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10 People Who Give Christianity a Bad Name

Christianity has been around for two thousand years and, for the most part, it has preached a good message by which to live. But unfortunately, as with all organized bodies, many people claiming to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ have shown themselves to behave quite opposite to the message it espouses. This list looks at 10 of the worst.

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The 15 Sexiest Women over 6 ft Tall

I’m a “mood” guy when it comes to women. What that means is whenever I see a hot chick of a certain type (no matter what type) I then tend to gravitate towards that type for a little while until someone else catches my eye. It’s kind of like porn. Some days you might be into lesbian stuff whereas others you might be into some really sick stuff you don’t want to share with others. Today? Today I’m into tall chicks. For no reason other than the fact that I just saw pictures of some female with extremely long legs and I couldn’t help imagine those legs wrapped around ... my best friend. You know, I’m married and all so I don’t have those thoughts about myself. Perhaps I’ll get to a “short” list someday but for now, here are the top 15 hottest chicks over 6ft tall.

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The 12 Biggest Ripoffs in America

Many of us feel ripped off in our day to day spending, so much so that bringing up even a single rip-off story in a group of people is likely to trigger a flood of them from everyone else. Whether it’s at the movies, in restaurants or on vacation, we seldom believe we are getting as much for our money as we ought to. Of course, some rip-off stories are more debatable than others. Often times, what is called a ripoff is little more than someone’s subjective opinion of what they “really” deserve for their money, whatever that means. However, other purchases actually do appear, by all objective criteria, to be a raw deal just about all the time. Today, BillShrink analyzes some common ripoffs as mentioned recently by CNN Money, that most of our readers are likely to be well acquainted with.

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40 Photoshop Actions for Designers and Photographers

Photoshop Actions allow designers and photographers to quickly edit photos in a specific way. The right action can save a great deal of time as opposed to doing all of the work manually. In this post we’ll feature 40 free Photoshop actions (many are actually sets of multiple actions). Our past collections of Photoshop actions continue to draw interest, so we hope many of you will find these to be useful as well. If you see something that you want to try out, click on the image or the text link and you’ll be able to download the actions from the source.

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15 Must-Have Free Apps For Your Mac

The very first Mac article ever published by MakeUseOf was about Things. That was about 2 years ago. Since then we’ve continued to serve the Mac community well, publishing over 300 articles. While reviewing apps, part of the job description is testing them out. After we’re done, we ask ourselves the golden question, “Is this app a keeper?” That’s what this list is all about — those apps that eventually find a permanent place on our Macs to call Home. Everyone should have these installed, regardless of what you use your Mac for.

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10 Awesome Game Show Answer Fails

Game Shows are the most awesome time-waster ever invented. They're on all the time, and the contestants are usually just normal people like you and me, only slightly dumber because a host in a fancy haircut is flashing money in front of them. Whenever you put dumb people on television who aren't used to being on television, hilarity is bound to ensue. Here are some of the best hilarious Game Show moments ever.

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6 Terrible Ideas That Science Says Will Save the Planet

Ridiculous times call for ridiculous measures. With catastrophe constantly threatening the planet from countless directions, every option is on the table. Or is it? Because there are some pretty wacky damned schemes that have been invented by people who are otherwise considered geniuses. We're not qualified to say if these drastic measures would work or not. All we're saying is that if it comes down to any of these, we may already be screwed.

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100 Amazing Memory Hacks to Maximize Your Brain

Students, business professionals, and average Janes and Joes–just about everyone would love to have a fool-proof memory, and with these amazing memory hacks, you can. These suggestions, tools, and tricks are sure to have you using your brain to the best of its abilities, whether you need to remember a semester’s worth of Biology 101, keep finding yourself in the awkward spot of not remembering names, or anywhere in between.

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11 Crappiest Salaries in 11 U.S. Pro Sports

Here are 11 major (and, a few, not so major) professional sports leagues in the U.S., and the minimum salaries they pay. I avoided minor leagues (like AA baseball or the NBA Development League); and I stuck to sports where salaries are fixed, and aren't contingent on winning tournaments (tennis, golf), races (NASCAR, Major League Eating) or fights (UFC, WBA, foxy boxing). These are ranked from highest minimum salary to lowest minimum salary. Enjoy comparing yourself to athletes whom, in seven of the 11 sports, quite possibly make less than you do.

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