause. She told the media that she planned to donate as much as 90 percent of the profit to charities that will build homes in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. Well, that’s one way to raise money. Perhaps not the way I would have chosen, but you can’t deny that it’s creative. Still, I always feel a pang of sadness when confronted with the reality that a woman can make the most fast cash by selling her body, however admirable her reasons may be.

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Top 10 Odd Things That People Managed To Steal

Obviously, stealing something is a crime, and I’m not going to condone it. What I am going to do though, is say that these ten examples are kind of impressive. They’re still crimes, just ones you’d expect on TV, not in real life.

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8 Ridiculous Services People Pay For Over The Phone

People will pay for just about everything: air, virtual swords, used underwear. However, there is something especially deprecating about the purchase of goods over the phone. It’s that impulse buy when you have card in-hand, timed just right with a lapse in judgment that creates the most bizarre purchases. Sure, if you’re on the other end of the phone selling $$$ for gold, offering discount burial lots, or peddling phone sex (like the out-of-work actress from the series Lila, Long Distance), life seems a little easier. However, for most, explaining to your wife why there is a charge for DirtBeds, Inc. on your credit card is not the highlight of your day.

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11 Weirdly Spelled Words And How They Got That Way

Why is English spelling so messed up? We get the same sounds spelled different ways (two, to, too), the same spellings pronounced different ways (chrome, machine, attach), and extra letters all over the place that don’t even do anything (knee, gnu, pneumatic). There aren’t always good reasons for these inconsistencies, but there are reasons. Here’s a brief look at the history of English spelling told through 11 words.

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10 Reasons Why You Have to Quit Your Job This Year

This was going to end badly. I would play chess all day in my office with the door locked. My boss would knock on the door and I would put my headphones on and ignore him. People would complain that the software I wrote didn’t work. My boss would say, “where were you yesterday” and I would say, “it was a Jewish holiday” even though there was none and he would say, “well…tell us next time if you leave.” It was bad behavior. I was a slave trying to escape but I didn’t know how. I wanted to start a business but I didn’t know what. I wanted to create something but I would play games all day, burning up the fuel in my brain. You can’t make money without selling something real. You can’t make something real without first imagination manifesting itself in your head. You can’t have imagination without surrendering yourself to an idea that you want to create something of value to other human beings.

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