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A Dictator’s 5 Destroyed and Recycled Palaces

It’s a surreal, otherworldly scene: ornate palaces with the finest appointments being used as temporary shelter for American soldiers. The detritus of their everyday lives mingles with the ornate columns, shiny marble floors and war rubble in the palaces built by former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. After the dictator was forced from power and his property seized, the US Army moved their command headquarters into Al-Faw Palace in Camp Victory. Photographer Richard Mosse traveled to Iraq to document this bizarre circumstance, this juxtaposition of supposed liberators dwelling in the very home of the dictator they vowed to depose. He called the resulting book Breach, a nod to the liberators stepping into the breach they created when Hussein was removed from power.

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10 Interesting Places to Visit with Google Earth

There can be little doubt that technology has changed they way we see our world, and Google Earth is a perfect example. This wonderful tool can be downloaded free of charge from and lets you see the world as never before, zooming about the globe at will. But there’s a lot more that Google Earth can do besides just show you your house (and who hasn’t looked up their house on Google Earth)? So here are 10 interesting places to visit using Google Earth. I provide the coordinates for each location, and you need only plug them into the search box and hit Enter to be taken directly to the spot. These are in no particular order. There are, of course, many more interesting sights to be seen through Google Earth, and is reception for this list is good, I’ll do another for you, showcasing some more famous locations.

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The 25 Most Gruesome Injuries in Sports History

When you play sports, you always run the risk of getting an injury. When you play at the highest level, at top speed and intensity, you run the risk of getting an injury so gruesome that it's hard to watch. I have compiled a list of the 25 most gruesome injuries in sports history. There are some out there I left off only because I couldn't find a clip of, or I already had too many videos of someone's leg snapping in half. Needless to say This slideshow is not for the faint of heart. The pictures and videos may be difficult to see. Proceed at your own risk.

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11 Tips for Making Your Home Office More Comfortable

Freelance designers will probably spend more time in their home office than anywhere else. Having a comfortable office that is conducive to work is essential in order to keep your working hours pleasant and productive. In this post we’ll look at some things that you can do to make your home office more comfortable and more enjoyable to spend those working hours. Obviously, some home offices come with certain limitations (such as the area of the house or the size of the space), but every situation could be improved in some way by the things in this list.

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20 Weirdest Apartments of the World

If you are like most people out there, you live in a pretty run-of-the-mill building. While your home has its charms, for the most part, it’s probably not too different than any other living space. As our own original series “The Super Man” points out, it’s hard to find the time to maintain a building these days, let alone spend the money it takes to add some pizzazz with new furnishings. And chances are your building supervisor is plenty distracted with non-maintenance problems (like Mikey in “The Super Man”, who has dreams of being a professional boxer). There are exceptions to this rule. Sometimes an architect takes an ordinary concept like the apartment building and turns it into something extraordinary. Influenced by nature, films, and even video games, here’s a look at 20 of the oddest, quirkiest, and most unique apartment complexes from around the globe.

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7 Ways People Woke Up, Pre-Alarm Clock

Not to, er, sound a note of alarm or anything, but you’ll notice roosters are nowhere to be found on this list. That’s because roosters will (and do) ‘cock a doodle doo all night long, if they’re awake. Trust me. I know this to be true after spending a long, sleepless night at a small inn on a small Greek island in the middle of a brutally cold winter. Now then.

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Top 10 Modern Addictions

Celebrities and addiction continue to be media’s favorite cocktail. But it’s not the Courtney Loves and Nicole Richies that excites them anymore. Alcoholics and drug addicts do get coverage on the inside pages and the last sections of news bulletins, but the headlines have now been grabbed by other modern addictions. Don’t we all want updates on Tigers Woods’ sex addiction, Lindsay Lohan’s shopping sprees and Donatella Versace’s “want-to-look-like-an-alien” addiction? Sorry, we messed up with Versace- addiction to plastic surgery would be a more apt description. But it’s not just the celebrities bringing these addictions to the headlines, are you a victim to any of the ten listed?

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29 Things You’re Too Old For As Of Your 29th Birthday

One of the biggest time sucks on the internet for me, besides reading “Lost” theories and playing online Scrabble, is reading dating columnist and “lifecaster” Julia Allison’s blog, as well as the blog that mocks her mercilessly, Reblogging NonSociety. I have no excuse; I just find the whole thing entertaining and hilarious, and it’s not like I’ve managed to quit reality TV or my bronzer addiction either. Anyway, this past weekend Julia celebrated her 29th year on Earth by having her second annual Bicoastal Birthday Bash, in which she and a friend celebrate their birthdays to the XXXTREME on both coasts. We’re talking cupcakes, costumes, balloons, presents, brunches, dinners, and lots, and lots, and lots of photos. In short, I am pretty sure Julia celebrated her 29th birthday with more self-obsessed gusto than all my birthdays combined. Which got me thinking—aren’t there some things you are just too old to be doing at the ripe ol’ age of 29? I’m 30, so maybe my extra year of wisdom makes it possible for me to see this, but there are at least 29 things every woman is too old for as of her 29th birthday. Check ‘em out, after the jump.

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15 Great Console Games for Under $15 Bucks

For such a common hobby, gaming is shockingly expensive. You usually need a costly console, a nice TV, an internet connection, a 24-pack of some highly caffeinated beverage and a four-person household staff to take care of your every whim while you blow away Nazis (at least, that's how I do it). Then there are the games, which usually cost $60 new these days -- more if you spring for the special editions. Fortunately, games typically don't hold value long, and you can find some great games for far less money if you're willing to buy used copies of slightly older games. In this list we've got 15 games (in no particular order) that all fall into the "very good to great" category that are all available online for less that $15 bucks. All of the games on this list are for the Xbox 360 console for a couple reasons: It's the most popular console for core gamers (insert your own "Wii is for babies" joke here) and has sold by far the most software of any current system. Some of the games listed here may be slightly more expensive for PS3, as there are fewer used copies out there. Feel free to fight amongst yourselves; we're going ahead with the list.

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The 6 Handiest Creatures in the Animal Kingdom

For centuries, philosophers claimed that the ability to make tools separated man from best. But in 1960, a young wildlife researcher named Jane Goodall told her boss, anthropologist Louis Leakey, that she'd witnessed chimpanzees stripping leaves from twigs and using them to “fish” for termites. A stunned Leakey responded, “Now we must redefine tool, redefine Man, or accept chimpanzees as humans.” Of course, we now know that chimps were only the beginning.

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