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15 Ways Science Is Under Attack

Some conspiracy theorists believe the vaccines given to newborns may be part of a mass-extermination plan. A 1998 paper by Dr. Andrew Wakefield and others suggested a link between the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine and increased levels of autism. The claim was popularized by ex-Playboy centerfold Jenny McCarthy, although the paper was subsequently discredited and retracted by its publishers, while Wakefield was struck off the U.K.'s Medical Register for "serious professional misconduct."

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10 Famous People Who Died Penniless

History is littered with riches-to-rags tales of celebrities and artists who recklessly spent their fortunes on their extravagant lifestyles and were left with nothing when the flame stopped flickering. It’s also full of cases in which people only achieved fame and financial success posthumously, earning millions after their deaths but still dying penniless and in relative obscurity. Here’s a look at ten of the most shocking and depressing fame casualties. Easy come, easy go, as the saying goes.

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10 Super-Embarrassing Moviemaking Typos

Your Flavorwire was excited, very excited, to talk about Alfred Hitchcock this week, because the release of Universal’s big new Blu-ray box set of Hitchcock masterpieces was slated for tomorrow. Note the use of the word “was”; it’s been pushed back until next month, in order to correct some unfortunate issues with the transfer and, hilariously, some rather insane typos in the re-rendered opening credit sequence for Frenzy. So we’ll talk about Hitchcock when the set shows up next month — in the meantime, inspired by this embarrassing (and certainly costly) gaffe, we’ve assembled ten other instances of unfortunate cinematic typos. Some came at the marketing stage, some in DVD mastering; some even show up in the titles, which is the kind of thing you’d think someone would notice.

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The 8 The Best Sci-Fi Sidekicks

Sidekicks, bless them. For some heroes, they’re a welcome tether to mortality, a desperately-needed reminder of what they protect, what they stand for. For others, they’re brightly-coloured body armour with a set of vocal chords. Let’s face it, Batman wears black and Robin wears bright red, green and yellow… But whether it’s a boy wonder, a boy decoy or a partner in crime, the sidekick is an accepted, respected part of genre fiction. So join us, as we answer the question

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10 Ironic Speak English Signs

A few years ago the Tea Party showed us how truly ironic protest signs could be, but the cream of the irony crop has to be these misspelled and otherwise incorrect "Speak English or get out" signs we found online. These ironic calls to action are mostly the work of anti-immigration "patriots" who want to protest the speaking of languages other than the one they can barely understand. Not surprisingly, many of them didn't check the accuracy of their signs, decals or other messages before introducing them to the world. Luckily for us there's photo evidence!

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Top 10 Grooming Mistakes

They say the road to an ugly mug is shaved with good intentions. OK, so we may have taken liberties with the idiom, but still, you may be unwittingly derailing your get-clean routine. We consulted top grooming gurus and discovered that from your locks to your toenails, there’s a good chance you’re doing it, well, wrong. And whether you're trying to score a first date or nail an interview, your grooming mishaps could be preventing you from putting your best foot—and face—forward. But fear not. Hear are the 10 biggest grooming fails men make, and how to fix 'em.

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10 Smart Rules for Giving Negative Feedback

Praising good performance is easy, but what about those times when someone on your team needs a kick in the butt more than a pat on the back? In that case, you’ll need to give some negative feedback–and do it without demotivating or demoralizing the other person. This post explains exactly how to do this. Before we get started, though, it’s important to remember that the goal of feedback isnot to tell people what to do or how to do it. That’s mistaking the process for the goal. The actual goal of feedback–even negative feedback–is to improve the behavior of the other person to bring out the best in your entire organization.

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11 Pro Gun Celebrities – Yes, They Do Exist!

It’s a common misconception that all celebrities are liberal, anti gun snobs. This is simple not true. Just like in any group of people there are those who support and those who oppose private gun ownership and self defense. Now, I’m sure many of you who normally despise keeping up with celebrities are thinking, “Hey GunsSaveLives, why should we care what these celebrities think?” Good question, and the answer is simple, it’s good, positive exposure for private gun ownership. You might not care what some celebrities think, but a lot of people [sadly] do, so having some on our side certainly doesn’t hurt.

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5 Pay-by-Phone Apps Tested

Google's software has limited support right now. It requires an NFC chip -- a technology that's coming soon in many smartphones but currently available in fairly few. The list of devices that can run it includes just a handful of Sprint (S, Fortune 500) and Virgin Mobile phones, plus Google's Nexus tablet and Galaxy Nexus phone. I tested Google Wallet out on a Sprint Galaxy 3. Set-up was pretty easy: It took me about five minutes to create a PIN number and enter my card information into the app.

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