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The 7 Best Scenes Tony Scott Ever Directed

Tony Scott's films were generally box office successes, though he was never nominated for an Academy Award and received little critical praise." -- Wikipedia. With the passing of Tony Scott in August 2012, the world lost easily one of the best action film directors it has ever seen. As the younger brother to the more famous Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Alien), Tony may never have received the same level of fame as his sibling, but you can be damned sure his movies touched your life -- if may in a more subtle and lasting way than the "prestige" pictures they competed against.

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15 Teachers' Pets

A look at some educators who got too involved with their students. Catholic high school English teacher Sandra "Beth" Geisel was arraigned in August 2005 on six felony charges stemming from allegations that she had sex with a 16-year-old student on three occasions. Geisel's troubles began in June when police found her in the back seat of her car with another 17-year-old student from the all-boys Christian Brothers Academy in Albany. She was not charged in connection with the incident because the boy was of legal age, but word got out after she was fired and the family of another student came forward with the accusations. Geisel is out on bail pending a grand jury hearing.

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Japan's Epic Fast Food War Inspired These 23 Crazy Menu Items

There's a marketing war going on in Japan's fast food industry. Everyone's trying to one-up each other amid intense competition. In 2010, McDonald's and KFC had an all-out advertising war to win chicken-lovers across the nation. Wendy's couldn't handle the heat in 2009 and was forced to pull out. It didn't re-enter the market until the very end of 2011. International fast food titans have to deal with each other, plus, they have to compete with the many local chains, some of which are quite powerful. Japan has had a recent interest in more sophisticated items, and as the chains keep pushing the envelope, you end up getting some pretty bizarre things on the menus.

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10 Of The World's Top Airport Lounges

Travel is meant to be a rich experience, a means of engaging with culture, cuisine and pleasure. In the last decade, cities around the world have helped this along by building exceptionally designed, clean, well-functioning airports. Along with them have come equally stunning airport lounges, and the super-luxe first-class areas in international hubs around the world are a testament to a new age of luxury. Instead of feeling like they're on the wrong side of a quarantine -- and serving decidedly lack-luster food (everyone's had a run-in with those dreaded airport "panini") -- these lounges are oases offering first-rate amenities, privacy and calm. It's all so good, in fact, you might even want to get to the airport early.

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Top 10 Disgusting Ingredients You’ve Probably Eaten Today

The “natural flavors” label is quite intriguing. It is considered a way of protecting the secret formula/recipe, a way of preserving the product’s uniqueness. Would you expect regurgitated secretions produced in an animal’s digestive system to be approved by the FDA as food additives? The secretion produced by the beaver’s sacs and civet absolute (“derived from the unctuous secretions from the receptacles between the anus and genitalia of both the male and female civet cat”, according to A Consumer’s Dictionary of Food Additives; delish) are other gross ingredients found in food. Watch out for those natural flavorings & flavors! Lanolin is secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals. Believe it or not, it is used to soften chewing gum. Sugar itself doesn’t contain animal ingredients, but most companies use bone char (animal charcoal) in filters to decolorize sugar. According to regulatory bodies, the bones are required to come from cattle that have died of natural causes. Countries like Pakistan, Brazil, Nigeria, India and Morocco are main suppliers.

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8 Famous Plays That Made Really Good Films

It's tougher than you might think to turn a play into a film. Action that's confined on the stage to one or a few locations has to be translated to multiple sets and rooms; stories that unfold over a day or two are fleshed out to simulate the passage of time. Most importantly, though, film is a medium of minor details, and what plays well on stage looks like exaggerated hamming on the screen. The really good films based on plays are able to take the same plots, characters, and emotional beats meant to play to packed houses and turn them into intimate, tightly focused works of art that work at home or in the megaplex. (For the sake of narrowing it down, this list just deals with straight-ahead plays, not musicals.) Even if you've never seen the stage plays, these films stand on their own.

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Breasts

There are far too many synonyms for breasts for us to list here; besides, you probably know most of them. But due the fact that our language is so well-endowed with reference to these funbags, we have to ask: Why are there so many slang terms for an aspect of the female anatomy that, medically speaking, is little more than an asymmetric pair of modified sweat glands? One possible answer could be that we’ve created alternate terms as a means of subverting a topic that’s considered taboo. This purpose is especially applicable in America, where family values, proper neonatal care and breast frenzy have collided to form a prudish, hypocritical function of titillation. So, echoing throughout America is this sentiment: ”Don’t bare them in public if your goal is to feed an infant; that’s a distasteful turnoff."

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10 Radical Margarita Recipes

Because why wouldn't you mix chocolate syrup with your tequila? No, seriously, why wouldn't you? Whether blended, shaken, stirred, or enjoyed straight, there's nothing quite like the crisp, refined taste of Jose Cuervo. Please remember to drink responsibly.

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Top 10 Biggest Problems Teenagers Face Today

The fact that you are looking on the internet for the Top 10 Biggest Problems Teenagers face today proves a point. The teenagers of today have to face problems of such epic proportions which were never even hear of in the previous generations and the stress of being the first ones to endure this torture puts us in a difficult situation. Remember the time you had to get up 5 minutes before the pizza arrived so that you can put on your pants? The Top10hm teams shares its deep insights on the issue of biggest problems of the First World and how we can easily overcome them to find some peace in life. Although the Top 10 Biggest Problems Teenagers face today list may be a bit satirical and ironic to some, most of our readers will know what we are talking about. A lot of important and other unimportant things are going on in the world right now which receives a lot of media coverage. So, this is our tribute to the younger generation by highlighting their problems to the world.

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