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133 Beer Bong Babes

Whether of not it feels like it spring 2010 is right around the corner, people! And despite what your doctor might tell you, that means you should be spending as many waking hours as possible soaking in the sun and partying as much as humanly possible. So to help get you motivated, we’ve put together this year’s collection of the hottest beer bong babes we could find. Chug! Chug! Chug!

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The 12 Craziest Movie Mental Patients

Go crazy? Don't mind if we do. The weirder recesses of the mind have always been one of cinema's favorite subjects, be they dramatic explorations of real-life disorders or wildly outsized cartoon villains who find scenery chomping and world domination works as better therapy. With Martin Scorsese's lunatic asylum-set thriller Shutter Island pushing audiences to the brink of movie madness this week, we felt it high time to cast our crazy eye across a dozen of the most disturbed -- and disturbing -- motion-picture mental patients to ever be pumped full of Thorazine on the silver screen. So sit back, relax, and prepare to go insane in the film frame. This won't hurt a bit.

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Top 10 Insane P.E.T.A Publicity Stunts

If you’re a meat eater, you’ve probably heard of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (P.E.T.A.) Wait…let’s rephrase. If you’re a human being, you’ve probably heard of P.E.T.A., which is an organization based out of Virginia and headed by Ingrid Newkirk. At 2 million+ members strong, the organization has most definitely left its mark in history. The organization aims to emphasize the importance of animal rights, specifically through protests, literature, and publicity stunts that are nothing less than shocking. The group also highlights and spreads the importance of the vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, promoting its healthfulness. While the group definitely has good intentions, it’s safe to say that at times it seems some of the marbles are a little loose up there. P.E.T.A is well known for its publicity stunts, some of which are tolerable. However, most are seen as offensive and just downright crazy.

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The Top Eight Replacement Actors in Movie History

When we talk about our favorite movies, they typically vary from films with great writing, or those with lots of great action and special effects to the ones that feature our favorite actresses finally getting naked. But what they almost all share, without exception, are great, iconic characters. What you might not know, however, is that some of those characters almost turned out very, very different, and it was only a last second recasting of the role that helped propel them into cinematic lore.

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10 Best Views in the World

There is an unexplainable rush when we see an amazing view before us— a rainbow of colors, play of lights, and the different things that stimulate our being. We created a list to tell you about the most beautiful views that we know so far.

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40 Heart Attack Inducing Foods

Here is a compilation of food that undoubtedly taste damn good and yet will leave you needing a triple bypass operation afterward.

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10 Best Free Online Fax Services

There is no need to purchase an expensive fax machine or tie up your phone line when you can fax online for no charge. Save having to run to the local store or copy center when you fax documents for free from home. These services make it possible to send faxes in a variety of ways and all you need is an internet connection. Peruse this list of the ten best free online fax services and test one out for yourself.

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Top 10 Brilliant Movie Recuts

I decided to do a list I have been wanting to do for a very long time. This is a list of movie trailers that have been recut by amateurs to change their genre. For example, a horror movie might be recut to make it a romantic comedy. I can spend all day watching these so I hope that all the listverse readers will enjoy this list as much as I enjoyed the hours picking out the entries.

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10 Great Car Quotes

People in the auto industry have a certain attitude that we love. Rugged straight talk. Realistic. No BS. Matter of fact. Here are ten great quotes from car people.

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5 Ugly Truths Americans Will Have to Face

Even the United States of America is not immune to the rules of nature and commerce that govern other nations. Over the last few decades, our country has made some very foolish economic choices. It seems as if we have come to believe that the rest of the world is going to finance our government spending in perpetuity, even as it becomes clear that we have no intention of getting spending under control or paying back our debt. Because the wheels of history turn very slowly, we've gotten away with this for a long time, but as the baby boomers are starting to hit retirement age, the time to pay the piper is drawing nigh. In the next decade or two, we're likely to face a financial crisis more dire than any this nation has ever seen.

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