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The 10 Best Hot Dogs in Brooklyn

Move over, haute cuisine hamburgers ó fancy forcemeat is finally getting its day in the sun. Far from being the dirty water dogs and shriveled ballpark fare that many of us have come to know, these eateries are packing some of the most winning wieners in Brooklyn. And yes, we just said that.

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The Terrible 20: College Courses

Colleges across the country are offering courses in professional wrestling, pirates and tattoos. Do these classes prepare students for the real world? Does that even matter anymore?

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Fashion World: 15 Conspiracy Theories

It turns out that celebrities' seeming love for the fashion industry ó actresses wearing De la Renta dresses or sitting front row at fashion shows ó might not be so genuine after all. Designer Nicole Farhi broke a long standing secret in the fashion world: that celebrities are paid to attend fashion shows and wear designer garments. The Daily Mail reported that pop stars are paid close to $100,000 to lend their celebrity to high end fashion shows for the last 25 years.

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How 13 Classic Video Games Got Their Names

Here are the stories of how famous video games got their names, and what they were almost called. Itís not easy to create a game based solely on the concept of eating. But Namco employee Toru Iwatani did just that in 1980 by taking the idea of a pizza with a slice missing, and then having it eat a bunch of dots while being chased by ghosts in a maze. (Iwatani has also said that the shape is a rounded version of the square Japanese character for mouth.) The name of the game, Pakkuman, was inspired by the Japanese onomatopoeia, paku-paku, which describes the sound of eating, similar to the English word chomp. As the game was brought to market, the title morphed into Puck Man.

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5 Things You Probably Didnít Know Muslims Invented First

During our brainwashing years that we like to call grade school, we were force fed taught that the Renaissance was the birth of a new age and with it, new technologies. In reality, a lot of these were invented years before by either the Chinese, Indians, or Muslims (Chinese Indian Muslims rejoice!). A lot of these were stolen, sometimes deliberately (the horror!) by lesser talented people looking for some quick fame. Thatís not this list, you can find those lists here and here. No, this is a list of the most world-changing, seemingly un-Islamic items in the world that originated from the mind of a Muslim.

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Skin Yeast Infection Home Remedies - Top 10 Treatments

Got a skin yeast infection? You're not alone as most people get one at some point in their lives while others get them all the time (chronic yeast infections). Whether this is your first or your twentieth, we've got ten simple skin yeast infection home remedies that you can use today to start feeling relief almost instantly! The great thing about these, aside from being easy and effective, is that they are all natural and therefore safe to use on anyone at anytime! And all you have to do is apply them to the affected area approximately four times a day until the infection has completely cleared up.

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Top 10 Luxury Foods

To qualify as a luxury food, the item necessarily has to be very expensive. But is that enough? Many expensive foods are quite cheap at their pint of origin, and become more and more expensive the further they have to travel. Other items are very expensive because they are very rare. Rarity does not always make food palatable. Still others have an immense value-added factor, not unlike the extravagant roasts introduced by the Romans in which as many as 15increasingly small birds are stuffed inside a turkey. The individual ingredients are not necessarily rare or expensive, but the overall effect is extravagant, opulent and decadent. Using the criterion that a luxury food is one that many people would like to try, but few people can afford, here are 10 outrageously luxurious foods.

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The 5 Best Airline Miles Rewards Credit Cards

As the following numbers show, some of the largest airlines in the United States make it really hard to use their frequent flier miles. Travelers who try to use frequent flier miles to book a flight with American Airlines are successful 45.7 percent of the time, according to a recent analysis. US Airways and Delta customers book the flights they want with their frequent flier miles only 33.6 percent and 27.1 percent of the time, respectively. As most airlines continue to struggle financially, industry analysts say the airlines will place more restrictions on frequent flier miles, making it even harder to use them. With that possibility looming, consumers are turning to credit cards that offer airline mile bonus points because the best ones have no travel restrictions. Here are five of them.

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7 Berries You Should Eat Everyday

Berries have been shown to be some of the healthiest foods on the planet. It seems new research is constantly being published and berries are being recognized and analyzed for their health giving properties. Extremely high in antioxidants, berries are among my favorite foods. In no specific order, these are berries that are extremely high health benefits.

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