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Top 10 Best Chest Exercises For Men

Men spend hours in gym trying to get a big, pumped up chest. They lift heavy weights, do lots of bench presses and as a result get a pumped chest…for a short time period. As soon as they leave the gym, the pumped chest returns to normal and all that effort that goes in lifting heavy weights seems to be wasted. The main reason for this is that most men tend to perform chest exercises without knowing what part of the chest they want to work on. They don’t usually know the technical aspect of the chest exercises they are performing. Therefore I decided to make a list of the top ten best chest exercises for men, with 1 being the best and most efficient chest exercise and so on.

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15 Sci-Fi Predictions That Came True

Sci-fi is not just fantasy anymore. Thanks to rapidly-improving technology, yesterday's science fiction is today's science fact. Here are just some sci-fi stories that turned out to be true. Nick Pope worked for the UK Ministry of Defense for 21 years and now works as a broadcaster and journalist specializing in subjects that include sci-fi and fringe science.

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21 Toys For Adults In The 1 Percent

What do an $8,000 water slide, $700 roller skates and a $100,000 "Free Willy" submarine have in common? Aside from being items that'll probably show up on Rich Kids Of Instagram, they're perfect toys for adults in the coveted "one percent." Ranging from the outrageously priced to the ridiculously extravagant, these totally unnecessary leisure products are way out of most working peoples' price ranges. Sure, we may never be able to afford half of the "luxury" items in Hammacher Schlemmer or The Sharper Image (didn't they go out of business, anyway?) but that doesn't mean we can't make fun of them.

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The 12 Most Unique Playgrounds in the World

Unless you had crazy parents who locked you up inside all day, all of us have enjoyed the freedom and wonder that make playgrounds magical. But it goes without saying that some playgrounds are far more spectacular and imaginative than others. Here are a few of the coolest playgrounds you’re ever likely to enjoy. Finding a playground designed for handicapped children is hard. It’s even harder if you’re hoping to find one that their abled-bodied friends can use and enjoy at the same time. Enter Clemyjontri Park, a playground specifically designed to provide fun for children of all ages and ability levels. Some of the swings offer higher backs to provide extra support to those who need it. Wide, graceful ramps allow those in wheelchairs full access to the park’s amenities. And in the middle of the two acre park sits a massive carousel.

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28 Freaky Ghost Towns You Can Visit

SOME TOWNS GROW QUICKLY from the ground up, surging in population. People arrive to work in the mines or factories and build their lives on the frontier. Some towns last, but not these. The photos below capture the way things look after people leave. Accompanying each image is a description of place — places that for all intents and purposes no longer exist.

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5 Classic Identity Theft Scams You Need to Know About

According to Javelin Strategy & Research‚ in 2010‚ 8.1 million Americans were victims of identity theft.1 Which has to make you wonder‚ how exactly can criminals get your personal information? Many people don’t realize there are really just a handful of tried and true identity theft scams which result in the majority of the cases of identity theft.

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Top 10 Antivirus Software

Computers always need prior protection against malwares and viruses. Actually, keeping your computer safe from all those threats is always handy as long as you have at least 1 antivirus program installed on your computer. As of now, most of the antivirus programs created are needed to be updated regularly because virus creators are eager to produce new breeds of threats as well. Many of the more reliable antivirus programs are those categorized under the “paid” versions. However, if you believe that you only have your computer for “home” use, then the “free” versions are still a nice catch.

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25 Reasons Why We Need to Preserve Our 2nd Amendment

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and survivors of the Aurora, Colorado shooting as well as to their families and the brave first-responders. Such a senseless tragedy leaves us all saddened and speechless for a brief moment…but then inevitably we find ourselves being drawn into the national debate over gun control. The timing of the shootings combined with the rabid media attention has seemingly diverted national attention from President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious debacle as well as the upcoming United Nations Gun Treaty vote in two weeks–both of which are blatant attempts to restrict our God-given rights to bear arms. Thomas Jefferson, himself a liberal in the truest sense of the definition, stated,"The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

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The 5 Coolest Things You Could Do If You Had A Time Machine

If you had a time machine, what could you do with it? The possibilities are endless — especially if we assume that if we ever manage to create technology as sophisticated as a time machine, we’ll also have a work-around for language differences and ways to keep from passing on diseases to previous generations. Of course, there would be inevitable dangers. If you made major changes and altered the course of history, you could come back to a future where apes ruled the world or, perhaps worse yet, the French. Obviously, nobody wants that. So, what kind of fun could you have if shooting Hitler or Stalin in the face was out of the question?

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