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Top 10 Ways To Make The Pixar Sequels Awesome

The good citizens of Sequelsville welcome its newest member: Pixar! The success of the Toy Story sequels, along with Cars 2 because God hates us all, has apparently made Pixar as sequel-happy as anybody else. Monsters Inc. 2, a prequel to the original hit, is slated for next year. Sure glad they’re tying up all those loose ends regarding how silly cartoon monsters learned how to become silly cartoon monsters. And, while they haven’t been officially confirmed by Pixar yet, Finding Nemo 2 and Toy Story 4 are all but givens to be announced next. After that? Probably more, and then even more. Remember, Disney has a big stake in what Pixar does and, since Disney basically owns Sequelsville, if they want all these franchises to be never-ending sagas, then that’s exactly what will happen.

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7 Incredible Boulder-Strewn Landscapes

While you might think of boulders as massive chunks of rock more likely to crush you than double as a bowling ball, in geology, a boulder is simply said to be a rock whose grain size is bigger than 10 inches. Boulders are shaped by the elements and often form over millions of years, perhaps deep under the Earth’s crust or on prehistoric ocean beds. Yet however they were formed, whether as a result of glaciers, volcanoes or other natural forces, there’s something about boulders that commands our attention – particularly when there are many of them grouped together. And be they surrounded by surging ocean waves, or standing solitary in the middle of a desert, these rocky landscapes provide some stunning images. Here are seven amazing boulder-strewn settings that we found especially beautiful.

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Holy Water! 24 Amazing Aquariums and Fish Tanks

True aquarium aficionados know a beautifully designed fish tank can be like a work of living art. Now it’s time to spread the word, starting with 24 of the wildest aquarium set ups to ever grace a living room (or garage, for that matter). Don’t toss the old computer away yet, as there’s still some use it can be put to. Seal it up tightly enough, and there’s a ready-made fish tank perfect for a goldfish or two.

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Top 10 Villains Who Fell to their Deaths

Films and literature are full of those wicked characters who act against the protagonist and other good-natured people. Most stories need at least one character with evil deeds and intentions behind their name to make the story worthwhile. Nonetheless, in the end, the villain invariably faces retribution and the hero is saved. In this list we will discuss some of the nastiest baddies who have tormented both pages and screens and discuss how they met their demise, for the focus of this list, in the form of taking a tumble.

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13 Most Badass Assassins from Film and Television

All assassins are by default badass. Don’t take us the wrong way – we’re not saying it’s cool to kill people for a living. We’d never say that. All we’re saying is, when a man or woman gives up on their 9-5 life and journeys silencer-first into the seedy underworld of contract killing, he or she has become a genuinely interesting person, which, to us, is badass. To further illustrate the point, imagine meeting someone who murders people for a living at a bar. Imagine all the wonderful stories he would have: that time he chased a mark through the congested streets of Vienna, blowing a woman’s head off in front of a jam-packed merry-go-round, going toe-to-toe with an evenly-matched assassin of the opposite sex and then falling in love over knife wounds. It’d almost be worth the inevitable moment when you realize that this seemingly innocuous bar conversation was just a set-up, and your Long Island Ice Tea has more poison in it than the Three Mile kind.

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10 Classic Video Games Still Raking In Cash

There's a rumor going around that nobody's buying video games anymore. The truth is they're just not buying the new ones as much these days. Sales of new video game hardware, software and accessories fell 24%, to $848 million, in September from $1.1 billion the same time a year earlier, according to NPD Group. That's 10 straight months of declines despite releases including Electronic Arts' Madden NFL '13 and Battlefield 3 and 2K Games' Borderlands 2. Sales of games alone, including computer games, fell 14%, to $547.3 million. Nobody's buying hardware such as Microsoft's Xbox 360 or Sony's PlayStation 3, which saw sales fall a whopping 39% last month. The gaming world is eagerly awaiting the release of Nintendo's Wii U console in November, but even that may not be enough to bring video games back to their pre-recession, pre-iPhone heights.

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110 Predictions For the Next 110 Years

It's never easy to predict the future. But as PM's 110th anniversary celebration draws to a close, we've decided to try. Here are 110 ambitious ideas for the decades ahead. (For more about PopMech's brain trust and methodology, read Editor-in-Chief Jim Meigs' introduction.

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12 Do's and Don'ts for Negotiating Salary in a Tough Economy

In an economy that's less than robust, more companies than ever are cutting back -- not only on their workforce, but also on the compensation and benefits they offer. Whether you are applying for a new position, or you are just up for your annual review, you might feel lucky to just have a job. Before you settle, know that you can negotiate a salary in a tough economy. This article explores 12 dos and don'ts that will increase the odds you get what you deserve.

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The 10 Top-Performing Stocks of 2012

Despite another mid-year sell-off, the stock market has logged a strong performance this year, with the S&P 500 up nearly 15% through mid-December. Fortune 500 companies have had a banner year too, with almost 80% of those companies posting gains. Roughly 60% have enjoyed double-digit percentage increases. And of the top 10 best performers among the Fortune 500 companies, eight have had triple-digit jumps.

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The 50 Greatest Internet Memes of 2012

These are the best internet memes of 2012. Funny memes happen once in a blue moon, but new memes happen about 10 times per day at this point.

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