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Exposed: 10 Actors Inside Famous Costumes

Have you ever wondered if the guy in the Chewbacca suit is just as hairy as the character he plays? Or if there’s occasionally a person inside ALF? We certainly have, and usually we’re too lazy to pause and consult the Internet. But not today, folks! Today we’re solving the mystery of costumed characters once and for all — or at least for ten of film’s and TV’s favorite masked mortals. We’ve compiled some kids’ characters, a couple sci-fi villains, and a handful of cuddly creatures paired with the suit actors within.

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12 Magazines That Outlasted Newsweek

There was a time when the newsweeklies set the agenda for the nation's conversation — when Time and Newsweek would digest the events of the week and Americans would wait by their mailboxes to see what was on the covers. Those days have passed, and come the end of the year, the print edition of Newsweek will pass, too. Cause of death: The march of time.

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5 Ways to Epically Destroy Pumpkins

Halloween is upon us. Blowup skeletons dot the neighborhood, you’ve stuffed yourself with candy corn, and there’s a huge pile of pumpkins in the backyard. But frankly, don’t you think all the run-of-the-mill pumpkin activities have gotten a little stale? After all, there’s only so much fun to be had in carving jagged-toothed creatures in squash and burying your arm in pumpkin guts. It’s time to get a little adrenaline pumping – and what better way to add some novelty to the season than by giving free rein to your destructive streak?

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7 Abandoned Amusement Parks

From Zombieland to Scooby Doo to Silent Hill 3, movies, TV shows and games love to incorporate abandoned amusement parks into the storylines because they are inherently creepy. The haunting silence in a place that should be filled with laughter and chatter just seems wrong and, of course, if a ride does happen to move when it’s not supposed to, that’s when you know things are really going to end badly. But abandoned amusement parks aren’t just found in works of fiction. Here are some truly creepy and completely real theme parks that have been left to nature’s devices.

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World's 10 Best Cities for Coffee

Maybe it's all that caffeine in their bloodstreams, but talking about the world's best coffee gets people really amped. Countless varieties, roasting techniques, brewing preferences, and adornments yield dramatically different brews around the world, all with avid fans and vociferous critics. We've rounded up this list of 10 places that celebrate the essence of the bean, each in a unique and delicious way. There's a 100 percent chance that we've left off one of your favorites, though, so go to bat for your team in the comments.

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The 10 Worst Disasters of the Last Century

This PM story from 2007 takes an in-depth look back at the worst disasters to ravage the United States over the past 101 years, from the San Francisco Earthquake to Hurricane Katrina—and the lessons learned from each of them.

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Things To Avoid Saying To New Parents Of A Child With Down Syndrome

The National Down Syndrome Society explains there will be challenges in raising a child with Down syndrome, but there will also be many, many joys. It’s normal to be nervous about what lies ahead, but Down syndrome is a condition the baby has, it is not who the baby is. For family and friends, basic education about Down syndrome will diminish unsavory interactions for new parents and produce greater support.

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7 Lies About Pirates You Learned From Movies

Hollywood pirate movies usually focus on the men of the so-called Golden Age of Piracy. This was a very short time period in the late 1600?s and early 1700?s, when English and American pirates plundered the Caribbean islands, the eastern coast of the United States and the western coast of Africa.

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In Top Ten Countries For Business, U.S. Ranks Last

In the ten best countries on the planet to run a business, the U.S. ranks last. That still has it in the top 10, which is still something to brag about. But smaller countries in Europe and one Asian city-state is an even better, easier place to set up shop. Management consulting firm Grant Thornton released results from their Global Dynamism Index on Tuesday.

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Top 10 Most Common Ingredients in Fast Food

Order a meal in any fast-food restaurant, and you'll likely walk away with a sandwich, fries and a drink. If you had to identify the ingredients of this meal, you might list beef (or chicken), lettuce, tomato, cheese, ketchup, bread, potatoes and soda. Not complicated, right? Wrong. Burger and chicken joints don't think of the building blocks of a menu item as ingredients. They think of them as components, which are made of ingredients. For example, McDonald's famous Big Mac jingle -- "two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun" -- suggests the sandwich has seven components. Would you believe it has 67 ingredients?

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