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77 Last Meals Before Execution

The last meal is a customary part of a condemned prisoner's last day. Often, the day of or before the appointed time of execution, the prisoner receives a last meal and religious rites, if they desire. In the United States, inmates generally may not ask for an alcoholic drink. Other countries have different traditions, such as the "little glass of rum" granted to the condemned in historical France in the minutes before execution; but no formal last meal as they were told of the impending executions only on the fatal morning, generally minutes before the actual event. In many countries the prisoner may, within reason, select what the last meal will be and the authorities do their best to satisfy the request.

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5 Olympians Who Sold Their Gold Medals

You wouldn’t know it with all of the hype surrounding the Olympics right now, but there are things more important than winning a gold medal. Just ask these athletes, who had good reason to sell their hard-earned precious metal. You might wonder how an Olympic athlete could part with any gold medal, let alone one attached to such a historic and emotional victory. Wells didn’t part with it lightly: he sold it to help pay for medical treatments related to a rare genetic disease that damaged his spinal cord. He sold the medal to a private collector, who in turn sold it through an auction house for $310,700 in 2010. This is the heartbreaking note that accompanied the medal...

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Top 10 Modern Period Piece Films and Television Shows

When you think of the term “period piece,” what usually comes to mind is Jane Austen, powdered wigs, and petticoats. Many films depict these distant eras with a beloved sort of detachment– these eras only remembered otherwise in written documents and various memoirs. But what of the eras that many, to this day, can recall vividly (or perhaps with just a slight haziness)? Eras fully worth revisiting and depicting if not for memories sake, for the benefit and amusement of those who’ve never been in person? Luckily, several films and movies have taken a vested interest in the latter half of the 20th century, making themselves out to be much more modern period pieces. Here are ten shining examples which recall the various zeitgeists, aesthetics, and pop-culture instances of the decades depicted.

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20 Famous Bow Tie Lovers

We didn’t think it was possible to like Bill Nye the Science Guy more than we already did. After watching a video featuring the educator and Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick getting a lesson in the art of the bow tie, however, we can wholeheartedly profess our eternal love for all things Nye and necktie. The Disney/PBS children’s show host — a frequent wearer of bow ties — advises Hardwick to “dress the knot, snuggify, pull it tightical, and pay attentiontivity to the bow tieical” in order to properly sport the iconic accessory. The bow tie has a long history of living around the necks of individuals who weren’t afraid to buck trends and make a statement. Donning a bow tie is a polite defiance by a dapper rebel. We’ve rounded up a list of famous, enthusiastic wearers below who deserve a round of applause.

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College Rankings 2012: 12 Most Beautiful Schools

Plenty has been said in regards to student looks at college campuses across the country. But, for our list of the most beautiful colleges this year, we also considered a broader definition of campus attractiveness, including metrics on the campus aesthetics and the weather. College Prowler provided student ratings on the attractiveness of guys and girls on campus, as well as the campus and architectural aesthetics on a point scale out of 10. We also considered the average number of sunny days per year and the average comfort index—a measure of humidity and afternoon temperature—for the locale according to data compiled by Sperling’s Best Places.

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6 Policies Economists Love And Politicians Hate

Tuesday's show presented the common-sense, no-nonsense Planet Money economic plan — backed by economists of all stripes, but probably toxic to any candidate that might endorse it. You can still listen to the show, but we've had some requests for a post with our six-step plan spelled out in brief. So here they are, along with a few words about each of the economists who helped craft it.

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10Ways To Burn Calories Without Exercising

There are plenty of ways to burn calories. You can run on a treadmill, land a construction job, or workout like a crackhead. Those are the obvious routes to dropping excess pounds. But there are plenty of other not-so-obvious ways to give your body a moderate workout. And since the human body needs to shed 3,500 calories more than it takes in to lose one measly pound, we wanted to give you the heads up on how you can reach a fraction of a fraction of that goal without really trying — or exercising.

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5 Disturbing Ways Food Will Be Different in the Future

If there's anything that connects every person on this planet regardless of race and creed, it's food. We all enjoy it, we all need it and we all waste away should we be deprived of it. That's why each new food industry innovation profoundly influences the way our lives will be led -- just think of the microwave oven and how it affected the 20th century. So expect the future to take a turn for the weird when they implement these babies in our everyday lives.

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The 7 Keys To Achieving Your Most Important Goals

You only get one life. Whether you spend it achieving your dreams or coasting at work and then vegging out in front of the TV every night is up to you. But if you want to do more with your life, but don’t feel like you can reach your goals, there is hope.

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Top 10 Signs She’s Lost All Interest in You

Girls like to play mind games, but most of us poor men aren't designed to play along. Unfortunately, girls don't care, and continue to play anyways, even though they've already won by default. And just to add insult to injury, they don't have the decency to notify you that the game has started. Think about it; even the dude from Saw had the good manners to come out and say, "I want to play a game." I mean, really, is that so hard? For those of you that didn't follow what just transpired, we pretty much established that women have fewer manners than a psychopathic killer.

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