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8 of the Best Homemade Waterslides

Water parks are awesome in the summer. Just walking around in the sun, cooling off whenever you want to, and enjoying the slides all day is a great part of the warmer season. If you happen to be a typical American and can’t afford to waste money on water parks, however, there’s always the homemade path. They may not be quite as big or comfortable as the park’s rides, but these people prove that they work.

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6 Fantastical Theme Park Rides Lost To History

This week, Michael Jackson's Captain EO staged an unlikely comeback and reopened at Disneyland. Here are six sadly defunct science fiction fairground rides that you can still visit, thanks to the magic of YouTube. Who needs amusement parks? The lines are interminable, apoplectic ankle-biters are everywhere, and a candy apple costs as much as a fancy microbrew. Take a staycation with io9's YouTube recap of bygone theme park attractions. You're always first in line, you can ride in your underwear, and nobody cares if you're drunk and rowdy!

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The 5 World’s Biggest Prison Riots

Often associated with seizure of control, violence, prison riots are extreme ways in which prison inmates voice their grievances against prison administrators, authorities. Prisoners resort to such manner when they believe that only a defiance or disorder can get their unfair condition noticed by public and government. Some of the riots in the history have made correction practitioners take measures to prevent any such activity from occurring. Let’s have a look at five of the biggest prison riots.

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12 Super-Cool Famous Tomboys

Yeah, yeah, some people might think Suri Cruise is super adorable in her high heels and ballerina get-ups. But I think Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is way, way cooler. It takes a special kind of 3-year-old to embrace tomboy style in the way Shiloh has—I mean, the girl picked out a tie, for pete’s sake. I was just like Shiloh. If my mom tried to put a dress—or worse, tights—on me, I’d scream and run away. I was just far more interested in climbing trees and making mud pies than going to dance class or playing with dolls. In Shiloh’s honor, let’s take a look at some other awesome tomboys of note.

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16 Beautiful Bridges

All over the world, bridges serve as connectors over valleys, bodies of water and many other things. WD wanted to recognize the biggest and the best standing, those magnificent in both structure and design. From China’s unique spiraled Nanpu Bridge to Turkey’s continent-linking Bosphorus Bridge, have a look at these 16 impressive structures.

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The 10 Most Common Tax-Filing Mistakes

One innocent slip-up on your federal income tax return could cost you time and money. Be sure to double check your return for these common mistakes.

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11 Little-Known Grammatical Errors That Will Shock and Horrify You

You know who everyone loves? The guy who constantly corrects everyone's grammar. I hope that this list helps you become That Guy and, in the process, make tons and tons of new friends. Here are 11 English words and phrases that we (and by we, I mean myself included -- but not the royal we, as you're included too) seem to constantly (and surprisingly) misuse. Hey, it's not the most unique list I've ever done, I'm sure my next one will come out better if it's what I set my mind to.

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15 Awesome Google Services You Never Knew Existed

Whether you're sending an email in Gmail, finding directions to that fancy restaurant using Google Maps, or pretending to be a part of the latest microblogging craze with Google Buzz, the G-word is everywhere. Well, it turns out that there is also a whole library of Google web applications and services stacked up behind the everyday services you may have come to take for granted. Most of the mega company's services are either full blown web applications readily available to the public, or secretly tucked away behind a door in the Google Labs. However, even those wearing their Public Beta scrubs are readily available to play with.

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16 Things Your Lawyer Won't Tell You

While most lawyers are honest professionals, the legal industry does have its share of rotten apples. From overbilling to downright incompetence, our recent interviews with legal experts revealed 16 dirty secrets bad attorneys don’t want you to know.

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5 Ways Twitter Can Make You Rich

Twitter has its practical applications, and over the last year I’ve used the social media site for frugal and financial gain. What is Twitter? Twitter is an online web service where you post 140 character messages to your followers. With your Twitter account, you choose who to follow, allowing you to read their 140 character messages called “tweets”. Twitter really is that simple. This post is for all the people who think Twitter is a time suck but would like to see some fun and frugal uses for the social media site.

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