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Top 10 Actors Who Dropped Out of School

Everyone’s heard of how giants like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates have dropped out of college, and in a way, it makes sense. As much as we want to believe this gives us an excuse to also drop out, those guys were literally too smart for college. But it gets even weirder when you realize that most famous people, like actors, also dropped out of school at one point. Yet, they are super successful and often enjoy fine luxuries like swimming in pools of cash or eating the meat of endangered species. Don’t believe us? Check out these actors who were too cool for school. Oh, also, we’ve provided gorgeous pictures of said actors/actresses free of charge.

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78 Celebrities Answer Conan's Celebrity Survey

From time to time, Conan sends out surveys to various celebrities to find out more about their fascinating lives and opinions. In last night's edition, Mitt Romney was one of the many high-profile stars to "answer" the survey. Conan asked Romney to complete the phrase, "The hardest thing I've ever had to do was..." Romney's answer gives a glimpse into his fairly considerable personal wealth. Check out the photos to see Romney's response, as well as other totally-real-and-not-made-up-at-all answers from the likes of Bill Clinton, Nicholas Cage, Vladimir Putin and Chris Christie.

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8 Quality Carry Guns for Under $400

Times are tight. But in truth, that’s nothing new. A restricted shooting budget is a reality for some of us, if not all of us, at some point or another. Whether its college tuition, a new baby or a less-than-stellar pay grade at work, a skinny wallet may seem like an imposing barrier to obtaining a reliable defensive handgun. Sometimes folks think they have to settle for a cheap, possibly unreliable handgun until their luck changes. Fortunately, that’s not the case. A variety of gun manufacturers provide affordable, yet reliable, carry gun options. They may not be the fanciest guns on the shelf, and some of them will not last through the thousands of rounds some of the more expensive guns can handle. However, the guns here will fill a pocket, purse or holster, and will provide personal protection at a reasonable price.

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10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The U.S.

What makes a job dangerous and potentially fatal? It can be any number of factors, including the type of work and where it's performed. Last year, as the Labor Department recently reported, 4,609 people lost their lives on the job, a rate equal to 3.5 deaths for every 100,000 full-time workers. While the preliminary number is alarming, it is 2 percent less than 2010's tally, when 4,690 workplace fatalities were recorded. What's more, industries known for high fatality rates saw a downward trend in year-over-year deaths. The number of fatal work injuries in the private construction sector declined by 7 percent last year, CareerBuilder notes, adding that economic conditions, which caused the delay or termination of construction projects, may explain some of the decline.

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Top 25 iPad Apps for Kids

From classic e-reads like The Monster at the End of This Book to parent-approved e-mail for toddlers to games that keep children busy while they wait, picks the top apps for kids that will keep them entertained — and informed — even after the dog days of summer end. All the apps we chose are $6.99 or less and received an age-appropriate rating (4+) from the iTunes store.

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10 Essential Cheat Sheets To Download

Ever wanted to master the keyboard shortcuts and get more productive on the web? Here is everything you need – 10 quick cheat sheets for some of the most widely used tools on the web. Download, print and stick them somewhere near your desk.

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10 Bawdy International Sex Comedies

Kino Lorber’s Au Pair Girls and Cult Epics’ Cheeky arrive on Blu-ray today. The bawdy sex comedies from Val Guest and Tinto Brass are naughty guilty pleasures with an international spin on the fleshy farces that we recently explored in American territory. Some of the greatest sex comedies emerged from the 1960s and 1970s — a lighthearted healer for times of social, economic, and political unrest abroad. While the female form featured aplenty in these escapist entries, several sexy romps depicted women who had equally erotic intentions — a different kind of emancipation that attempted to explore serious matters with a knowing wink to match the jiggling flesh on display. We examined a variety of international sex comedies below — some wry and bittersweet, and others positively fluffy.

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5 Mortgage Scams

The sagging economy and sluggish housing market create the perfect environment for mortgage scams, with desperate homeowners as easy prey for scammers. The crooks say what you want to hear. They make the deal sound attractive and legit. You are suspicious at first, but somewhere along the way, you give them money or sign documents you were not supposed to sign. Soon, you realize you've been scammed. Thousands of homeowners are duped in mortgage scams each year, and con artists don't have to look far for victims, says Yolanda McGill, senior counsel for the Fair Housing & Fair Lending Project, an initiative by the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law in Washington, D.C. Most of the victims reach out to the scammers themselves through Internet searches, she says. She bases her conclusion on more than 16,000 complaints her organization has received from mortgage scam victims since last year.

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The 12 Key Senate Races To Watch In 2012

This year, most people have been focused on the Romney vs. Obama race, but there is also a battle going on for control of the Senate. The Senate is currently comprised of 47 Republicans, 51 Democrats and 2 liberal independents. That means the GOP would need to capture 4 seats for a takeover. Although that may sound like a heavy lift, keep in mind that this year there are only 10 Republicans up for reelection while 23 Democrats/liberal independents have to defend their seats. When you have that kind of spread, big gains are very possible. Will they materialize this time? Looking at the breakdown, a GOP takeover of the Senate isn’t out of the question, but seems unlikely at this point.

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