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12 Delicious Dishes Served Inside Other Foods

Recently I’ve noticed a trend where treats and snacks are served inside other edible goods. My first experience was a bowl of clam chowder soup served inside a bread bowl. Since then, I’ve seen bacon, chocolate and hollowed out apples used as a bowl. I’ve even seen eggs cooked inside other vegetables to give it a unique shape or extra flavor. With the popularity of food and recipe sites and the explosion of ‘foodie’ culture on Instagram and Pinterest, I thought I would take a stab at compiling some of the more popular images floating around online. I’ve also tried to mix in a few delicious examples you may have not seen before. Bon appetit!

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25 Conan Fan Corrections

Have you noticed something on "Conan" that's not quite right? Be it a factual error, incorrect pronunciation or some other random stupidity, we want to hear about it. So fire up the old webcam, make a video explaining our alleged screwup, and upload it as a Video Response to this YouTube video. We might just investigate the accuracy of your claim – and feature you on our show.

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Top 10 Mental Disorders Of Cartoon Characters

Many seemingly innocent cartoon characters should count their lucky stars that they live in an animated, fictional universe. Because, if they lived among us, and were judged the way you and I are, they would be in major trouble. These characters have such glaring, and long-enduring, mental disorders, that there’s no way they could escape years of therapy, and possible institutionalization.

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Top 10 Coldest Places in the World

The world is full of extreme climates that make it difficult for human habitation. There are hottest places on earth, and also the coldest which this article describes. The nose-diving mercury levels and the freezing sub-zero temperatures, human beings have managed to adapt and live in small settlements in these areas. The places listed below are the coldest ones in the world based on the lowest temperatures ever recorded.

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Television’s 15 Most Famous Dogs

We have become a pet-obsessed nation, with more than 73 million of us having canine companions. With the average marriage lasting only three and a half years, our dogs are some of the longest relationships we have – often outlasting marriages. Back in the 1950’s and 60’s, the family pet was often kept outdoors and treated like, well, an animal. Today 42% of them share our beds. We put them on special diets and clothe them, spending exorbitant amounts of money on their well-being. We have doggy day care lest they be lonely, dog hotels, dog therapists. Scholars and scientists alike have done studies on why we love our dogs. No deep psychological conclusions here. The consensus seems to be that we love them simply because they love us back.

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11 Amazing Facts about the McDonald's McRib

The McDonald's McRib is back, hitting restaurants nationwide today. The legendary boneless pork sandwich, famously molded to resemble a rack of ribs, is both a feat of modern engineering and shrewd marketing. It garners almost as much attention for its pseudo-meat shape as its impermanence on restaurant menus. The barbecue-sauce-smothered sandwich was supposed to return at the end of October, but was pushed back to help boost end-of-the-year sales. Better late than never.

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3 Little Known Facts About the GOP

It’s always fun to discover obscure trivia that goes against established stereotypes and assumptions. Here are three facts about the Republican party you may not have known.

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10 Ways You're Wrecking Your Immune System

Staying healthy isn't just about using hand sanitizer and avoiding coughing co-workers. It turns out some pretty surprising daily habits—like how you fight with your husband or whether you stay up late for Letterman—can impact how well your bodyfends off colds, flu and other pesky bugs. Here's a list of science-backed tips to add to your stay-healthy arsenal today.

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15 Ways To Prevent Colds and Flu

Here's a surprise: You may spend more time each year nursing a sore throat, fever, and runny nose than you do on vacation. Adults get about three colds a year on average, each lasting a week or two. On top of that, 5 to 20 percent of us will also get the flu, which can linger even longer. That's a month -- or more! This year, take back that time--and your health. These tested tips for fighting colds and flu can help you stay well all winter.

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9 New Jobs for Santa When Christmas Is Canceled

Most people have thought about changing jobs. But what if you’re someone who has been doing a job for what seems like forever? Someone with a truly unique set of skills? Someone like -- Santa Claus. Even those of us with great jobs occasionally wonder if the grass is greener. So it stands to reason the big guy in red -- who has been doing the same gig for quite a while now -- might be a little bored with dashing, dancing and prancing across the globe every Christmas Eve. But even if he could find someone else to make the toys, drive the sleigh and tend to the reindeer, what the heck would he do in his newfound profession?

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