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The 25 Least Fashionable Films of All Time

To complement Laura Jacobsís tally of the 25 most stylish films in Hollywood history (American gigolo Richard Gere in Armani, belle de jour Catherine Deneuve in Y.S.L., Audrey Hepburn in anything) for the September issue, weíve filtered through the archives too, to identify the films that have immortalized the worst in wardrobe, hair, and makeup. Weíve included movies that intentionally used hideous outfits for comic effect, as well as those that featured the hippest trends at the time . . . so transiently in vogue that they would expire mere years (and sometimes even months) after they hit theaters. Below, we invite you to buckle one strap of your acid-wash overalls, pull on your fingerless gloves, and, budget permitting, wrap three to six studded belts around your waist, and join us as we review, in no particular order, what we conjecture to be the 25 least stylish major motion pictures on record.

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A Tribute to Rowdy Roddy Piperís 7 Best Movie Appearances

Remember when we did an article on Jesse Venturaís best movie roles? It was in this article that I made the argument that Ventura could have easily been a big action star and I wasnít quite sure why he wasnít. I almost feel the same way about Roddy Piper. Iím not 100% sure why he didnít make it as an actor. I mean yeah he wasnít all that good but the dude had flair. He had a personality (especially in wrestling) that was unmatched. Remember how awesome Piperís pit was? It really didnít get better than that. In any event I wanted to pay tribute to the man by posting clips from his best movies.

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10 Sexiest Places to Park Your Boat This Summer

When we think of life in the lap of luxury, one of the images that immediately springs to mind is of wealthy, beautiful people partying on a yacht. Fortunately, the benefits of boating are not reserved solely for those individuals capable of purchasing a vessel with a price tag greater than the GDP of most nations. With a boating license, respect for the sea, and some practice on your sea legs, you can don a skipperís cap and set sail for adventure. Thatís the beauty of travel. It can be anything you want it to be. Just ask Peter Bragiel of the the travel series In Transit, which highlights an adventurous journey from Los Angeles to the Panama Canal via public transportation. While money definitely helps, you donít necessarily need it to have a good time. But where to go? If the goal is to see and be seen, party with beautiful people, and soak in the most awe-inspiring sights this great planet has to offer, then set a direct course and drop anchor at one of these 10 sexy places to park your boat this summer.

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Top 10 Movies You Wonít Believe Are Based On True Stories

ďBased on a True StoryĒ is generally a pretty dubious claim for a movie to make. Hollywood is notorious for taking things that actually happened and throwing in enough flashy stupidity to keep the lowest common denominator distracted from how overpriced movie tickets are. But sometimes movies actually do pull truth from reality, and itís not always the movies youíd expect. Sometimes theyíre not even very good movies!

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10 Spectacular Underground Homes Around The World

Even though itís uncommon, some people prefer to live underground, literary. Itís an interesting alternative to regular homes and, whether itís a decision based on style, personal preferences and the wish to recreate an image from a movie, living in any of these homes must be unique. You will be surprised to see how similar these homes are to those almost everyone has gotten used with.

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10 strategies for CD savers

Interest rates are at historical lows, and certificate of deposit rates are no exception. With years of paltry yields ahead, savers have fewer safe options than ever. The Federal Reserve has vowed to keep rates at their current ultralow level until mid-2015, which means savers will have to accept riskier investments or reduced income until then. As the fifth year of the great yield drought launches, what can savers and CD lovers do?

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The 8 Times Itís Okay for a Guy to Cry

Even well into the 21st century, most men are too embarrassed to cry. Despite years of talk about equal rights and getting in touch with your feelings, a lot of dudes still consider bawling their eyes out an unforgivable sin. But every life has its share of hardship, and there are some times when a man has to let the waterworks go.

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7 Amazing Islands Overrun By Animals

Island ecosystems are easily unbalanced by the introduction, accidental or otherwise, of invasive species. The results can range from mildly amusing to full-fledged ecological disasters. These 7 amazing islands overrun by animals provide us with a wealth of environmental test cases offering valuable lessons for the human stewards of our rapidly shrinking Island Earth.

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10 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Sex

Freud called female sexuality ďthe dark continentĒ; if thatís true, male sexuality could qualify as the dark planet. But when it comes to sex, guys are simple, right? Not true. The bedroom is one of the great stages of male performance, and as such, what you see and hear is typically the role, not the reality. Itís no wonder, in trying to please the actor, a woman loses sight of a guyís true identity. Here are 10 ďunmaskingĒ facts you may want to know.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score in 2013

I came upon this fascinating story in the New York Times (though for a moment I thought I was reading a dating column in Cosmo). Apparently, the new normal now requires both sides of the dating equation to provide information heretofore considered sacrosanct except in economic transactions. It's no longer about getting a job, buying a house, car, cell phone or insurance, nor is it about renting an apartment, video, or getting an airplane ticket or hotel room in the coolest location in the world. Today, it's about making your case by way of a number, and I'm not talking about that 1-10 ranking both revered and reviled by millions for decades. To put it plainly, if you want to score big, you need to have a serious score - a credit score, that is.

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