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Almost Famous: 13 Houses from Major Hollywood Films

No matter how engaging the actors or riveting the plot, sometimes, you’re distracted by something else in a film: a dramatic architectural setting that’s so dazzling, it’s practically a character in itself. We can’t help but drool over Jackie Treehorn’s Malibu Beach manse in ‘The Big Lebowski’ and covet Mia Wallace’s stylish living room in ‘Pulp Fiction’. These 13 (mostly) real modern houses featured in major films are memorable even when the movies are not, despite – in some cases – only appearing for a moment or two.

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15 Most Overrated Tourist Destinations Ever

A wax museum and over-priced chowder in a bread bowl aren't the only reasons residents of San Francisco shun this place. Panhandlers, crowds and lack of parking are a few more reasons. Don't believe us -- has the whole scoop on the top reasons Fisherman's Wharf sucks.

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10 Interesting Star Trek Facts You May Not Know

Apparently there's still a lot about Star Trek that I still don't know. This latest infographic that's been released points out a few things that I didn't know until today. Like actor James Doohan who played Scotty on the original series was shot six times on D-Day in WWII, and it wasn't by the enemy! Check all of the Star Trek facts out below and let us know if there are any listed that you didn't know. Which of these surprised you the most?

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10 Best New Age Weapons To Enhance Modern Warfare

The world today is seeing some radical changes when it comes to warfare and combat situation. When John Rambo said “what people call hell, I call home”, he meant to tell you that war was not a place for everyone. But today global terror is unraveling that hell near your homes and war has moved away from deserts and jungles and into urban settings with innocent bystanders caught in the line of fire. Whether it is in the Western world or in the Middle East, war is fast becoming an effort to save innocent lives. In such volatile situations it is not the flashy F-16s or the nuclear submarines that come to rescue. The specialized forces with their modern weapons execute plans to perfection and avoid disasters. Here are ten weapons of the future that our infantry could unleash to combat terror and hostile situation in varied conditions and terrain.

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The 10 Biggest Catches In The World

Some fish are just bigger than others. Check out some of the most epic fish ever caught, and for the tuna drama, tune into Nat Geo Channel on April 1st at 10pm for the premiere of Wicked Tuna. The 27-Pound lobster was caught off the coast of Maine and is about the size of a 3-year-old toddler.

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Top 10 Beautiful Break Up Songs

Break-ups hurt. A lot. And any surgeon will tell you that any amputation requires a great deal of analgesia to numb the pain in the aftermath. Such is the case in the separation of two conjoined lovers, who suddenly wish to no longer meet at the hip. Rather than indulge in booze and pills and other nihilistic pain-killers, try a much healthier alternative; in particular, these are the top 10 best beautiful break-up songs guaranteed to sooth the pain, even if it doesn’t necessarily help you forget about it.

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Top 10 Water-Sports

Water Sporting is one of the most adventurous activities. Most people prefer this over other activities and it is really interesting to engage in water-sporting indulge in water sports with your family and friends. Water sports are not only fun but also helps you stay fit and healthy. You just need to have the enthusiasm to plunge into those waters.

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The War On Men: 7 Crazy Pieces Of Real Legislation

In response to the anti-abortion and anti-contraception bills floating around in state legislatures all over the country, some lawmakers are introducing bills in protest of the legislation.

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Top 10: Best Car Names

Think about celebs with cool names, names completely in sync with their personalities: Jay-Z, Kat Von D, Slash; they’re much more fitting than Shawn Corey Carter, Katherine Von Drachenberg and Saul Hudson. Despite what Ford, Lincoln and Mercury have demonstrated in recent years, it’s critical for automakers to pick the best car names and stick with them (are you listening, Dearborn?). You can’t stick a lame name on a cool car and you can't stick a cool name on a lame car.

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Top 10 Iconic Background Characters

In TV shows, films and other such forms of media, there are usually extras in the backgrounds to show the size of the universe the main characters live in or to act as stand-ins for the leads to interact with. But sometimes there are just those background characters who catch a person’s eye and become part of popular culture, gaining their own moments in the spotlight and affection from audiences. Here are ten such background characters who have earned the attention of audiences and become popular.

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