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10 Reasons We Love Dexter

I’ve always found it fascinating that there are women, or I suppose people, who fall for convicts in prison. I don’t really see the attraction some have for criminals they’ve never met. Far away from the safety of the prison walls, these are people who engage daily with hardened criminals. Is it the danger that titillates them? I don’t know, but I think it’s weird. But, like the FBI agents in the procedural comedy Murder Squad, some people have a taste for danger – and they’ll get it where they can. To be honest, I’m not completely immune to the allure of danger. Who was to say that back in 2006 I was going to fall in love with a serial killer with good intentions that lived in Miami Beach? Obviously somebody did. Showtime’s Dexter, a series that follows Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a likable Miami police forensic blood splatter analyst moonlighting as a serial killer, has taken off and is considered by many as the best show on television.

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14 Spectacular Designs Created in Snow

I know it is mid June, but waking up to snow on the tops of the mountains in Chatel has got me thinking about winter already, and of course, snow! Making snowmen is a popular way for children to entertain themselves during the winter months. It’s a great winter tradition. Two giant snowballs, some lumps of coal and a strategically (or comically) placed carrot – and that’s usually about it. However, some people have taken their snow sculpture skills to the next level.

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The Top 10 Greatest Music Moments in Movie History

Besides an original score, some of the greatest directors have used their favorite musical tunes to make certain scenes simply unforgettable. By using these particular tracks, the songs, as well as the moving pictures, seem to become one and sometimes even become lost without the other.

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10 Deadliest Tsunamis in Living Memory

The idea of the earth tearing itself apart is terrifying enough, but the devastation that earthquakes cause is only intensified by the huge waves that can follow a massive seismic disturbance in the ocean bed. Often, coastal inhabitants have just minutes to flee to higher ground, and any delay can cause shocking casualties. In the last 50 years our ability to investigate, predict and record tsunamis has reached new heights, but the devastation these unstoppable walls of water can cause has also become ever more evident.

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7 Tucked Away City Hotels

It's easy to understand why travelers venture to some of the world's largest cities. They are often packed with gorgeous architecture, delicious food, fabulous art institutions, endless shopping and unparalleled entertainment and nightlife. Yet there are potential downsides to a high density of culture. Bustling metropolises usually attract massive crowds, frustrating traffic and deafening noise. For those looking for some respite, book a room in hotels sequestered away in quieter quadrants of these respective cities. Take two-year-old Hotel da Estrela in Lisbon's Campo de Ourique neighborhood. While most hotels and B&Bs in Portugal's capital are concentrated in buzzier Chiado, Rossio and Bairro Alto, Hotel da Estrela's less-central address offers quiet nights and crowd-free streets—and the city's best restaurants, lounges and shopping are just a 10-minute taxi ride away.

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Our Best 75 Weight-Loss Tips

iet fads come and go, but sensible slim-down ideas stand the test of time. Follow these—collected from our past 75 years—to drop pounds and keep them off for good.

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The 10 Most Expensive Stocks

Stock market plays an important role in the economy of every country. Prices of shares are important not only for the company but for the strength of a country’s economy. Shares prices rise and fall, depending on different factors. However, there are many things which are important in this regard not just the price of the share. Some stocks are expansive, while others are not. In technical terms, different ratios make a stock expansive, for instance price to earning ratio and many other similar ones. Here we are discussing 10 most expensive stocks of the world.

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10 Quirky But Cool Uses of English

The English language is wonderfully bizarre, and sometimes rather frightful. It is a composite of the best and worst that ancient languages have to offer, and native speakers often take it for granted that they can speak it with the utmost fluency. English does have its fair share of problems, however – not least in lexical and semantic ambiguity. This list serves to shed some light on some of the quirks and idiosyncrasies which have made English one of the most widely discussed languages in the world.

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Building It Is Not Enough: 5 Practical Tips On User Acquisition

Stories about the growth of "hot" startups such as Facebook, Instagram, AirBNB, and others have created a belief that if you build the right product, customer acquisition will be easy. Don't be fooled. These stories are the exception, not the rule, and don't tell the entire story of the immense effort it took to grow their customer bases. Finding scalable acquisition channels is a time consuming and strategic effort.

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8 Magical Experiences in Europe

Smart budget travel isn't just about saving money — it's about maximizing your experience. Let me stoke your travel dreams by sharing some of my favorite European experiences from 30 years of crisscrossing the Continent. In Dublin, be the only tourist among 50,000 cheering fans at a hurling match — that uniquely Irish game that's as rough and tumble as airborne hockey (with no injury timeouts). Matches are held most Saturday or Sunday afternoons in summer at Dublin's Croke Park Stadium ( Choose a county to support, buy something colorful to wear or wave, scream yourself hoarse, and you'll be a temporary local.

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