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Top 7 Surprise Military Homecoming Videos of 2012

Nothing is sweeter than seeing a soldier or sailor reunited with their family after a long deployment overseas. Embracing each other for the first time can often be a very intimate moment for these families, and one that some service members plan well in advance, making sure to give their loved ones a giant and welcome surprise. In many cases, itís the first time the entire family has been together in months, perhaps even years. Weíve rounded up the top 7 surprise military homecomings caught on camera in 2012.

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15 Photos From A Day In The Life Of Andy Richter

Paul Andrew "Andy" Richter is an American actor, writer, comedian, and late night talk show announcer. He is best known for his role as the sidekick of Conan O'Brien on each of the host's programs: Late Night and The Tonight Show on NBC, and Conan on TBS. He is also known for his voice work in the Madagascar films and for starring in the sitcoms Quintuplets, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, and Andy Barker, P.I.. Richter is married to comedic actress and writer/author Sarah Thyre, and they have two children, William and Mercy. Thyre was part of the cast of the cult comedy series Strangers with Candy, on which Richter made frequent cameo appearances. Richter and Thyre also appeared together playing Hansel and Gretel in an episode of the Upright Citizens Brigade sketch comedy series on Comedy Central in 1998. Richter is also a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity.

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8 Famous People Who Are Happy 2012 Is Over

There are only a few days left of 2012 and what a year itís been. For many of us, 2012 was a fantastic year, but no matter how your 365 days we called 2012 was, everyone looks forward to ringing in the new year and that ideological ďfresh start.Ē However, there are some of us who will be happier to kiss 2012 goodbye than others. Divorces, financial crises, naked photos, and publicized infidelity are just some of the 2012 woes that plagued those listed on this weekís Jackyís Sass. Hereís to out with the old and in with the new (if we survive past Friday). Cheers, 2013.

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DIY Greenhouses: 10 Structures You Can Build Yourself

Whether youíre a master gardener known for your brimming spring gardens or just a beginner starting a few small plants indoors, you can create a custom eco-friendly greenhouse made from reclaimed materials thatís suited to your needs. These 10 DIY greenhouse ideas range from beautiful and complex freestanding greenhouses made of reclaimed windows to super-simple, practically free miniature greenhouses made of CD spindles and plastic bottles.

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15 People Made Famous by the Internet in 2012

The Internet has been creating celebrity for years -- from Justin Bieber to the "I Like Turtles" kid. But more people than ever flocked to online communities in 2012, and the opportunity for fame increased exponentially. Some of this year's discovery was pushed by the media, but much of it originated on the web. Platforms like Reddit played an important role in filtering unique moments that would have otherwise gone unnoticed -- the social web pulled Ridiculously Photogenic Guy from a South Carolina 10K race. But not everything is pure entertainment. The year 2012 familiarized us with a rich viral philanthropy movement. After a bus monitor on a $15,000 yearly salary was bullied by middle schoolers, the Internet rapidly came to her defense, donating more than half a million dollars toward her dream vacation.

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7 Simple Ways to Pay It Forward

Big acts of charity like donating money, volunteering or helping someone in danger are all important ways you can better the lives of others. But sometimes all it takes is a simple gesture to improve another person's day. Read on for seven ways you can make someone's day just a little brighter.

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4 Tips for First-Time Job Hunters

As graduation approaches, many young job seekers are wondering how they can land an opportunity in this very challenging job market. Lindsey Pollak, a recognized expert on next-generation career trends, recently released a new edition of her terrific book, Getting from College to Career. Lindsey graciously agreed to answer some questions to help new professions get hired in a hurry. In this first of a two-part series, Lindsey shares advice about goal-setting and offers insights for the new grad who canít decide what to do next.

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5 Well-Behaved Concealed Carry Guns

I donít know much about the Nice list, as Iíve never actually been on it myself. But Iím told thereís a flip side to the record. And I think I know nice when I see it. Many companies have made some genuine contributions to the market this year. My Naughty list tended to focus on some traditional designs that have been made unnecessarily tactical. The list will focus on some concealed carry guns that have made major contributions to self defense.

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12 Horrible Gobbledygook Words We Reluctantly Accepted

Just as there is nothing certain in this world but death and taxes, there is nothing certain in language but that it will change, and that people will react badly. One of the changes people find most offensive is the spread of professional jargon that has been coined to replace simpler, clearer words we already have. Anyone up for some collaborative incentivizing going forward? No? Well, maybe one day your great-grandchildren will be. Here are 12 words that people once thought were horrible gobbledygook that nobody flinches at anymore.

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The 5 Most Impenetrable Safes in the World

This world needs safes. People have things to hide, and others have things to hoard; so, what better way to keep your secrets secret than storing them behind nine tonnes of steel encased within a Swiss mountain side? Most of us have small things we want to keep safe; for that, a bank account or a lock box will suffice, but what if we had colossal riches we wanted to ferret away? What if a bank wasnít safe enough? For that, you would need one of the five unique and impenetrable money tombs that we have showcased here. Enjoy.

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