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The Terrible 20: SMS Texting Acronyms

The SMS text message just turned 20 years old. SMS is the most widely used data application in the world, with 3.6 billion active users, or 78% of all mobile phone subscribers. The term "SMS" is used as an acronym for all types of short text messaging and the user activity itself in many parts of the world. SMS is also being used as a form of direct marketing known as SMS marketing. While some beloved text-speak acronyms like "LOL" & "TTYL" have gone mainstream, others R 2 crappy 2 B NE good.

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10 Female Villains We Love To Hate

Everyone loves to watch a great female villain. Whether they are clawing their way to the top of the corporate ladder, like Wilhelmina in Ugly Betty, or keeping a man captive after a chance encounter, like Leidy in the erotic thriller Leidy’s New Boyfriend, these women will do whatever it takes to get what they want. And though they make us want to cringe, curse, cry, roll our eyes, and throw stuff at the screen, we love every minute of it. What is it about a good female villain that makes us want to watch them wreak havoc on whatever poor, unsuspecting sole, male or female, is in their path? The fact of the matter is… we need them. We can’t have a successful Hero without a successful Villain. Every hero needs a villain to stand in the way of their goal. Moreover, if there were no villains, who would we gossip about at work? In short, without villains, the world would be a very boring place. Luckily, Hollywood produces some of the most villainous female venom on earth to satisfy our insatiable “love to hate” appetites.

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5 Real Life Wonder Lands

With presents to buy and families to visit, the holiday season can become an endless to-do list. But take some of that vacation time to explore the holiday spirit in action. At these five wonderlands around the country and the world, you'll find the wonder of winter, the wonder of shopping and the wonder of Santa Claus up close. This year, the White River National Forest is known for two things. It's the most visited recreational forest in the country, a hub of skiing aficionados, thanks to nearby Aspen and Vail, and it's also the home of the 2012 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree. Since 1970, the Capitol Architect has partnered with a different National Forest to choose a new tree for the Capitol lawn. This year it was White River.

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25 Things Men Should Never Do on Social Media

No one wants to be branded a pariah on social media, especially among friends and family. But like placing a weapon in the wrong person's hands, social media can be destructive when it isn't used properly, taking your good name, relationships and job along with it. You've got to be savvy and watch what you Tweet. And Facebook. And capture on Instagram. A lot of guys we know are doing it wrong. So here's a list of what you need to stop and why.

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Top 10 Celebrity Feuds That Can Only Be Settled In Brutal Deathmatches

Even famous people have to admit that famous people can be quite obnoxious, especially when they fight. When anonymous schmucks like us get into a scuffle with other anonymous schmucks, very few people tend to care, an even fewer talk about it. But celebrities? If they don’t like each other, we’re all forced to bear witness. We really only have two options: turn off the TV or computer and ignore the vitriol, or fantasize about the many gruesome ways these blowhards can be killed. Clearly, the first option is the mature, sensible route to take. But are you going to sit here and read a list of ten things to do when not perusing TMZ for late-breaking news? Probably not. So let’s focus on murder instead! Many of you probably remember the old MTV show, Celebrity Deathmatch.

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10 Birds You Really Ought To Avoid

Birds are often associated with a sense of peacefulness; they are the first thing you hear on a sunny day when you wake up in the morning, or when you go for a pleasant stroll through the park. But they can also be cruel, hellbent bastards, leaving a careless path of death and destruction in their wake. While they may be capable of all kinds of monstrosities, they are a sort of affirmation that we do live in a world that has a tendency to chew you up and spit you out in the game of good, Darwinian sport.

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7 Features Your Next Camera Will Have

If you took a Nikon D800, Samsung Galaxy Camera, or Lytro Light Field Camera back in time and showed it to someone living in the dawn of the digital age—a whopping 10 years ago—it would seem like science fiction. The first generation of consumer digital cameras were slow, bulky, and extremely limited in their photographic capabilities. Today’s top models are lightning fast, feature-packed, and can produce shots that meet or exceed the best of what film can do.

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15 Most Unique Engravings on Wedding Rings

We all remember inscription on magical ring created by Sauron in Tolkien's "Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings": "One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them". Obviously this is not a wedding ring (pretty gruesome recipe for marriage) but a ring of power, and as we all know too much power can easily corrupt those who try to hang on to it. Weddings rings, on the other hand, have rather more optimistic engravings, all referring to love, trust, fidelity and adoration we shower on our chosen marriage partner.

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25 Most Perpetuating Weight Loss Myths

What is a weight loss myth? It is a false or a semi-false belief about losing weight. Myths evolve around a true concept, a principle. As the time goes by, the initial true concept undergoes a change and transforms to a false statement—the myth. While this change can be slight, it can affect your weight loss results. Here are the 25 most perpetuating weight loss myths you will hear if you ever try to lose weight.

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Top 50 Modern Day Low Budget Movies

In this age of multi-million dollar blockbusters and eye-watering fees paid to some actors, you may forget we’re in an age of austerity. However, for the vast majority of the film industry, there is no huge vat of money, nor has there ever been. But this hasn’t stopped some of the finest films of recent years being made on a relative shoe-string, and in some cases, quite literally with a shoe-string. I reckon filmmaking thrives at the sharp end, and low budgets mean more creative ideas, and as a result, more engaging films. To prove this, here is a list of what I consider to be the finest 50 contemporary films made for under $10 million. There is a breathtaking array of recognisable genre pictures in here, too, with budgets rangin from $10 million down to as little as $7000.

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