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25 Beautiful Mosques Worldwide

Mosques are the source of some of the most inspiring and beautiful architecture. From the dome of the Hagia Sophia to the perforated box of the M. Ridwan Kamil's Al-Irsyad mosque, Islamic architectural design has been consistently thought-provoking, awe-inspiring, and influential. We've brought you a collection on the start of Ramadan spanning 4 continents, one sub-continent, and about a thousand years, of 25 Beautiful Mosques Worldwide.

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The 50 State Conspiracy Road Trip

Written by Justine Sterling. In 1932, the government left 600 impoverished black men infected with syphilis untreated in order to study the effects of the disease as it progressed. The men never knew they had syphilis. Many of the men infected their wives and children (and some died) before a whistleblower alerted the media... forty years later.

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10 Insanely Incredibly Close Olympic Finishes

Every Olympics produces at least a couple of nail-biting finishes, races so close we yell ourselves hoarse screaming at the television, as if that would push the athletes just a little bit harder. The Games are like that. The very best athletes in the world push themselves beyond anything we can comprehend in races decided by hundredths of a second or fractions of an inch. Who can forget the breathtaking finish of the men's 100-meter butterfly in Beijing, where Michael Phelps beat Milorad Cavic by a mere 4.7 millimeters? Moments like that are why we tune in. The job of measuring finishes that close falls to the Olympic timers, a team of 450 technicians who use more than 400 tons of equipment to ensure peerless accuracy timing. But sometimes even the very finest in timing technology is not enough, as we saw during the women's 100-meters trials in June, when Jeneba Tarmoh finished in a dead heat against Allyson Felix.

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8 Incredible Images Of Lunar Eclipses

A famous line refers to a blood moon, a lunar eclipse on Sept. 20, 331 BCE that happened right before the Arbela battle of Alexander the Great. A blood red moon has been seen throughout history as a sign of impending doom. However, these events are simply the result of a lunar eclipse, or when the Earth is aligned between the moon and the sun. Be they white, grey, orange or red, a lunar eclipse is a spectacular vision. Here are several outstanding images of lunar eclipses from Earth — and beyond.

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11 Types of Moms at the Playground

One of the things no one told me about becoming a mom is that it will make you feel like you are back in high school again. When you first go to the playground with your kids, that is. You're the newbie mom (or dad) and it seems that all the other parents and caretakers there already know each other. You are the outcast. Like the kid in the lunchroom who has no one to sit next to. How do you break the ice? Do you talk to the people with kids around the same age? Or maybe you size up the mom and think ... yeah, she seems like someone I would get along with. Either way it's hard to make a connection when you often have to run off in different directions to stop your little one from stealing the ball from the older kids at the park. But you look for similarities, ways you are alike, and try to make some parent friends.

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7 Lord Of The Rings Locations You Can Actually Visit

Let's open with a question: besides providing the world with approximately 7000 hours of Middle Earth-based entertainment (if you happen to be watching the extended cuts), what is the most significant effect Peter Jackson's epic Lord of the Rings trilogy has had on the world?

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10 of the Most Beloved Dogs in Literature

As July threatens to turn into August, and our hair seems irrevocably plastered to our foreheads, we’re feel like we’re squarely in that special time of year that our mothers used to call the “dog days of summer.” And dogged they are, but in truth, the phrase comes from the ancient Greek and Roman belief that Sirius, also known as the Dog Star for its prominence in Canis Major, controlled the hot weather. The Romans would sacrifice a brown dog at the beginning of summer to appease the sultry rage of Sirius, but our offering is a little more whimsical (and less bloody) — a list of a few of the most beloved pups in literature. Because after all, if sacrifices to stars don’t work, who better to help you actually enjoy the sweltering summer than man’s best friend?

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College Rankings 2012: 25 Top Party Schools

o compile the list of the best schools in the nation at which to party down, we limited the pool of colleges to those that were considered “best-fit” for students interested in attending a “big-time party school” according to CollegeView. From there, we considered the number of on-campus arrests and per-student disciplinary actions for drugs and alcohol that occurred in 2010, according to the U.S. Department of Education. Bonus points were given to campuses that landed on Princeton Review’s most recent rating of the top party schools and top beer-drinking campuses.

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5 Myths About Getting Six-Pack Abs

Pretty much 99 percent of dudes would want a set of six-pack abs. However, a far, far smaller percentage of guys actually does the work required to get them. Sadly, there are no shortcuts — like “7-Minute Abs,” magic pills, or fat-zapping lap belts — that actually work. Instead, you need to adopt a low-calorie, high-protein diet. And keep up with a challenging workout regimen.

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8 Ugly Sins of the Catholic Church

Did the Catholic Bishops wince last week when their leader, anti-contraception Cardinal Timothy Dolan, was exposed for paying pedophiles to disappear? One can only hope. After all, these are men who claim to speak for God. They have direct access to the White House, where they regularly weigh in on issues ranging from military policy to bioethics, and they expect us all to listen – not because of relevant expertise or elected standing, but because of their moral authority. Ahem. If pedophile payouts weren’t enough to convince you that this “moral” authority is often anything but moral, take a look at some of their other sins against compassion and basic decency.

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