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Top 10 Reasons Gingers Are Your Worst Nightmare

OK, that’s enough; the jokes are over. For too long, my brethren and I have sat idly by, while you and your stupid little buddies mock us. “Gingers. BAH,” you spit with disgust. ”They have no souls. They can’t walk in the daytime. They’ll steal people’s children in the night. They’re like pale Pokemon: gotta kick ‘em all!” For awhile, we put up with it. Jokes, right? Nothing wrong with that. Hell, joking is one of the ways I make my money. But, after years of this, it’s time to come right out and let you all know: you have kicked a giant hornet’s nest. Us gingers? We’re actually your worst nightmare. Not in the steal-your-babies kind of way, either. No, we’re just plotting to take over the entire planet, like Pinky and The Brain wanted to but never could.

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The Terrible 20: Trendy Baby Names

According to the Social Security Administration, the most popular name for a baby girl in 2012 is "Sophia," and, for the 13th year in a row, the most popular name for a boy is "Jacob." Other trendy newborn monikers include: Madison, Isabella, and Alexander. We're raising a generation of strippers, vampires and investment bankers. But it could be worse.

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10 Bizarre Sports The Olympics Should Add

Sure, at the Olympics you can see sports like handball, trampoline and race walking, but even those sports don't compare to some of the fantastic and strange sports of the world. Here are ten sports that aren't a part of the Olympics that we kind of wish were featured.

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10 Everyday Items That Cost You Way More Thanks to U.S. Import Taxes

It might be said that America is a country built on tariffs. In 1790, Alexander Hamilton proposed The Act Laying Duties on Imports, which suggested imported goods should be more expensive to protect American industries. Since the law was passed into legislation, taxes on imports have been an American mainstay, and have helped to support our industries ever since. Of course, tariffs have also sparked controversy and political battles, especially in the last few decades. Recent headlines on tariffs have highlighted the ongoing economic tensions between the United States and China. In June, the Department of Commerce announced preliminary tariff hikes as high as 5.81% on Chinese solar-product manufacturers Trina Solar (TSL) and Suntech Power Holdings (STP) in an effort to protect U.S. manufacturers. And this month, the United States filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization for China's tariffs on U.S.-manufactured automobiles.

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The 21 Countries With One Olympic Medal

Earlier today, we quizzed you on the countries that have won more than 100 Olympic medals. Now it’s time for the other side of the equation. Twenty-one countries have won just one medal. Here are the stories of the national heroes who brought those medals home. Despite making appearances at 12 Olympic Games since 1936, Afghanistan has secured just one medal — a bronze in Taekwondo at the 2008 Games. Rohullah Nikpai, who won the medal, was given a house by president Hamid Karzai and told reporters that he hoped the medal would “send a message of peace to my country after 30 years of war.” The country has had a checkered Olympics history — in 1996, one of their two athletes was disqualified for arriving late to a weigh-in and the other, a marathon runner, finished last after injuring his hamstring before the race. And in 1999, the country was ruled ineligible for competition because of discrimination against women.

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8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

I have a large, shameful pile of junk in my basement that has been growing out of control for three years. I try not to look at it when I pass it, because when I do, I inevitably feel that flush of guilt: “Why haven’t I recycled this stuff already?” But for many items, from packing peanuts to old scraps of carpet, it’s not as easy as putting them in a curbside bin. Sometimes it seems like an awful lot of effort just to find out whether something can be recycled at all, let alone how or where. But don’t give in and toss those questionable items in the trash! You might be surprised at some of the things that can actually be recycled. Turn wine corks into flooring, trade in energy-sucking holiday lights for LED strands, and transform your old sneakers into a tennis court—sometimes it’s as easy as simply dropping them in the mail.

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10 Unusual Ways to Live Longer

Just how much do you want to live a long, long life? You’re already eating properly (well, most of the time), you keep fit (when you remember) and you don’t smoke, having given up successfully many times. What other lengths are you prepared to go to? In the past, people tried many different methods to promote their longevity, some more pleasant than others. Did you know, for example, that Taoist sexual practices, if performed correctly, are supposed to confer immortality? Over the centuries humans have tried to live longer by eating such things as rattlesnakes, caterpillar fungus and bee pollen. They’ve drunk mercury, tea mushroom extract and colostrum, the first milk of new mothers.

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7 Great Quotes About Life From Legendary Football Coaches

One of the most harmful myths spread by movies is that it’s the person who wants it more who finds a way to win when the chips are down. That’s actually very misleading. Heart might give you an edge versus an equally matched opponent, but preparation mows down heart 99 times out of 100. It’s not who wants it more in the moment; it’s wanting it bad enough to put in work day after day, week after week, year after year until you make yourself into a formidable opponent. Don’t bet on heart; bet on the one who’s out there busting his behind to get better when there’s no cheering crowd to spur him on.

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5 Things Remarkable Bosses Never Do

I recently described what remarkable bosses do. A number of people emailed and asked, “That’s a great list, but flip it around: What things should I not do?” Glad you asked. As a leader what you don’t do can sometimes make as much or even more impact than what you do.

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5 Ways Milk Doesn't Do A Body Good

Milk was once christened "nature's perfect food," says Mark Bittman at The New York Times. The Department of Agriculture recommends three 8-ounce glasses of the stuff a day (which equals about 1.5 pounds). After all: It builds strong bones, is packed with nutrients, and helps kids grow taller. But drinking dairy can be problematic, and its most notorious ingredient, lactose, is indigestible by a significant percentage of Americans.

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