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The 10 Most Clever Ways Bill Nye Tricked Us Into Learning About Science

he world would be a much grayer place without Bill Nye, who's of the one few childhood icons from the 1990s worth feeling nostalgic for (sorry, Binyah Binyah Pollywog). He taught us about science, yo, and in a world where you never know when you'll need to wipe the contents of a laptop clean with a magnet, it's an important topic to be knowledgeable in. Especially when it's coming from a man with a deep passion for the topic, not a 75-year-old half-deaf war veteran who doubles as the middle school gym teacher. So, in honor of the Science Guy being alive (and his amazing video directed toward evolution deniers), here are 10 clever ways Bill Nye tricked us into learning about science as kids.

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The World's 17 Most Mysterious Ghost Towns

A once thriving coal town in the late 1800s, Thurmond, West Virginia went from hundreds of residents to just five, according to a 2010 census. The reason for the town's demise was diesel. In the 40s and 50s, as trains converted from coal to more-reliable diesel, Thurmond's main customers were trains that came through the railway depot to collect locally mined coal, with the final steam-powered train making its last run in 1958. The remaining residents are committed to the town -- in 2005, six of the seven remaining townies ran for public office.

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10 of the Dirtiest Songs Ever Written

This edition of Jackyís Sass will explore the art of song writing Ė but instead of promoting talented song-writers and exploring beautiful lyrics about love and emotion, Iím putting my true journalistic capabilities to better use. I want to look at some of the dirtiest, most perverted songs ever written. Itís always fun to laugh at the stupid things artists write, but when you take a look at songs on the sexual end of the scale, youíre torn somewhere between laughter and shock. Before we start, Iím putting in a disclaimer; these lyrics are not for the faint of heart. Itís about to get NASTY up in here.

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Top 10 Foods Of The Future

When talking about food of the future, soylent green (the foodstuffs made out of people from the classic Sci-Fi movie of the same name) and grasshoppers leap to mind. Well, I donít think most of todayís (or tomorrowís) consumers are too interested in snacking on the remains of their neighbors. Nevertheless, the idea of what kind of foods we will be chowing down on in the not-too-distant future is interesting to explore; especially considering that we can expect an increase of over 2 BILLION people living on the planet by 2050. Just how will 9+ billion people feed themselves? Well, just consider the strides in food production and consumption that the world has experienced in the past 50 years. Where staples such as chicken and beef have been supplemented with genetically enhanced meat products, soybean and a host of other products that we consume daily, we can certainly expect even more dietary innovations to meet consumption needs. With this is mind, letís take a look at the top ten foods of the future.

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30 Gun Buyback Program Myths

Gun by back programs, started during World War 2 in which the military purchased thousands of qualifying shotguns, rifles, and sidearms for use by Civil Defense units and for training purposes. One of the largest buybacks in history was the 1996 Australian Buyback in which over 600,000 firearms were purchased by the government from its citizens. The huge number was a result of most types of firearms being banned in that county the same year, and thus made illegal. Since the assault weapons ban in the United States, many organizations and cities have had their own buy backs with the publicly stated purpose of reducing the number of unwanted firearms on the streets and thus cutting back on crime. These programs have gained momentum in the past decade with agencies offering as much as $200 in gift cards (often donated by local businesses) for each firearm turned in-- no questions asked, with the harvested firearms being destroyed.

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The Terrible 20: Cancelled YouTube Channels

Popular video service YouTube will cancel content channels after bankrolling about 100 of them a year ago. Some of them really deserved the axe -- like these twenty.

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25 Amazing Tattoos Inspired by Childrenís Movies

An extremely worn VHS copy of The Goonies. A beloved E.T. doll that youíve held onto since the í80s. A delightful poster of Jareth, the Goblin King, that once hung above your bed. All of the above would indicate that youíre a devoted fan of these childrenís classics, but theyíre the kind of thing that you usually found lurking in the back of a closet, tucked away and forgotten in a dusty corner. For some people, thatís simply not enough; they want to proudly (and permanently!) display their fandom directly on their bodies. Whether you grew up on repeated viewings of Bambi or prefer more recent kidís flicks like Up!, we think youíll agree that the 25 tattoos weíve rounded up here make quite a statement.

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100 Wonderful and Terrible Movies That Never Existed

For every movie that makes it to your local cineplex, there are dozens that never come into existence. In another universe, Mel Gibson directed Fahrenheit 451, Terry Gilliam directed Watchmen, and Batman fought Godzilla. The history of movies is crammed full of weird almost-weres and could-have-beens. A lot of people seemed to be startled the other day when we mentioned that David Cronenberg could have directed Return of the Jedi. So here's some reference material: a list of some 100 movies that never happened. This list probably could have been 200 movies, but we gave up when we hit 100.

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10 Things We Wish Took Less Than 10 Seconds

Because the world could always afford to be a bit more convenient. When you're living in an age of ultra-fast technologies like the Samsung Series 9, you can't help but notice how slow our day-to-day drudgeries seem in comparison.

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The 20 Greatest Misheard Lyrics Music Videos on the Internet

These are so stupid. But for some reason Misheard Lyrics music videos cater to that childish part of you that hears everything phonetically. Also people are just bad at hearing lyrics because most of the time it's hard. Have you ever seen Bob Dylan live? That could be a whole series of these in of itself. Just one concert. Anyway, collecting one of the oldest and most well-loved internet trends of all time, from pre-YouTube to the present, these are the funniest misheard lyrics music videos on the internet.

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